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RX-1 Helmet/Mask System


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  • Intent: To Sub a standard Helmet/Mask Package for the Knights of Ren
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[*]Canon Link: N/A
[*]Restricted Missions: N/A
[*]Primary Source: Here
  • Manufacturer: Brandt-Volcata Industries
  • Model: RX-1
  • Affiliation: First Order
  • Modularity: Yes | Helmet/Faceplate Aesthetics
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Armorweave, Duraplast, Environmental/ Vacuum/ Compression - sealed Armourweave and Duravlex Bodyglove (Optional), Integrated Shockpadding, EMP/Ion Resistant Materials, Fire Retardant Textiles, Military-grade Electronics, Sonic Dissipator/Dampening Overlay.
  • Classification: Lightsaber Resistant Helmet/Mask
  • Weight: 1.26 kg | .4 kg
  • Quality: 8 (Full Helmet) | 4 (Mask Only)
  • Mandible Blasters
  • Retractable Faceplate
  • Poly-Chromatic/ Anti-Flash Visor (Self-Repairing.)
  • Holographic HUD (Biometrically Blink-Command Capable.)
  • Combat MicroComputer (Heuristic Processors, Predictive Algorithms.)
  • Stabilizer Mask.
  • Anti-Ion Mesh.
  • Integrated Floodlight(s) (Concealed/Retractable Solar Ionization Panels.)
  • Interior Cellular Padding (High Comfort.)
  • Visual/Audio Player and Recorder ( 24 Hours of Content before Datacard needs to be swapped.)
  • Annunciator/Vocabulator. (Three-Phase Sonic Filters.)
  • Sonic/Aural Dampeners.
  • Broadband Antenna with Rangefinder.
  • Short-range Integrated Commlink with First Order Military encryption keys.
  • Rebreather/ Environmental/ Oxygen Filtration System.
  • Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System.
  • Combat Scanner/ Life-Form Scanner/ High-Frequency Sonar Mapper/ Motion Scanner/ Radar/ Integrated Macrobinoculars.
  • Visor Modes: Tactical, Low-Light/ Nightvision, Infrared/ Thermal, Ultraviolet, High-Frequency Sonar.

Mandible Blasters: An aggressive feature of the Helmet/Mask system are two small mandible (Jawline) mounted blaster ports. Created with subtlety in mind, these appear as nothing more than two miniature nozzles which could be mistaken for a component of the air filtration system. Able to be fired via the neural link (Manual backup in a concealed press button), these two blaster barrels fire with the power of a small holdout blaster but at close range are more than sufficient to do the job. Not designed for long range or even mid range combat, these have a shorter range than a standard holdout blaster. Designed to catch an enemy off guard, they should be sufficient to do just that. Supplied by a single miniature blaster-pack, its capacity is severely diminished from a standard holdout blaster, only able to fire out 8 shots (4 if fired in pairs) before requiring a replacement.

Retractable Faceplate: Since the dawn of armed conflict, helmets have played a crucial role in protecting a soldier from weapons ranging from stones thrown or slung to swords axes and vibroblades. Not much has changed. In helmet configuration, the internal systems allow the user to operate in relative safety while being fed a myriad of information through the helmet. The major draw of this helmet configuration is the modularity with which it can be utilized - with or without a faceplate and with numerous additions or subtractions it is capable in nearly all circumstances. Two fold in purpose, the face mask can both protect from unlucky attacks to the face as well as conceal the identity of the wearer which in the case of the Knights of Ren, is important.

Poly-Chromatic/ Anti-Flash Visor (Self Repairing): This self adapting visor allows for easy target recognition and anti-flash protection. Fitted to the helmet and/or mask, this allows the wearer protection against sudden changes in lighting such as emerging from a dark tunnel or vice versa, entering a darker environment. Able to rapidly change the intensity of the dampening, this lens also protects against flash-bang grenades.

Holographic HUD (Neural Link, Mind Command Capable): Though requiring a significant amount of training to utilize to its full extent, the helmet or mask can be equipped with a projected HUD, visible only to the user and interfaces directly with the user via neural link. The HUD itself can display anything the user desires that the system is equipped for - ammo capacity, 3D Map and Grid Coordinates, Communications Frequencies and even IFF. Tied directly into the helmet's system, this is the visual aid used to display data pertaining to the other features and can be customized by the user.

Combat MicroComputer (Heuristic Processors, Predictive Algorithms.): Containing a small integrated processor, the helmet is able to process data. Directly linked to the Visual/Audio Recording suite, the MicroComputer is able to "Learn" an enemy's tactics and suggest counter strategies based on the predictive algorithms within its programming by probability ratings. This allows the wearer to seemingly "Predict" what the enemy is going to do - though even with this enhancement it is far from perfect and can only be used as a tool to enhance one's chance of surviving and is by no means a tool meant to rely on.

Stabilizer Mask/ Neck Support System: To further stabilize the user against kinetic shock experienced by weapons fire or direct contact, the helmet/mask is held in place by both design and pressure padding to prevent the rattling of the user's skull against the helmet should such violent shock occur. Rather than simply being a combat helmet, this system also includes enhanced neck support, preventing the equipment itself from being the cause of damage to the user's spinal column in either high speed crashes or sudden contact (i.e. falling, blunt force, etc.)

Anti-Ion Mesh: Consisting of an underlay of electrically conducive materials utilizing a complex network of lattices, the Mesh Underlay allows an enhanced (Though limited) resistance to EMP and Ion weaponry. This is crucial to the wearer as many of the helmet/mask systems rely on electrical and supplemental systems. While Ion resistance is a crucial aspect of this helmet/mask combo, it is by no means impervious. The goal was to prevent against well placed ion shots, and as such the ion resistance decreases exponentially upon recurring hits by ion weaponry. With each recurring hit, the systems are effected greater and greater until system failure.

Integrated Floodlight(s) (Concealed/Retractable Solar Ionization Panels.): Available to the user are a pair of high intensity floodlights. Though small, they are extremely effective at illuminating the area within a 5m radius around the user but the drop off rate increases substantially beyond that point. While disengaged they appear as simple grooves/notches but when engaged direct a stunningly bright light in the direction of the face of the helmet/mask. These allow for both offensive and defensive use (Directed Flash-Bang Equivalent) but when used offensively require up to a full 30 second recharge rate before being utilized in that manner consecutively.

Interior Cellular Padding (High Comfort): Due to the customized interior padding and shock absorbing materials used, the wearer is encased in the helmet like a glove, reducing the stress of both wearing the helmet and carrying the weight of it. Because of this, one is able to wear the helmet for exceptionally long periods of time without feeling fatigued or closed in. As well as being comfortable, the padding allows for maximum air circulation and breathing to prevent both an uncomfortable and unsanitary interior.

Visual/Audio Player and Recorder ( 24 Hours of Content before Datacard needs to be swapped.): Utilized for both personal and professional reasons, the Visual/Audio Player allows for the playback of both video and audio simultaneously or independently. This device is also able to be utilized for combat recording, allowing the wearer to visually re-experience a conflict so that they may learn or take advantage of an after action visual report. This device is also tied into the Heuristic Processor allowing for captured data to be analyzed and processed. Doubles as a music player.

Annunciator/Vocabulator. (Three-Phase Sonic Filters.): Capable of subtly modifying a wearer's voice or changing it completely, the Annunciator/Vocabulator doubles as both a utility device for use in high auditory interference areas as well as an intimidation tool, masking the wearer's voice or stripping it entirely of inflection or emotion. In addition to this capability, if coupled with the helmet's existing systems (As is intended by design) it can even replicate or playback voice recording, imitating the vocal tones of a recorded subject. Though this is a capability, it is limited to simple words and commands and if more complex sentences are constructed, it may fail, exposing the wearer as a fraud.

Sonic/Aural Dampeners: As suggested, these react to loud noises - protecting both the hearing and awareness of their wearer. Able to respond within milliseconds, this module will protect the user's eardrums from loud explosions or weapons fire while still allowing soft tones such as voices or quiet noises to be filtered through. Using a proprietary audio filtering software, the system is able to both enhance and clarify sounds while filtering out the more harsh tones enabling a soldier to continue fighting and maintain a capable level of hearing despite the noise of the battlefield.

Combat Scanner/ Life-Form Scanner/ High-Frequency Sonar Mapper/ Motion Scanner/ Radar/ Integrated Macrobinoculars: Containing a host of functions, these are the most notable. The Combat Scanner is able to identify and rate threat rating based on the known weapon statistics. While the system is able to recognize most commercial and common military weapons, specialized weapons that are not commonplace or well known may fall short of its capability. Also equipped with a Life-form Scanner - these systems are tied directly into the helmet/mask's HUD, allowing enhanced detection and scan capabilities to include a sonic mapping ability, able to detect and overlay a rough outline of one's environment devoid of light. Included in this package is a digital rangefinder.

Rebreather/ Environmental/ Oxygen Filtration System: Able to filter out the most dangerous of toxins, the Rebreather/Environmental/Oxygen Filtration system is a mainstay of the helmet/mask's function. While able to provide oxygen filtration in both configurations, only the helmet configuration is vacuum sealed (Preventing toxins from reaching the flesh as the cranium is encased). If in Mask configuration only, the mask will still filter oxygen but will be useless in the void of space. In addition, a miniature oxygen repository is contained within the helmet/mask allowing for an emergency ration of 3 minutes in the event of total oxygen loss. This is only included in the helmet configuration.

Constructed in a similar manner to the FO-02 Stormtrooper helmet, a 4 layer system is used, combining both alloys and compounds to enhance the durability and viability of wearing a full helm on the modern battlefield. The first layer of protection consists of reinforced Duraplast and Duravlex composite. One of the heavier components of the helmet itself, the usage of these composites allow the helmet to withstand abuse, especially against enemy snipers and laser blasts. Just as the FO-02 Combat Helmet, the RX-1 boasts enhanced ion and energy resistance due to a complex latticework of anti-ion mesh and a magnetic seal, the second layer of the helmet/mask's construction. This renders it near impervious to traditional blaster fire and resistant to ion weaponry, though because of it's reduced mass, the helmet will succumb to repeated blasts across the same surface.

Equipped with a complex system of neurological and auditory sensors, the HUD can be utilized via Neural Input, Voice Commands, or Eye Commands - or a combination of the three. While the HUD configuration is customized to the user, it is not an easy process to change in the field and as such requires a more intimate knowledge of the HUD system to fully utilize. Tied into the helmet/mask's systems the HUD can display a wide range of data in various configurations depending on the user and the desired information.

Designed with the Ren in mind, the masks conform to one primary goal, anonymity. With the ability to be almost completely modular, these helmets/masks conceal both the visual and auditory identity of their wearers on top of their combat and tracking functions. Added as an additional capability, two miniature blasters were equipped on the helmet/mask, boasting the power of a holdout blaster, these are mounted along the jawline of the helmet/mask. Able to fire via neurological input or backup manual fire, these are concealed and not easily discerned as blasters.

  • Blaster Resistant
  • Lightsaber Resistant
  • Vacuum Proof (Helmet Configuration Only)
  • Highly Modular (Appearance)
Weaknesses :
  • Vulnerable to Slugthrowers
  • Vulnerable to Repeated lightsaber strikes
  • Limited Ion Resistance
  • Not Easily Repaired Once Damaged

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