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  • Workshop Name: Royal Forge
  • Location: Castle Galderra
  • Specialty: Personal Weapons and Armor
  • Tier: II


The Royal Forge is the location of King Eddak's crafting blacksmith, after his hobby became something of his second career. While originally being a seasoned veteran of Fort Galderra's Guard, then becoming King of Galderra, over his lifetime Eddak has learned the ways of the sword. By Galactic Standards, Eddak making full suits of armor and Shields could be seen as primitive, he does not make primitive items. Even his Swords show power on the battlefield, but he doesn't fit them for armies. More to leaders, sergeants, captains, and heroes, Eddak loves to make the man at the top shine over their soldiers and instill them with bravery.

The Royal Forge creates primitive items with modern Galactic standards and technology, fitted for the person in body and mind, by Eddaks personal idea of them. Eddak can create custom items to a persons specific likings, but that would mean limiting his creativity. He wouldn't argue, just charge more.


Eddak always had a hobby of making his own items from scratch, although he had nothing against the well-crafted and better-suited blacksmiths of Galderra. However, they were the reason he wanted to take up the hobby, especially his own personal sword in particular having excellence and pride in itself that he wanted to make things with his own hands that were unique and grand to the person who wielded it. With the help of Galderra, and the rise of the Royal Galderra Treasury, he was given the ability to open up the workshop to more than just himself and his commanders.

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