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Ronin Fel

The Black Flame

NAME: Ronin Fel
Fel Empire
RANK: Imperator of the Fel Empire
AGE: 57
SEX: Male
1.8 meters
WEIGHT: 176lbs
EYES: Grey
HAIR: Black and white
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

- Ronin is a charismatic leader and has found himself equipped with a silver tongue since birth. He is both coolheaded and a stunning diplomat, skills that have been fine tuned since a young age as thanks from his noble background. These traits alone make him a perfect choice as the Fel Empire’s first Imperator.

- Strategy is a skill that he has fine tuned since his days in the Corellian Defense Force. He was squad leader in basic training and went on to quickly become a non-commissioned officer. After more than thirty years in military service he retired as a supreme commander of the Corellian Defense Force under OP’s rule (never formally serving the OP military).

- While serving as Supreme Commander of the Corellian Defense Force, Ronin became skilled in both Ground and Space warfare and strategy. However, his tactical specialty is with space combat and he is an excellent starfighter pilot.

- Ronin is not a very skilled warrior in the realm of ground tactics, while strategy in the field is not a problem. Due to this, when faced in blaster to blaster combat, he faces quite a challenge.

- Since Ronin has never been trained in force-techniques and is in his old age, he can never raise his overall force strength. Do to this, he can improve his abilities but will never be able to truly raise himself to the heights seen by the Grandmaster and the Sith Emperor.

-As a career military officer and now the Imperator, he has a very difficult time relating to people on a non-formal basis. Relationships with family are highly strained and relating on personal levels is nearly impossible.


Ronin is of average appearance and his eyes are a cold grey. His body is fit for your average 56 year old, but this is due to a life-long career as a soldier and military officer. The right side of his chest is covered in large scars that stretch from his collar bone to his right shoulder and then down to just above his waste. Most are fragmentation scars while others are incision scars from surgery.


Ronin was born into the Fel family, who largely relocated to Corellia during the Gulag Plague incident. The family was still respected as “nobles” on the planet, despite the harsh times brought upon by the 300 year darkness. During his youth, Ronin was taught to be quick with his words but never hasty and to talk with a silver tongue; a talent that came natural to him. Many times, during his young age, Ronin found himself talking his way out of trouble and sticky situations on Corellia with his childhood friend Cain.

Even with his great talents in diplomacy, his family still urged him to join the Corellian Defense Force as a show of his honor and as a continuation of Fel tradition. Therefore, at the age of 17, Ronin signed onto the CDF and began his thirty-year career as a soldier with his friend Cain. During his first days of boot camp, Ronin proved himself a brilliant and charismatic leader which earned him the rank of squad leader. Throughout the entirety of basic training, Ronin would maintain his position and would be looked up to by his fellow cadets as well as being a close friend due to his friendly and free going nature outside of professional situations.

During his time in boot camp, he would suffer a terrible accident when a fellow cadet and friend, Cain, accidently set off a thermal detonator prematurely during an explosives safety and usage exercise. The explosion riddled Ronin, who was watching at the time, with tiny bits of shrapnel that mostly impacted his right side. Cain was killed in the explosion and Ronin was severely injured and scared on the right side of his torso. While his life was saved, Ronin would never be the same. His men would describe him as deeply depressed and very impersonal, a trait that never left him.

After his basic training was completed, Ronin quickly found himself attending officer school. He would excel, as he had in basic training, and find himself serving as a lieutenant of the CDF almost right out of basic training. While on leave, Ronin was known to drink heavily and keep to himself. Despite this, however, he would meet a woman by the name of Malisa Jova who he would find an uncanny attraction to. After five months of their relationship, Malisa accidently became pregnant.

Ronin loved the girl, but he was not ready to bare a child with her. However, to preserve his families honor, he married Malisa and brought about another branch into the Fel family tree. His father and mother would forever look down on him for ever putting the family name in jeopardy and this lead Ronin to further indulge himself into his military career. Malisa would rarely see him more than a few times a month and his son would see him even less. Ronin, out of guilt and trauma could not face his family or Malisa.

Despite this falling out, Malisa did not dare divorce her husband, for she knew that the Fel family was her son’s best chance at a good life. Ronin would go on serving in the CDF, becoming the Supreme Commander of the CDF forces and holding the position for years before the reign of the Omega Protectorate.

Years later, Malisa died of a disease not documented by the Darkness. Ronin would again fall into depression, despite the relationship with his wife. He would try to comfort his son, but fail, and seeing as there was no mending the relationship with his son, retired from the military to live in solitude at the age of 47.

By the time the Omega Protectorate came into power, Ronin’s relationship with his son had ill improved. Tired of living a useless life, Ronin left Omega space to travel to Coruscant. It was here that he tried to join the Jedi Order so that he may improve his untrained force skills, but was denied due to his age and radical views. Angry, Ronin returned to Corellia where he learned that his parents had died during his absence.

Rocked by the realization that his life was amounting to nothing, Ronin set out to create a nation that would bring his family name honor. Taking his reluctant son with him, Ronin set off for the unknown regions to see to the rise of the once glorious Fel Empire.


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