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Roxis Thrall

Roxis Thrall

"Why are you dressed so scary?"

NAME: Iella
ALIAS: Roxis Thrall
RANK: None
SPECIES: Firrerreo
AGE: 25
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'11”
WEIGHT: 137lb
EYES: Blue, baby, blue.
HAIR: Shaved, but that wig is most certainly blonde.
SKIN: A lovely shade of gold.



[+] Chemist - Has an innate talent for the craft of chemistry, it was her favourite subject in school, y'know? She'll steal your heart, and then galvanise it.

[+] Formal Education – Went to school, like, a real school. Not one for wizards. A proper education at a real establishment, even went on to do higher education. University educated! Look at that degree, ma!

[+] DemolitionsBoom boom pow.

[+/-] Smoker – Die quicker. Look cooler.

[-] Sloppy Chemist – Generally a careless worker, a touch absent-minded, does not clean as she goes. 3/10. Expect many mishaps. Devices that don't bang. Lose fingers. Many mild electrocutions and burns.

[-] Allergic to Bacta – The downside of this should be obvious. May include swelling, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, chest tightness, shortness of breath, death and a slight rash.

[-] Irrational Fear – Of gizkas. No. Really.

A touch on the gangly-side, Roxis resembles the bass player for your favourite all-girl indie sensation. Of course, the above mentioned Fierrerreo genes means that she's usually rocking that gold hue but that can turn silver under emotional duress. Since she's shaved her head, she has a tendency to wear outrageous wigs because why the flarf not? Also, goes absoltely ham with the make-up. Expect to see many mime faces.


Born on Firrerre as Iella, the girl had an upbringing of absolutely zero tragedy or abnormality.

They were a nuclear family bordering on the middle to upper class, so essentially it was a life filled with gold people problems. Crushes. Popularity. Drama. Of course, when the rebellious teenage phase really took grip the girl became an awful faux-punk little spitbag. Now usually this is where she would descend into full grown party girl nonsense but...

...she had decent parents, who promptly straightened her out.

The sense of style was retained but the grades were good and thus Iella went on to the lofty heights of further education. This path took her away from Firrerre and to Execron and the University of Caballa, of course this meant one thing. She was away from her family. With nobody to scold her she dabbled in the life of the student.

Very mild anarchy reigned.

It was one day, when Iella (now going by the name Roxis Thrall, Firrerreo issues, you know?) and her peers created an incendiary device to prank the pharmacy students with that the girl realised that she could create weapons of war. A spark of curiosity was ignited.

Her studies continued. There's not much to put here. A montage of chemistry, math and frantic last-minute panic studying.

Graduation followed...and then...


This is where we begin...
1x used VCX-820 Escort Freighter called Bertha

Not yet.



Not yet, baby.