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Run Like Hell (TSE, GA, SJO, RR)

Setter Ryburn

Man of Ill Intent
Sun broke on weary eyes. He was the last of his squad- the other members of his squad having been picked off in the heat of the night's long-lasting firefight. There was a young soldier next to him, who struggled up until the last breath he took. A real fighter.

Setter took his ammo and put a fresh magazine in his suppressed slugthrower. He braced his elbow against the window, and glanced down his scope, picking off another Imperial trooper who happened to poke his head out. They returned fire, blaster and disruptor bolts slamming against the worn face of the once-pristine office building.

He had no communications equipment. They were either jammed, or out of battery, or plain old shot up. The one around his ear wasn't working, not since early in the night. He checked the box that hung from his hip. Sure enough, the thing had a scorch mark on the side of it. He sighed, rolling back to cover as the Imperials weighed their options of determining whether he was alive or dead.

They'd come soon, and Setter was running out of options for getting out of this alive.

There was a CP roughly six blocks away. He could maybe signal for a pickup there. He put himself on a knee, and set his brother in a comfortable resting position, and closed his eyes. He held the Zabrak close, wishing him well as he became one with the force. He'd probably join him soon. Hopefully there was someone here. He patted down the Zabrak, taking enough ammo to last him a good few more firefights, two grenades, and a flare. Just one flare.

He did a brass check on his weapon and ran out of the building out the back, leaving the Imperials nothing but corpses. Maybe they'd buy that they got lucky over the night and that they finally got him over the course of the long fight they were having. Either way, Setter had to move. And hope. Hope for the best.

The nearest landing for any size aircraft or even a decent speeder was six blocks away. Hopefully, in those six blocks, he'd find someone on his side- and people to get him the hell off this planet. He'd fought hard enough, and they lost. Nothing could change that. So they needed to get out. Just get out. He crouched behind a broken barricade, amidst what he assumed was an Imperial squad that was slaughtered by a Jedi. He sighed deeply, leaning his helmet up against the duraplast barricade that did in fact, not save the soldiers.

He needed to keep moving, keep running.
[member="Setter Ryburn"]

The aftermath of a battle had always been a place of joy for the Sith Lord. The broken down ruins the enemy still fightinf for their lives, it was all pleasing to him, especially here. As his leather boots moved slowly through the debris Morgoth began to reach through the Dark Current allowing himself to soak in the anger an anguish of the battle. Broken spirits were littered through out the planet.

Then a beacon of fighting spirit, and even more strange... Hope, came through. His eyes turning and icy blue mixed with the fiery read he began to hunt. His robes and cloak fluttering about as he crouched and moved with a purpose from building to building looking for the source of his irritation. As He rounded a corner his eyes focused on a barricade, the hope and will to live leaking from around its wall. " I know you are there!" Came his gravelly voice as his gazed began to manipulate the barricade, shaking it with the force as he spoke.

Setter Ryburn

Man of Ill Intent
Oh yeah. He knew he was there.

"Oh yeah! I'm here alright you red son of a queen!"

Suppressed slug-thrower.

Pissed off Sith.

He'd been here before. Too many times. Tricky thing was- for the Sith, that lightsabers weren't so good at stopping small lead objects. Setter also didn't have to close the distance to engage his enemy. He broke cover, sticking only the silhouette that would barely register a shot- and ran a failure-to-stop drill at the Sith. Two to the chest, one to the head.

He couldn't get bogged down in this fight. He needed to keep moving.

[member="Darth Morgoth"]
[member="Setter Ryburn"]

Morgoth heard the taunt, but before he could process a response he heard the slight "thmph" sound of the suppressed slugthrower. Most Sith would not have known how to react at that moment, but he was an arms maker and knew exactly what that was. Turning his body slightly he felt the lead graze past his leg burning through the leather and searing across his skin, it hurt sure but it was a lot better than the alternative. In fact the pain was used as fuel as the red body of the sith would coil downwards and snap with a sudden burst of velocity as he jumped over the barricade and the head of the soldier with his back him. As he landed about ten feet in front of the man, his red skinned arms would extend outwards with two massive pistols aimed dead towards the rebel. "These are real guns" He would say as he pulled the triggers releasing the deadly slugs

Setter Ryburn

Man of Ill Intent
He had a lot of time from between the Sith jumped around, to when he was talking to him in the middle of a fight. What Setter never did, as a professional, was talk during a fight. That, and telegraph his moves as badly as the Sith did. All fanfare, all theatrics these people. Setter had plenty of time to scramble around the barricade as the Sith's pistols ripped into where Setter was.

Setter thumbed the activation of the frag grenade, held it for two seconds, then lobbed it quickly over the barricade. The grenade landed square at the Sith's feet.

Setter meanwhile, stood up to begin to run. No use having a prolonged fight without any backup.

[member="Darth Morgoth"]
[member="Setter Ryburn"]
Morgoth flicked his wrist the grenade flying harmlessly away from him as he used the force to follow the soldier

As he dashed behind Setter he let a torrential hail of that massive bullets as fast as he could

Kyle Tethair

Right to Remain Violent
Allies: [member="Setter Ryburn"]
Enemies: [member="Darth Morgoth"]
Location: About a block west of Setter Ryburn and Darth Morgoth
Main Objective: Get to CP Zulu
Current Objectives: Investigate slugthrower fire, rescue Remnant soldiers

"Got eyes on a lone gunman, possibly Remnant, fighting a tomato with a slugthrower. Can't get a better look though, scope and rangefinder are busted. Block due east from your current position squad lead." The voice of Shanty squad's sniper, Chiron, crackled through Kyle's helmet encrypted commlink.

"Tetre, Tethair, check it out, double time it. We need to get to CP Zulu ASAP."

"Yes, sir!"

Kyle didn't know how Tetre still sounded so energized after dealing with everything that the squad had been through the night before. He chalked it up to fireteam bravo still being fully in tact. "Right away."

Kyle slung the Mk. 3 ordnance launcher to his back, swapping to his M-1016 rifle as he followed Tetre east. The two soldiers slowed their pace slightly and readied their weapons as they heard the sound of multiple slugthrower shots ring out a few meters away from them.


Bleeding Edge
Allies: [member="Kyle Tethair"], [member="Setter Ryburn"]
Enemies: [member="Darth Morgoth"]
Location: Closing
Primary Objective: Get to CP Zulu
Secondary Objective: Assist Friendlies

The rest of the Derkolo's had already made it to Zulu, he'd gone back out, alone. He'd trusted them to hold the line, and they wouldn't let him down, never did. He'd seen the Republic fall, watched it slowly decay from within and without, helped with the former even. The Alliance though? He was still in shock. It had happened in an instant, and suddenly Coruscant was nothing but a smoldering ruin, ashes and dust.

He bolted through ruined streets, DC-18 in hand, a Mandalorian MF-44 slung across his back, closing in on the sounds of conflict. Augmentation after augmentation gave him the physicality to jump clear over crashed speeders, clamber over wreckage, and most importantly, blind the Sith to his presence. Being force dead had its perks after all, one couldn't sense what wasn't there.

Granted that wasn't the exact science behind it, but he didn't care, the force would not warn the Sith Lord of the Dread Guard's approach, nor would it allow him to touch him with the likes of telekinesis and so on. His purpose was to kill them, to ruthlessly expel them from existence, and he aimed fulfill his purpose. Sliding into a crouch behind a burnt out speeder, and sighted up the red-skinned Sith Lord.

Dish didn't pause as much as a second before he squeezed the trigger and unleashed a hail of blaster fire.

Setter Ryburn

Man of Ill Intent
The good thing about Setter running the way he was, and the fact that the Sith was firing a high-recoil handgun- meant that the relatively small projectiles- were going wide. He also only had so much ammo. Moving and shooting was no easy task, especially to a target that was low to the ground like Setter was. The Sith might have been good with a firearm, but not an impossibly good expert.

One of the shots hit the back of his plate carrier and he went down- hard.

Then he heard another round of blaster fire, as he lay on the ground, gasping for air. He rolled onto his stomach, and aimed the rifle at the Sith.

The Sith was caught in a L-shape ambush, with two angles of fire simultaneously enveloping him. However, Setter was also struggling from when the round hit the back of his plate carrier, and the slugthrower's ability to hit it's target was significantly diminished. Hopefully, however, the Sith in question was felled by the combination of Setter and...whoever was helping him.

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