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Sadist's Dawn | Abraxas' Finale

There was a hole here, but it's gone now. Disappeared forever have the ties and vows taken as oaths, now to become empty fragments. Corpses, like the many strewn about the past - dead is the ego, and alive hath the detriment been made. The inevitable downfall of all corrupt hearts vying for a turnaround is lost to the vacuum of the abyss - the well from which the source of life is tainted by the poison of ill-chosen destiny.
The good will made undone, ever-hollowed promise.
The blade wet with ripe flesh, the cadaver flayed of all belief.
The Light that doth not shine any brighter than the deepest pits of the ocean.
The twisting of the Nether akin to the bowels of a beast, awaiting its next meal.
The one named after the very king of sadistic dogma, the torch-carrier.
Abraxas, the False-Butcher.
A demon's sorrow, crocodile tears.

Sinner's Record:
  • Name: Abraxas
  • Alias: Darth Eversor
  • Rank: High-Knight
  • Faction: N/A
  • Species: Epicanthix; Clone of Kaine Zambrano
  • Age: 42 (physically)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 192 lbs (armored)
  • Eye Color: Sulfuric Yellow
  • Hair Color: Gray-ish Black
  • Skin: Chalk-White (dark, shadowy discoloration around eyes/face)
  • Force Sensitive: Yes

Feats of the Irredeemable:
  • Adept Duelist
  • Thoroughly Practiced Enforcer
  • Distinguished Sith Veteran

Faults of the Devil:
  • Heavily corrupted by Dark Side of the Force; terminal illness developing
  • Due to terminal illness, Abraxas' stamina isn't what it used to be, making him slightly weaker than his previous forms.
  • Upon finding a set of ancient Sith armor, Abraxas' spirit is forever bound to it. If it's destroyed entirely, its host will subsequently die.
Murderer's Trade:
Notable Skills

Average [I] - Above Average [II] - Proficient [III] - Specialist [IIII]

  • Force Choke: [III]
  • Force Rage: [IIII]
  • Force Crush: [IIII]
  • Force Push: [IIII]
  • Force Stealth: [III]
  • Force Scream: [III]
  • Telekinesis: [IIII]
  • Force Speed: [III]
  • Force Lightning: [III]
Lightsabre Forms
  • Djem-So: [IIII]
  • Shii-Cho: [IIII]
  • Niman: [III]

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Failure; it was the one word that summed up the existence of the one named Abraxas, an embarrassment to the throne that he so solemnly vowed to serve and protect with pride and an unbreakable loyalty.
What had happened?
A question that could only be met with the whim of a fool's philosophy and wild ideas of redemption. In the spur of weakness, the Sith defied the very life he knew better than any. He broke his promises, and shattered his understanding of whom he was.
Nothing but a broken, confused experiment that became frightened by the reality that he had a hand in.
Because he thought he could make a difference, a change to bring about some form of honesty and integrity to a den of false Lords and figures that ruled with barbarism and shock.
But that was to stand in the mirror and accuse the reflection of being a monster.
​Now lost to the wilds of the galaxy and the deafening truth of his errors, Abraxas has sank back into the depths of darkness. Educated by his own hubris and how it destroyed his reputation within the Sith's ranks, and his own identity.
Whom he wished to become was far out of the picture of who he truly was, and where he came from.
Liar, slayer, monster.
This was his truest self, the one that wrought terror over many planets while giving his blade to the Sith Order.
The warrior that knelt before the throne of his true king.
The herald that would usher in a tide of dominance for the rule of the chosen.
And he would be a failure no longer.

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