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Approved Tech RS-16 Rifle

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Setter Ryburn

Man of Ill Intent

A member of Razor squad utilizing the RS16 during a training event.


  • Intent: To create a rifle to conduct the mission set of Razor squad and to provide a lethal close-quarters to mid-range rifle.
  • Image Source: DVIDS/The Loadout Room
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Republic Remnant Armorers
  • Affiliation: Razor Squad
  • Model: RR-RS16M1
  • Modularity: Highly Modular

  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Durasteel, plasteel, standard slugthrower components and small arms parts.
  • Classification: Slugthrower
  • Size: Small-Average (Depending on barrel length the operator chooses)
  • Weight: Light
  • Ammunition Type: Caseless Slugthrower Rounds
  • Ammunition Capacity: 30 Round Magazines

  • Reload Speed: Very Fast
  • Effective Range: Average
  • Rate of Fire: Average
  • Stopping Power: High
  • Recoil: Average
  • Modular- This bad mamma jamma can be outfitted with a variety of optics and lasers. Need a flashlight for ship-boarding? Screw it on the rails. Need a laser for lasing targets for aircraft? Put it on. Need a grip? Put it on. Need a suppressor? Put it on.
  • Sledgehammer-Esque: This weapon hits like a mother, with a high-caliber round.
  • Quiet: Internally suppressed, this weapon is near-silent with a suppressor.
  • Caseless Ammunition: Using caseless ammunition leaves little evidence and doesn't create noise when the round hits the deck.
  • Block This, Space Wizard: Sith and Jedi have a hard time blocking this weapon.
  • Who else has got one of these?: Razor squad is the only known users of this weapon- and Razor squads a kind-of secret. So this weapon is kind-of a secret.
  • Shoot Straight: This weapon is only a single-shot weapon due to the amount of heat it can build up if it's fired at a rapid rate.
  • Far-ish: This weapon is designed for close-quarters and urban combat- so the round's effectiveness diminishes beyond 400m significantly, up to the point that it's almost ineffective.
  • Hot Potato, Hot Potato: Shooting this weapon rapidly can cause the barrel to warp and become inaccurate, and beyond that the barrel could actually melt or break.
  • Expert Touch: This rifle isn't for run-of-the-mill grunts. It's a precision weapon that requires a precision hand to be utilized effectively.

With Razor's squads mission set, Setter realized that new rifle, based on earlier Republic Special Forces designs, would be needed. After lengthy designs, Setter settled on the RS16 design for the mission set of Razor, specifically the stealth aspect of their missions. When it comes to breaching, ship-boarding and recovery missions, Setter realized that superior stopping power and suppressed weapon systems were in favor of blasters, or shatterguns, or any of that sort.

The RS16 is the pinnacle of a professional's weapon- accurate. Quiet. And lethal. However, with the lethality aspect comes the fact that it is meant for professionals and experts, this rifle is hardly befitting grunts or the work that run-of-the-mill infantryman do.


Just under the upper hand.
[member="Setter Ryburn"]

You have your rate of fire set at High but you have as a weakness that it needs to fire at a lower rate. Clarify which one you want it to be and get back to me, please. Thank you.


Just under the upper hand.
<p>Awesome. Pending Factory Mentor Review.<br /><br />[member="Jamie Pyne"], [member="Lily Kuhn"], [member="Zef Halo"]</p>
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