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Riot Cobalt

Alright I am getting drained as a writer on all the war zone and combat role plays I have done as of recent and wanted to try a new route out, I wanted to see if anybody wanted to do more of a chill, and relaxing role play thats setting is in a cantina, club or some other type of venue that isn't exactly focused as a route to combat?

I will have locations inside of fringe space and on the planet of valhalla that are mostly night clubs and cantinas, the setting would be more recreation and entertainment, maybe the gathering of friends and allies. Or could be something along the lines of a vacation destination.

anybody wanna do a thread for this? I mean we can, toward the end, have a bar fight in it.. but would like to try something else entirely as a concept for the events that play out among friends and strangers. and I can guarantee if we did it inside of fringe space they wont be more inclined to executing your alts on site.. that wouldn't be very nice, or hospitable for me or them, and with this alt I love to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere and am 100% pacifist.

any takers?