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Approved Tech Runeworks Aran Mk 1

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Saga Runfridh


Intent: To create a unique droid to serve as companion and back-up for Davin Skirata
Image Source: Oscar Trejo
Canon Link: KX series security droid
Primary Source: Wookieepedia, all specific items linked under equipment

Manufacturer: Saga's Runeworks
Affiliation: Davin Skirata
Model: Runeworks Aran Mk 1
Production: Unique
Modularity: Yes. Handheld equipment can be changed as it would an individual, any integrated components would require re-submission.
Material: Alusteel, Phrik, misc electrical components, plastic etc

Classification: Fourth Degree
Weight: 181 kg
Height: 2.2m
Movement: Bipedal
Misc. Equipment:

Take a basic KX series security guard, formidable in its own right, and then give it a Mandalorian twist, and make sure it can keep up with an experienced Mandalorian warrior, Force Master and Infamous Outer Rim Trash Panda. That was the task given to Saga in Arans creation. And if she didn't succeed, she came damn close. With his alusteel outer plating Aran is very strong, capable of taking nearly all melee hits, most projectiles, and a large number of energy based weaponry and keeping on coming. While it wasn't practical in terms of coast and available material to make him wholly lightsaber and EMP resistant, his processor and memory crystal are encased in phrik and protected by an ionization buffer, keeping what makes him 'him', safe from most foreseeable attacks.

In addition to this, Aran has most sensor units that could be considered useful. As well as basic photoreceptors he has above average audiofilaments, chem-receptors, DNA tracers and heat detectors. Skirata is an above average hunter, to be of use, Aran has to be one of the best.

Finally, in keeping with the Mandalorian motif, Aran not only has a custom headpiece, he also has a built in jetpack and Mag-boots, making sure he can function in almost any environments. Not so much water though. Doesn't like water worlds.

Protected Processor and Memory Crystal: Arans minimal Phrik was used to shield his processor and memory storage, so no rogue lightsaber wielder can destroy the core of his being, and the ionization buffer likewise protects it from EMP.
Sensors: With a host of different sensors, tracking units, and a repulsorcam, there's not a lot Aran doesn't see
Linked In: Aran can connect directly with Davins HUD unit and vice versa, the two being able to share information in very nearly real time.
Built for War: Aran is big, very strong, sturdy And with some of his add-ons a consummate war machine. All life preserving programming has been stripped from him. There is nothing keeping him from taking a life or requiring him to save anyone besides Davin, who he is programmed to be entirely loyal to.

Lightsabers,While Arans core is protected, his body is not. His limbs can be cut off with a lightsaber, leaving him basically useless until his body can be repaired or replaced.
EMPs: While Arans core is protected, his body is not. He can be temporarily disabled with an EMP, needing time for his core to restart the rest of him. This is anywhere from five minutes to half an hour depending on the strength of the EMP.
The Odds: Due to Skiratas limited budget, not all of Arans parts are brand new. His probability module for one has turned out to be quite faulty, but he has absolute faith in it. This sometimes ends badly.
Water worlds: Aran cannot swim. He sinks like a stone. While he is theoretically waterproofed, he was never intended for prolonged submersion, and would inevitably start to short out, though it may take hours or days.

Aran comes with basic programming, he was not delivered to Skirata an idiot, but he also is not nearly at his full potential. Saga is a firm believer in heuristic processors, everything else is limited in her mind. Program and program and program and when the droid runs into a new unanticipated situation? Useless. A droid that learns from its experiences though, and one with the nearly unlimited storage of a Gabanna crystal... Well that's an entirely different beast, full of potential. Of course he requires many and varied experiences to reach said potential, but that's up to his owner.

His starter personality is programmed to be eager to please Davin, quick to take on any challenge, though he can be sardonically sarcastic at times. His faulty probability module does lead him to give some false information, to take risks that he shouldn't and occasionally to see danger where there is none. Which while he will leap in to, he is loathe to let Davin expose himself to. It should be clear however, that this can easily change over time. Another side effect of the heuristic processor. Aran will learn from and emulate the people he's exposed to, and change himself based on how those around him, particularly Davin, react to him.
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