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Round 1 Darth Onyx Vs Christian Slade

Rexus Drath

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@[member="Darth Onyx"] Vs @[member="Christian Slade"]

Biome: urban
Rules: No holds bard force user duel

Small buildings lines the streets of a human looking city block. Speeders and various huts were parked and placed around the two hundred meter city block. Tons of places to hide, take cover, or even ambush ones opponent. The place looked like any other city block, the tallest building was only ten stories however and the entire area was fenced off from the outside. The ghost town was quiet and ready for havoc to break out around it. The premacrete streets cracked slightly with age, everything was set and ready for the duelists to begin on opposite sides of the biome. And as for the norm, the voice rang out signaling to start. "FIGHT!!"
Onyx stood there, at the edge of the town. He was apart of this grand event, a huge tournamet to see who was the greatest warrior. His first opponent was Slade, a powerful Sith.

Onyx hadn't faught him directly in the past, he had heard of him through mant allies.

He decided to be cautious, moving fast and quietly through the many buildings. He wanted his enemy to make thw firat strike.

Christian Slade

In Darkness I Thrive
Christian walked alone down one of the largest streets of the biome he and his opponent had been secluded to. He was unarmed and unafraid to be out in the open as he was, which was the first mistake that he knew his opponent would be wanting him to make. An open and unsuspecting target for a hiding predator.

The games Christian played weren't games at all. He always had a plan, and despite what his original plan might have been, it was always changing every moment as his mind tinkered away. He was a cunning man, but in truth he was always uncertain. He'd never met a man who'd been able to out think him, but wasn't naive enough to believe that a man even more cunning than himself didn't exist. That was life, and he'd excepted that a long time ago.

He might have been one of the strongest men in the galaxy. He might have been one of the smartest or most resourceful. He may have very well been the best historian who'd ever lived, but life was harsh to the most ambitious of men. It didn't matter how hard you pushed or how long you'd fought for it, there was always someone stronger... someone smarter... more prepared.

They'd see who was the most equipped soon enough. "Survival of the fittest...", Christian whispered to himself as he walked down a ghostly street, alone, hands in the pockets of this duster as the wind played at the end of it that brushed against his heels.