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Roster and Check-In

The Dark Templar

The Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters Guild (Lawfu
Due to the recent data loss and the fact that the faction's viewing restrictions did not allowed for cached copy to be made, we are re-constructing the roster, please provide the following to be included on the roster

IMPORTANT: Only the characters in the roster can use information and services found in the Guild ICly, this is to keep track of who is officially in the Guild and restrict abuse of the information and metagaming

NAME/ALIAS: Your character's name or alias, this is what the other hunters will know you as.
SPECIES: Which species you represent or appear as?
GENDER: Which gender you appear as? This may not always be applicable
SKYPE: If you have Skype and you do not mind sharing it with others, please note your nick here.
BOUNTIES: If you have collected any bounties, or you are attempting to collect them, list them here

The Guildmaster (@The Dark Templar) [inkblot5]- Male humanoid
Collected bounty for RC 212 and Kirill Bratan (60,000 credits)

Collected bounty from Zev Stargo (500,000 credits)

Collected bounty from Jedi and Republic Representatives (400,000 credits)

Adenn Gra'tua (@[member="Adenn Gra'tua"])- Male Human

Hunting Jorus Merill [Phantom Bounty]

Aella (@[member="Aella Cadeyrn"])- Female Eldorai

Aela Kellow (@[member="Aela Kellov"])- Female Human

Aluk Magar (@[member="Aluk Magar"])- Male Eldorai

Hunting Azrael

Arthur (@[member="Arthur David Hardrada"])- Male Infereti

The Avenger (@[member="Shawn Jenson"])- Male Near-Human

The Black Phoenix (@[member="Black Phoenix"])- Male Cyborg

The Blackstar (@[member="Scythe Zervos"])- Female Mirialan

The Card (@[member="Montag Card"])- Male Human

The Cherokee (@[member="Justice Henessy"])- Female Human

The Dark Raven (@[member="DarkRaven"])- Male Anzati

The Deadeye (@[member="Noah Corek"])- Male Human

Hunting Turin Val Kur

Dieter Jusik (@[member="Dieter Jusik"])- Male Human

Hunting Emperor Ronin Fel

The Ember Rekali (@[member="Ember Rekali"])- Male Half-Vahla

Collected Bounty for Anaya Fen
Hunting Talon Vosra

The Mister Fallin (@[member="Jathin Fallin"])- Male Human

Fjorra the Huntress (@[member="Fjorra the Huntress"])- Female Bpfasshi

Hannibal Oryen (@[member="Hannibal Oryen"])- Male Fondorian

Hunting Jorus Merill [Phantom Bounty]
Hunting Emperor Ronin Fel
Collected bounty for Circe Saven (1,000,000 credits)

Harkin Kane (@[member="Harkin Kane"])- Male Human

Hunting Daxton Bane

HK-73/Mack (@[member="Macrosoft Mack"])- Masculine Programming Droid

Hunting Rancorns

Idiian Sayali (@[member="Idiian Sayali"])- Female Echani-Human Hybrid

Captain Jack Sparrow, Esquire (@[member="Jack Sparrow"])- Male Human

Collected bounty for Kirill Breton

Kal Voss (@[member="Kal Voss"])- Male Human

Hunting Jorus Merill [Phantom Bounty]

Khull (@[member="Khull"])- Male Cathar

Kitt Solo (@[member="Kitt Solo"])- Female Human

Hunting Mikhail Shorn
Hunting Krayt Dragons
Collected bounty for Circe Saven (1,000,000 credits)

Ktyo Wilson (@[member="Ktyo Wilson"])- Male Human

Hunting Darren Onyx (Phantom)

The Masked Gunslinger (@[member="Azalus"])- Probable Male Human

The Menace (@[member="Isis Fontana"])- Female Vortek

Hunting Rancorns
Hunting Syn

Meraal Vaun (@[member="Meraal Vaun"])- Male Human

Hunting Rancorns

The Nameless (@[member="Ashe the Reaper"])- Female Ruferalahuin

Neskar A'toll (@[member="Neskar A'toll"])- Male Human

Collected Bounty for Arctic Atrisian Tiger (750, 000 credits)

Nothura (@[member="Nothura"])- Male Human

Nova (@[member="Talia Drae"])- Female Chiss

The Phantom (@[member="Phantom"])- Male Human

The S.A.P.T.D. (@[member="S.A.P.T.D"])- Male Cyborg

The Scimitar (@[member="Tonya Fontana"])- Female Vortek

Shado (@[member="Penumbra"])- Male Human

Hunting Jorus Merill [Phantom Bounty]

Sigurd (@[member="Sigurd Loke"])- Male Human

The Stark Hunter (@[member="Jar Dar"])- Male Human

Hunting Emperor Ronin Fel

Tryppe Thornewolf (@[member="Haven Pryde"])- Female Human

Hunting Turin Val Kur

Tyger Tyger (@[member="Tyger Tyger"])- Humanoid

Hunting Azrael

Hunting Ti'Cira Hawk (Phantom)

Hunting Viera Kisep

The White Knight (@[member="Jai-Fohro Krava"])- Probable Human Male

Hunting Racket

Xalus (@[member="Xalus"])- Male Humanoid

Xero the Hutt (@[member="Xero"])- Male-Personality Hutt

Zal Vangar (@[member="Zal Vangar"])- Male Barabel