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Romeo Sin

Romeo Sin

Name: Romeo Sin
Speices: Vahla
Eyes: Red
Height: 6 feet even
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Black, styled with a part in the middle and length his to his jaw line.
Age: 22
No Distiniguishing Marks
Force Sensitive: Yes
Faction: None

Bio: Sin was to be sacraficed by his people in hopes they'd all get his power, he was able to fight his way to escaping, then was founded by a Sith at the months later, opting to train the 20 year old. The young man made a friend in a woman of the Sith, who he later had to kill after realizing she was using him to get to his master. Then at age 21 Sin was betrayed again by another Sith who wanted to brain wash him into a slave and use his powers against the Jedi, Sin decapitated him. Fearing that his master was next to use him, his suspicions were revealed true, as he woke up one night witnessing his master trying to consume his force esence to amp his own. Sin mutliated the Sith, and was then attacked by more Sith apprentices for killing the master. After getting away by stowing on a cargo ship, Sin vowed to kill all Sith. His power in the dark side had grown tremendiously from all the hate, and pain he had for people. He now takes on the task layed before him at the age of 22. Trusting nobody, and killing all in his way.

Lightsaber Adept: In the years he spent from being Vahla born, and a sith appretince he became a near master of the lightsaber. Powering his speed, agility, and strength with the dark side. He used the forms, Ataru, and Tràkata.
Knoweldge Collector: Sin craves knoweldge of the force, and holds it all for himself, able to retain the infomation easily, and learn fast from it. Being able to learn certain techqinues of the Force on his own after he learns the what he must do to use it the ability.
Dark Thirst: Sin can feed on any darkness that is presently around him, amplifing himself, and can feed on emotions of negativity from others.

Flexible: To the very word Sin can flex and twist any way because of his Vahla species. But this also makes him frail.
Alter Adept: He understand the ways of alter better then any other part of the force, but needs a teacher so he may begin the training of it. After that he can continue on his own learning, and master the alter power.
Self Reliant: Sin fights alone, which means no one will ever come to his aide. He trusts no one so he will have to fight groups of Sith alone, allowing them to have numbers over him. Also means he has no sources in the form of people. No friends.
Ignorant: Sin knows nothing of the outside of the world of Jedi And Sith. He knows nothing of culture, people, and other things about the galaxy. Being so he will make enemies of many different people of different backgrounds.
Out Of Control Rage: Sin has no control when his rage hits over the peak. Causing him to later fall over exhuasted, and unconioues, open to be killed. Times of coming back to vary from time to time and never does he come back to no sooner then five minutes.

Equipment: Sin has a red lightsaber he built himself, along with his armor, and meditation balls that help him meditate.

Ship: none

Drain Life: Novice (self trained)