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Robin Hood [Nexus]



NAME: Nexus
ALIAS(s): Robin Hood
FACTION: Republic
RANK: Padawan
SPECIES: Half Energy Vampire/ Half Ysanna
AGE: 380
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 210 lbs
EYES: Emerald Green
HAIR: Blonde-Auburn
SKIN: Tan White


-Enhanced Muscular/Skeletal/Cardiac/Nervous System
-Retractable Razor Serrated Claws/Elongated Fangs
-Reflex; During his training as a teen, Nexus realized his talent as a marksman, and then even further as a Force Sniper (custom title), one whom can slow time and calculate accordingly to near never miss.
-Ysanna Guidance; Nearly 20 years went solely into training this ability as this, along with his Balistakenesis abilities, are an amazingly deadly trait
-Force Weapon; Occuring usually in the form of Ethereal Arrows, or Ghost Knives, Nexus learned this trick earliest in his studies.
-Bow/Hatchet Fighter; Through use of his singularly greatest talent with a tool, Nexus learned to fight well with his custom bow. He has even gone far enough as to be on par with those whom trained adequately with lightsabers. As well as this self taught talent came another, the use of a long hatchet. Both are his most common choice in a fight.

-Force control; Other than the talents he has found within himself, Nexus lacks any control over forms of Force Talent. It's not that he isn't intelligent or willful enough, simply put he isn't equipped for such.
-Paranoia/Dementia; When in a migraine driven episode Hood is known to be irrational and overly aggressive.
-Miraluka; Nexus has had an inbred hatred for the eye-less species, even though he doesn't understand it.
-Stubborn; His stubborn streak has been known to get him into any number of problems.


Born Nexus, without a last name, to a young Sith Energy Vampire and a Jedi Knight Ysanna. The Count and Princess held their relations in silence, not wanting their child to be taken as a monster. But soon enough, it didn't matter and his father was killed, leaving him with a Rogue mother whom had to fight, beg, borrow, and steal to save her son.

Growing up on many dozen different planets, with multiple different cultures, Nexus grew to know many forms of life. Yearning to keep the one thing worth fighting over alive, Nexus took up training, and this has been a part of his life for a very long time now. Since, he has begun to fight injustice and help the helpless of the cosmos.