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Darth Animus

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Roche had been a mistake. Months of planning, months of rallying support and garnering favors, all for a single mission. Darth Animus had spoken out against it from the beginning. The New Sith Order weren't ready for such a large strike, and yet the Dark Lord had declared it to be so. Animus had carried out his task to the best of his abilities, made the Jedi pay for every minute they dared to stand in his way. In the end though it mattered little. The Silver Jedi Order had been too strong, too well prepared. The Sith had been beaten back.

In response, the Dark Lord of the New Sith Order had summoned all those who survived Roche to a small unnamed asteroid for debriefing, and punishment. Animus had decided before he even landed in the hangar that he had agreed with the Dark Lords orders. Someone had to be punished for failure, but not himself. The Dark Lord was weak, and if he continued on as he was, the New Sith Order would fall.

Failure had to be punished.


The crimson blade deactivated with the customary snap hiss, silencing the last sound in the room. The meeting chamber was small, barely larger then cargo bay of a small freighter, but it had been the largest facility the New Sith Order could get their hands on. It was sad to see just how far they had fallen.

Scattered around the room were the bodies of the fallen, Sith Lords and Masters of the New Sith Order who had followed the Dark Lord, and refused to see Darth Animus's reason. They had tried to resist, but they were weak. Their failure would no longer hinder the goals of the Sith. Above them, still seated on the podium he had used as his throne was the former Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Tiamat. He had died within moments of the assault, barely getting his withered hand to his saber.

Turning away from the scene, Animus walked across the room, stepping over the body of a fallen Master. Thumbing the command panel, the small door leading out to the base slid open. On either side of the door two Sith Blades stood, their eyes watching him warily as he stepped out. Animus gave them a brief look, before turning to walk down the hall. The two Blades took a single look at the gathering chamber and moved to fall into step behind Animus.

"It is the dawn of a new age for the New Sith Order. I cannot do it alone though. There must be others. Only question is, will they be willing to stand by the new regime." Animus spoke mostly to himself, the two Sith Blades remaining silent as he made his way to the communication chamber. He typed in a few commands, sending out an encrypted transmission. He hoped it would arrive to receptive ears.

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