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Sadal Vas


NAME: Sadal Vas.

FACTION: none.

RANK: none.

SPECIES: Miraluka.

AGE: 23 year.

SEX: male.

HEIGHT: 1.72 meters.

WEIGHT: 69 kilograms.

EYES: none.

HAIR: blonde.

SKIN: a little tanned.



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Great mechanic: Sadal always was a smart guy who could easely understand the basics of machinery and electronics, which he studied during the years. With his knowledge and experience he is great at fixing and upgrading things.
Force sight: Just like any member of his race Sadal has a natural abilty to use "force sight"
No military training: Sadal can’t use blasters and any other ranged weaponry to its fullest, so it’s difficult for him to aim and comprehend with its recoil.
Blind: Sadal can't see anything since the day of his birth.

Sadal is a normal guy with average, maybe a little skinny body. Pale skin and short blonde hair makes pretty big contrast with his black band that covers his empty eye sockets. He usually wears dark brown jacket and pants, average white vest with darker hood and boots. On his hands Sadal wears a couple of gloves that was made out of white armored plates to protect his arms from sparks during the welding. Under this gloves Miraluka has a little scorch on his right hand.

BIOGRAPHY: Sadal was born on Coruscant, raised like many other kids. Maybe he was a little asocial child, not for the lack of trying but simply because his peers thought he was creepy, but he didn’t mind it. Sadal was fascinated by technology since his childhood, much more than most people. With his ability to see through force he was able to see electronic systems as a whole, see every electric charge running through the circuits like tiny sparks through the gorgeous, complicated mazes. It helped him to understand all of that much better.
When Sadal was old enough he went to the Republican Academy of Science and Technology. Without eyes learning from books weren’t an option, but he compensated it with good understanding of mechanics and attentive approach to his studies.
After the graduation Sadal was working as a common mechanic, like many other people on Coruscant. Despite being inexperienced he pretty quickly gained the respect. During his job Miraluka once accidently burned himself, after that he has a mark on one of his hands.






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