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Approved Tech Roan Fel's Lightsaber "The Noble Blade"

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The Black Flame

Intent: To create a lightsaber to be passed down to each Imperator of the Fel Imperium. This submission is mainly to allow a solid look and description for a saber that will outlast my character and, most likely, many others.
Development Thread: No
Manufacturer: Self-Made
Model: Imperial Knight Lightsaber
Affiliation: Imperator of the Fel Imperium
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: The original skin of the lightsaber has been encased with a thin layer of durasteel to make it more resistant to lightsaber hits and then covered in a black/gold finish.

After the death of Roan Fel, his lightsaber was passed down through the Fel family for generations. Sometime between the creation of the Galactic Triumvirate and the release of the Gulag Plague, the Fel family had the lightsaber redone to give it a more extravagant design and was then passed down from father to son so that the oldest Male in the house would always possess it. The blade, in true Imperial Knight fashion, is silver.

After the death of Ronin’s parents, the man took the saber for his own and used it throughout the entirety of his rule as Imperator. The saber is now used to signify the ruler of the Fel Imperium and is seen as a sign of honor and nobility within the faction.

Classification: Lightsaber
Size: One-handed
Length: 21 centimeters
Weight: 1.5 kilograms
Other Features:

Silver Blade

Reflective skin

Gold activation Switch

Fel Family Crest located at the end of the hilt and below the activation switch
Not open for further replies.