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Rujat Aola

Rujat Aola

Desert Rose
Livia Rujat Aola


RANK: Medic
SPECIES: Twi’lek
AGE: 25
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5”6’
WEIGHT: 135lbs
EYES: Brownish-green
HAIR: None
SKIN: Lethan or red
+ Extremely loyal. Even as a slave to Faddim the Hutt she would have never dreamed of trying to escape or double cross him. She is equally loyal to Jakkor Kess
+ Dedicated to helping the galaxy and would not want to cause anyone harm unless in self defense.
- Limited combat skill set. Rujat is good shot with a blaster, but not so much with hand-to-hand combat or other melee weapons.
- Heart over head. The spunky Twi'lek is emotional and prone to letting her mental state affect her actions.
Rujat grew up on Ryloth but was captured by slavers at a young age and sold to a crime lord named Faddim the Hutt. For most of her life she lived in Faddim’s hidden palace lair in the Jundland Wastes far from any populated area or law enforcement. From eight to seventeen, she served as a cleaner and server, but after the age of eighteen she became a dancer trained to entertain palace guests.
As Faddim’s greed grew so did his pool of enemies, including the largest band of Tusken Raiders in the Wastes. After a trade deal gone wrong in which dozens of Tuskens were murdered, the Raiders struck back. Lead by Jedi Master, [member="Jakkor Kess"], the Jundland Waste tribe attacked Faddim’s Palace at dawn, the palace was raided, the Hutt and his henchmen slaughtered and the treasures of his lair plundered.
The orphans were adopted as well as the dancers which had the choice of freedom or becoming companions to the Tusken Raiders. Rujat decided to remain with Jakkor Kess out of loyalty for saving her, a relationship which quickly grew into something deeper. She eventually dropped her first name of Livia, not wanting to be connected to her former life with Faddim's criminal gang.
With no real trade skills, Jakkor taught her how to survive in the harsh climate of Tatooine, including how to avoid the desert heat with layers of clothing and how to ride a Bantha. For a brief time she traveled back to Kala'uun and trained as a nurse and field medic so that she could return to Jakkor’s side and assist him in his endeavors to banish darkness and criminal elements with peace throughout the galaxy as their eternal goal.
Bantha named Midas