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Rise of Kon

Zahori Denko
Vael'roth Kon is the last living son of the royal family of Thustra. His family's absence from the throne due to the Gulag plague has caused much strife and discord on the planet. Vael, now that he has the influence to return to his homeworld and his throne, is now on a campaign to become the king of Thustra and return the Kon family to the throne. Being king of Thustra is what Vael is going to be up to once the Sith Empire goes into hiding. What's going to happen is:

  • Vael is going to learn and master more force powers such as Force Plague, Force Storm, and more.
  • Vael is going to organize the custom species I plan on creating into a single armed force for when the Sith Empire returns.
  • Vael will gain many allies, either by force or not, and increase his influence and power.

I would like some people who would like to help me in my rise to power and return to my throne. Interested? You should be.

Darth Torment

@[member="Vael'roth Kon"] I might be, besides your character seems interesting enough and we be nobles so why not help a fellow ruler? lemme know if you'd be willing to make a truce and maybe ally our planets.