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Approved Starship Rozhenko-type, Droid Bomber

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Fiolette Fortan



  • Intent: To create a line of droid bombers with an Imperial aesthetic.

  • Image Source: Pablo Olivera // Artstation (x)

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Primo Victorian Shipwright

  • Model: VDF-OSB “Rozhenko”

  • Affiliation: Primo Victorian Shipwright | Closed-Market [Contract THread Required]

  • Production: Mass-Produced.

  • Material: Titanium Reinforced Quadanium Hull

Defenses: Low

Squadron Count: Moderate

Maneuverability Rating: Average

Speed Rating: Average

Hyperdrive Class: Average


  • Standard Communications Array

  • Standard Deflector Shield Generator

  • Standard Hyperdrive

  • Standard Ion Engines

  • Standard Navigational Systems

  • Standard Repulsorlift Engines

  • Standard Sensor Array

  • Standard Targeting Systems

  • Advanced Integrated Processor,

    Heuristic Processor: Integrated into the droid brain is the advanced heuristic processor and allows the Rozhenko to learn by doing. Allows the droid bomber to reason and develop a variety of solutions to formulate the best approach.

Advanced Weapons Systems,

  • Mogh-type Hypervelocity Cannons: A mini-hypervelocity cannons by its own admissions firing 330 rounds per minute utilizing either depleted baradium solid slugs or depleted baradium casings as a delivery system for flak or superluminal clusters. The Mogh has been modified to fit the droid bomber, and work to fire as a laser cannon and is a mini-HVC and in the Rozhenko concept was built to fill the bomber as is.


  • Speed/Manuv: For a bomber the Rozhenko moves faster than most, and takes advantage of its size for maneuverability.

  • Mogh: Equipped with the Mogh Mini-HVC the Rozhenko is capable of providing its own anti-starfighter defense.

  • Brel: While the Rozhenko can use the Brel to fire the Mogh, the problem becomes the Brel’s own vulnerability to typical energy weapons versus its own regenerative rate. Leaving the Rozhenko with the possibility of not only becoming overwhelmed but destroyed before it reaches its target.

  • Ion/Emp: Much like any craft let alone droid powered or not, the Rozhenko is vulnerable to ion and/or emp based weapons.

  • Missiles: With no anti-missile capabilities the Rozhenko is also vulnerable to missiles and warheads that lock onto the droid bomber.
The Rozhenko was part of an overall prototype droid programme for Primo Victorian Shipwright. The idea behind the droid bomber was first replace the Horde-type bomber on the Raskova and to secondly experiment with designs that had been leftover from when the shipwright company was an exclusive for the First Order.

Much like the Laren, the Rozhenko utilizes a heuristic processor giving it the ability to reason and come up with alternative solutions and a best approach for the task at hand. Added to this the Rozhenko was also equipped with the new Mogh-type Mini HVCs giving it some self defense against other starfighters as it makes its way to the target.

However this is not without drawbacks, the obvious drawback of the Brel-type light particle shield as well as typical weaknesses for any starfighter ion and emp, along with missile vulnerabilities meaning the Rozhenko should be escorted at all times in order to ensure reaching its target.
Fiolette Yvarro said:
4x Mogh Mini-HVCs
I checked the submission to see what sort of weapon this was, in terms of whether it's a capital weapon or not and stuff like that, and see that it has an effective range comparable to a standard turbolaser, but it doesn't mention what it's firepower would be compared to. Is this also as powerful as a turbolaser/mass driver?

Fiolette Fortan

[member="Lily Kuhn"]

Not at this size no.

- Note lowered gun count.
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