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Approved Tech Rogue Sunglasses

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Aedan Lochlan

The artist formerly known as Rogue Two
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Intent: To give Rogue Squadron a reason to wear sunglasses after dark. Designed as a unique pair of aviator sunglasses with night vision for Rogue Squadron.

Development Thread: N/A. Will make one if required.

Manufacturer: Lochlan Apparel

Model: Rogue Sunglasses

Affiliation: Rogue Squadron, the Galactic Alliance. The model as it is presented here is used exclusively by the Galactic Alliance’s Rogue Squadron. Similar sunglasses are open for sale to the public for those who
want to look as stylish as the Rogues, however that version comes without the night vision.

Modularity: No

Production: Semi-Unique

Material: Durasteel, glasteel, electronics, Plastiray substance

- 100% UV protection, greatly reducing the amount of light entering the eyes
- Stylish. Can’t look bad with a pair of these on.
- Night vision, ability to switch on and off
- Infrared, ability to switch on and off
- Multi-Frequency Targeting Acquisition System
- Mini-camera
- Thanks to the Plastiray substance coating, the glasses have a quality 10 level of electrical insulation

- Inspires jealousy in others
- Fragile. They're sunglasses. If you step on them, they break
- Small storage space, a few hours of recorded footage tops

Description: Lochlan Apparel focuses not only on clothing, but accessories. The company has been working on launching its very own brand of sunglasses. Aedan Lochlan, co-owner of Lochlan Apparel put forward the idea of making a product specifically for the pilots of Rogue Squadron. Being a member of the famous squadron himself, his bias clearly shines through. However, the elite unit deserves quality equipment. If Lochlan Apparel could provide such equipment while making them look damn fine in the process, then by the Force, they would do it.

The sunglasses does more than just protect against harmful UV sunrays, they also come with an added tactical benefit. Merging style with technology, the sunglasses come equipped with a night vision and infrared filter, rolled in with MFTAS. The glasses also have a mini-camera installed. Due to the size of the glasses, storage space is limited. The various modes can be switched between and turned on and off by a button on the side. The button is subtle and not easily noticeable. Its colour matches that of the frame so as to not stand out. It is flat and on the same level as the rest of the frame. A light tap will activate the filter, another will switch it off. The tactical benefits added to the glasses are inspired by the systems seen in combat helmets, focused around the polychromatic lenses.

Lochlan Apparel prides itself on delivering quality products. The company is not one to mass produce a poorly made product as cheaply as possible, only to sell it at the highest possible price for maximum profit. It was of the utmost importance that the product they delivered was good. Sunglasses without 100% UV protection could cause damage to the eye, as the pupils dilate to accommodate the darker view the tint is given but won’t then protect from the increased UV rays that flood into the wide open eyes. With the company being a very young one, it was important to gain a good reputation.

The Rogue Sunglasses are made dark enough for comfortable viewing. They come with light absorbant particles on the inside of the glass imbedded in them, offering 100% UV protection. To be equally functional in space there is also a thin layer of gold that acts like a barrier to block away the harmful UV rays.

The same base model for the pair of sunglasses will be mass produced and sold to anyone interested. Considering the spotlight the squadron often finds itself in, it is the hope of Lochlan Apparel that the advertisement and publicity gained will help sell their standard sunglasses product as well. There will only be enough of the version with night vision to support the 18-member squadron, with a few reserves on hand in case some get broken. Frames are available in black, gold and silver.

Primary Sources:

Vora Kaar

In the Cold
Star Wars Canon:
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Starwars Chaos:
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Vora Kaar

In the Cold
[member="Aedan Lochlan"], Is it a requirement to wear them when walking away from explosions, or when riding a speeder bike?

Good sub. Glasses have been made before, and this is supposed to be a company that makes accessories that aid a person, or just generally look cool. I don't have any problems with this.
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