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Round 1 Daxton Bane Vs Donovan Baldor


Kneel Before Zod
@[member="Daxton Bane"] Vs @[member="Donovan Baldor"]

Biome: Zero gravity air tight 60 meter room.
Rules: Vibroblades, fists, and force push and pull only

Two special fighters called for a very special arena. A small pristine white room that was quite clean to be honest. This was one of the more bizarre rooms of the biomes. The two contestants floated in mid air, there was no gravity in this room and they had only their wits and weapons for them to be victorious. Though it could be said that neither of the two had been in a situation quite like this one. There was no up or down in this room, no cover, just the two competitors ready and willing to fight for glory and other general things of that nature. Coming in from a nearby speaker the voice sounded and the match started "FIGHT!"