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Ripples across Space

The datapad went flying across the room, slamming into the wall before shattering as a heavy gauntlet fell upon the table. More bad news that there was no hiding from or covering up. The woman braced herself against the table, arms stretched to the sides as she held to the sides of the heavy marble top. The table groaned for a moment as if it might snap from the pressure she applied to the end. Biting upon her lip for a moment, her attention was drawn away for a moment when the first drop of blood fell upon the polished table top.

Bringing her hand to her split lip, she sighed heavily, her tongue gracefully slipping over the wound that began to slowly close itself. Another heavy sigh followed as she stepped around the table, her hand slowly tracing along the side as she kneeled by the wall. Her yellow hues falling upon the broken datapad as she gathered the pieces up.

"I apologize. To take my anger out on such a device that could not protect itself."

Her mind screamed at her. What the hell was she doing apologizing to a piece of technology as if it were a person. Still she gathered the broken pieces and set them upon the table. Carefully picking up the pieces of glass and spiriting them away to a nearby bin. Returning to the table she looked at the broken pieces of the datapad, a small cough from the door bringing her attention to the individual standing there.

"Ma'am. She's here."

"Bring her in please."

Amelia stood up and straightened herself out, the heavy armor plates scraping together for a moment as she turned to the large windows of the room. She was lucky enough to find a meeting hall she could hide out in for a while. Plans were being made and laid out and soon House Syrush would be leaving Alderaan. Before that though there were things to put in order.

For now she admired the lights of the city that lay out before her, a soft smile crossing her lips. At least she wouldn't have to worry about the sun, nor hold a meeting with the drapes drawn the entire time. Bringing her hands behind her back, she took one last look before looking over her shoulder. Yellow hues falling upon the fiery red locks, bringing a soft smile to her lips.

"Thank you Knight-Corporal. That'll be all for now."

The individual nodded before pulling the two large doors closed to give the women privacy. Amelia nodding silently as she turned to face the legendary woman.

"Welcome. My sympathy for the loss of Kaeshana. I'm sure though you've had your fill and would rather find a solution for those not wanting to remain beneath the First Order."

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

Siobhan had been on Alderaan by chance. To her surprise, the Free World Coalition had extended the gracious offer of allowing Eldorai refugees to settle on an appropriate world within its boundaries. It was a generous offer she'd accepted on behalf of the Star Queen. In the aftermath of the calamity on Kaeshana, the Space Elves were dispersing. But none of them would ever forget that their homeworld had been cruelly subjugated by imperialists and their barbaric masters.

So she'd been in the capital city, inspecting the Firemane branch office that was being set up, when she received the unexpected invitation from the head of House Syrush. She'd been inclined to decline, but curiosity had caused her to do otherwise.

So here she was now. A soldier who bore the rank of Knight-Corporal, something you expected from a knightly order as opposed to a conventional militia or paramilitary outfit, led her into the hall. Siobhan walked with a slight limp and leaned on an cane engraved with Eldorai runes.

The Lady was smartly dressed in a severe black tailored skirt suit. She paired the outfit with a pair of silk stockings and black boots. She wore her red mane long, lettingit cascade about her shoulder and frame an attractive, but scarred face. Naturally, she was not unamed, for she carried her lightsabre at her side and what might on first sight appear a pendant gracing her neck was actually a hold-out bolter.

Word was that Lady Syrush and her followers were rather zealous in their opposition to Force-users, which made the invitation a bit peculiar on first blush, unless one suspected nefarious motives. Then again, the Prince-Consort of Alderaan was a Force-user and, moreover, Siobhan had quite a reputation.

The minion departed, the heavy doors closed, leaving the two women alone once Siobhan had been led into the presence of the armoured lady of the house. Brown eyes scrutinised both Amelia and the hall. The woman's yellow eyes did not go unnoticed. Siobhan could not feel the Force emanating from her, which ruled out the chance that they were the result of dark side taint.

So far, Siobhan herself had managed to avoid the deathly pale, veiny skin and yellow eyes that the holomedia so often associated with Dark Side Adepts. Then again, many Sith managed the same, so this was probably not because she was a special snowflake.

"Kaeshana will be avenged and soaked in the blood of the First Order and their lackeys. Firemane doesn't forget its people - or its enemies," Siobhan responded firmly. She was a bit taken aback by how the other woman addressed her. She noticed the broken pieces on the table, but did not comment.

"Nice armour. Are you expecting a fight?" she remarked very dryly, eyes falling upon the suit the woman wore. Siobhan herself was quite fond of her beskar'gam. "I confess I was a bit surprised by your invitation, Lady Syrush. Unless I'm mistaken, you are not exactly, how shall I put it, fond of Force-users."
Carefully bringing her hands to the heavy helm, she removed the metallic piece from her brow, a soft hiss escaping her lips when the sunlight touched her alabaster skin. Setting the helm down, she stepped into the room, slipping away from the sun as the small burn began to heal. The armored woman though took a moment to admire her guest, watching her for a moment. Yellow hues slowly moving over every inch before her attention was pulled away for a mere moment. With her back turned, though not out of any form of insult, she pulled open the large cabinet before her. A myriad of drinks revealed as she pulled out what appeared to be a rather old bottle of wine.

"I am always ready for a fight. Though at this moment I am preparing a campaign."

She looked over her shoulder, a soft smirk crossing her lips and revealing the hint of a fang. As she returned to her current task, her hand gracefully plucked two wine glasses from the rack and set them down. Carefully she removed the cork from the bottle, her eyes closing as she took in the aroma of the wine.

"Blossom Wine, from Naboo. It's been..."

She stopped for a moment, lifting her head up as she remembered the last time she had such a wine.

"One... no. Two hundred years I believe."

Amelia chuckled to herself as she turned around, a wine glass in each hand with the appropriate amount of wine. Her yellow hues fell upon the fiery redhead once more as she approached, carefully holding her hand out and providing the woman with the glass.

"If you're worried about anything in the drink I'm sure you've your ways of figuring it out or negating it, though why would I ruin a wine with a poison?"

A small smirk crossed her lips as she took a sip from her glass. Taking a moment to savor the flavor and taste of the wine before she let out a soft sigh. The mention of her feelings brought a soft smile as she turned her attention back to her guest.

"That is true. Though times can change, and so can beliefs. We are weary of Force Users, no matter their alignment, though the Dark Siders are far more dangerous. Specifically the Sith."

She took a moment to set the wine glass down, bringing her hands together in front of her. A small breath slipped across her lips as she smiled to Siobhan.

"I asked you here because I have a proposal. One that I believe would be of benefit to both House Syrush and your people."

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

"Elaborate on this proposal please." Younger Siobhan might have used a corny flirtation along the lines of 'I'd like see what's beneath your armour'. This one liked the ladies just as much and was an unrepentant skirt chaser, but was also more cautious, jaded and cynical. So no such line escaped her lips.

No, she was focused on other things. The hint of fangs in her host's mouth did not go unnoticed. No more than the yellow eyes had been. It put the Lady Kerrigan a bit on edge. The reference to it having been 'two hundred years' did the rest. Someone who'd been less exposed to vampires would have probably missed the signs, but Siobhan had been captured by one of their covens two decades ago as a Padawan. She'd suffered...indignities, and slaughtered them.

"Oh, I can understand being weary of Force-users. Goddess knows most have terribly abused their power, believing it gives them a divine mandate to trample on others and cause carnage on a colossal scale - and too many get let off the hook for their deeds. Sith are a disease that must be purged without mercy," she remarked.

"It's why my organisation has strict rules and shoots traitors. 'The Dark Side made me do it' is no excuse," she accepted the glass, but did not drink from it so far. It was true that she could detect and neutralise poisonous substances through the Force, if she focused enough. It was an important skill at the Eldorai's Byzantine court.

"Of course, vampires sustain themselves by consuming the blood of other sentient beings, yes? Or their life force. Often killing or enthralling those they feed on." On the surface, her tone remained conversational, but did not fail to point out the apparent irony.
[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]

"Of course." Amelia bowed her head as she set down the glass of wine on the small end table to her side. Pulling a small device from the pouch on her belt, she set it down, her thumb pressing a button in on the side. A moment would pass as the device shimmered and flickered to life before revealing the pulsing blue holographic image of a world. A small smirk crossing her lips as she leaned back in the seat, her yellow hues falling upon her guest once more.

"With the fall of Kaeshana I would fathom a guess that a relocation effort is underway for those that follow you."

She took a sip of her wine before setting it down, her fangs flashing for a moment as she smirked. A soft chuckle escaping her lips as she leaned forward. Her elbows pressed to her knees, her hands clasped together as she rest her chin upon her fists. That devilish smirk still upon her lips revealing the one fang.

"This is Aldraig IV. Currently it is reigned over by a Cult that worships the Sith as Gods..."

She paused for just a moment, closing her eyes and savoring the thought before her eyes shot open once more.

"I plan on reclaiming it for the Free Worlds Coalition and to make it the seat of power of House Syrush. My proposal is that in return for a place on the world, you and the refugees of Kaeshana aid in this reclamation."

The talk of how she treated her own, the darksiders among her group gave her pause. This woman was truly unique, dangerous and beautiful in her own way. While Amelia herself thought that such an alliance, even a working relationship with this woman went against every tenant of the Order, it was a union that would accomplish great things if it came to fruition. Then the talk of her kind came up, causing her to smirk once more.

"My dear, I have lived for... oh what was it again?"

She found herself counting the years, a soft grin crossing her lips as she remembered her past before looking back to the fiery redhead before her.

"I have lived and seen this galaxy change, regimes rising and falling for over four-thousand years. I have a daughter of one-thousand five hundred years. I understand your own weariness of my kind. Yes we sustain ourselves upon the life of others. Though I've a very strict code of conduct."

She said with a slight smirk before continuing.

"I only feed from those that willingly provide me, never taking so much that it would kill them. Then there are the Darksiders, the Sith and those that support them. Those individuals receive no such mercy. I feed upon them without a second thought and leave their husks to the winds of time."
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

"Many Jedi, secure in their sanctimony, would call me a Darksider. Yet I've probably killed more Sith than most Jedi have," Siobhan commented. The wine glass remained full. "I slaughtered a coven of energy vampires once. They were vicious. But perhaps we're both more than our colour schemes."

Her eyes fell upon the holographic projection. The expression on her face was pensive while she studied it. "We're already in negotiations with the Coalition about erecting settlements on a suitable world," she finally said.

She left it open which planet it would be, but it was obviously not Aldraig. "I don't think cohabition is a good idea. The Eldorai are a proud people who value their independence highly and Force-users are prominent among them. They would not submit to outsider control. Especially not if the outsiders preached fire and brimstone against Force-users, even if you changed your views. And I imagine the same issue would arise vice versa when you have to deal with the Eldorai's traditions. They also don't have the best experience with your kind, no offence. I strongly doubt our cultures would mesh. Even if we're both adults, the kids will get into trouble," she shrugged. Her tone was cordial, but very firm. Bottom line, she did not trust Amelia enough. Control issues also played a role. Siobhan was a woman who regarded herself as a queen and did not share power.

"I would like to know more of this cult. They seem similar to old foes," she added. The fact that they worshipped the Sith as gods reminded her of the barbaric Bando Gora she'd spent so much time eradicating back in the day.
"The same coin my dear. The same coin."

Amelia said as she took another sip of her wine before setting the glass back down. A soft smile crossing her lips as she kept her focus upon the fiery redhead. Even with that cane and limp she still drew Amelia's eye, the thoughts of a more intimate meeting came to mind before she refocused herself to the taste at hand.

"To me my kind of as we are. We seek to survive and live like any other species in the Galaxy. To others, for example you, they can be seen as monsters. In truth it is merely two sides of the same coin."

She smiled as she let out a soft sigh, closing her eyes for a moment before opening them again, a soft smirk crossing her lips.

"Yes, it truly is a shame, we adults able to find a common ground, while our children would bicker and squabble about everything. Just as they would not submit to our control as you put it, I do not believe that those whom follow me would submit to their control."

When the mention of the cult was brought up, a glint in her eye seemed to sparkle for a moment as she leaned forward. Her hand slipping to the device still projecting the world of Aldraig IV, the holoimage shifting as it began to show the One Sith invasion of the world.

"What we do know is that they call themselves the Order of the Beast, and they worship the Sith as Gods. They hope their brutalization of the worlds populace would bring the One Sith back to Aldraig IV."

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

"Agreed," Siobhan replied laconically when Amelia spoke of both sides of the coin. Ironically, the woman's reaction made the Countess respect her more. Her eyes drifted back to the holoprojection of the planet.

"I see. I am reminded of the Bando Gora. A vicious, savage cult of Chaos worshippers obsessed with 'Dark Gods'. They terrorised the rim, ritually sacrificing and often eating innocents in perverse rituals in the hopes it would win them favour from their deities and bring them into this galaxy.

They spawned the Reavers and other monsters. I wiped them out twice, but they have the unfortunate habit of always coming back, despite the obvious bankruptcy of their ideology and repeated failure," her tone was laced with contempt and revulsion.

"Much to my annoyance, some started worshipping me after I killed their god. I think I deserve better worshippers," she added dryly. Coming soon, the Heavenly Daughters of the Divine Kerrigan! Do you have a moment of time for our Lady and Saviour the Karishzar?

"How extensive is the cult's hold on the population and what's your game plan to eradicate their taint?" Unspoken but also pertinent was the question of how Amelia intended to rule after the cultists had been put to the sword - or the fangs, as the case may be. One imagined that Siobhan would not object to feeding on obviously evil cultists. Innocents was another matter.
"Perhaps, though I do not believe that the Galaxy is ready for an army of redheads marching upon their doors to proclaim your greatness."

Amelia said with a soft smirk, her golden hues locking with and remaining glued to Sio's before she looked back towards the holographic image of the world. Narrowing her eyes for a moment, she looked over the features, her hand coming up and lightly manipulating the image. Lightly pressing her finger on a structure that rest upon a plateau.

"There. From what we can tell that is their primary fortification. As you can see it has a commanding view of all approaches from both the ground and sky."

Leaning back slightly, she let out a heavy sigh, her eyes closing for a moment before looking back to her guest. Her hand lift up the glass next to her, taking another sip before setting the nearly empty wine glass down.

"Small pockets of resistance are still holding out, mainly on the other side of the world. For the most part any real resistance has been put down, and for all intents and purposes, the cult holds the world".

Amelia then placed her elbows upon her knees, her chin resting against her fist as she smirked behind them, her fang showing for a moment as she chuckled. The thought coming to her mind, and her decision to be bold ruled over any other aspect. Her golden hues narrowed upon the woman before her, watching her carefully.

"I suspect though that you're more worried about the people after the cult is gone and are faced with Vampires reigning over them. Perhaps the thought that we're merely replacing the cult has come to your mind?"

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

"I find the image of an army of curvaceous redheads marching from door to door to proclaim my greatness rather appealing. Though I could not limit it to redheads alone. No one should accuse me of being exclusionary," Siobhan chuckled. Let's not make this a thing, her ego is bloated enough.

She studied the image of the plateau the fortress rested on. "They chose the spot well. It's what I'd do - and slap an array of big guns, land mines and a shield generator on it." The Lady Kerrigan was fond of huge fortresses that bristled with firepower. A cynic would say they were as grandiose as her ego.

But then they got to the pivotal question. Siobhan's gaze did not waver when those golden hues fell upon. She would be lying if she claimed that the yellow eyes and fangs were not disconcerting on a certain level. They brought back memories.

"The thought has entered my mind. I reckon the Coalition would not take kindly to you marching innocents to blood factories to mass drain them, but my experiences with your people don't exactly make me feel trusting," she said bluntly.

"What are your intentions with the planet? Will you give the people a say or just rule over them as vampire overlords who are supposedly more benign than the cult? And how will you keep your people's appetites under control?"

Of course, the same suspicions could be voiced about Siobhan. She was a Master of the Dark Side, and most rulers who belonged to that category could not be considered altruistic or benign. Moreover, she was no liberal democrat. She'd once been one of the leaders of a Republican Dictatorship and now her preferred form of government was enlightened despotism.
"Clearly, however there is something to be said about women in uniforms." Amelia permitted a smirk to cross her lips. "After all, many religions require a uniformed appearance among their followers."

"It would appear then that they found your plans and musing on defensive strategies. It's exactly what they decided upon."

Amelia said as she leaned forward slightly, her hand moving over the image before pulling up the fortress. The map began to pulse, showing off the various defenses of the fortress. Just as Sio had spoken, it showed the large Turbolaser Towers and exterior defenses that would protect the rocky outcrop. If anything a head on assault of the location would be suicidal.

"On Aldraig IV I see plenty to keep my people's hunger sated for a long while, and I am not talking of the innocents. If these cultist thrive on brutality, then we shall give them just exactly what they prostrate themselves for."

She lift up the glass of wine, finishing what remained before pulling herself up from her seat. Her eyes fell to the full glass still before Sio as she slipped back to the bottle of wine. Slowly pouring just the right amount in the glass once more, she smirked as she stood there.

"This cult worships those that the Galaxy sees as destroyers. IF that is what this cult desires, then my people and I shall fall upon them like a scourge that they've never seen before."

As she turned back to face Sio, she smirked once more, her fangs showing as she stepped forward.

"To give the commoner a voice is a dangerous thing. To give them the illusion of a voice, that however shall keep them believing they are free when they are not. I can not afford to be as open and democratic as the rest of the Coalition. If House Syrush is to protect Alderaan, then some freedoms need be sacrificed."

Amelia reclaimed her seat, setting the glass down before her as she crossed one leg over the other, leaning back for a moment and collecting her thoughts. The complicated dealings of ruling a world were one that would always come back, and one that would constantly be a thorn in one's side. Returning her attention to Sio, her lips parted as she spoke once more.

"I can not rule a world myself, for there are too many areas for one individual to claim without some problem cropping up on the outskirts. Warlords however... It is simple. Aldraig IV in order to thrive and ensure that order is returned shall become a Shogunate. The common people can bring their problems to their Daimyo, and in turn they shall bring those problems to the Shogun."

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

At least the Sith cultists knew how to build a proper fortress. She saw no reason to mention that Firemane had access to Atrisian-designed drop pods that could bypass shields. That was need-to-know basis. The Fire-Maned-Lady frowned when Amelia elaborated on her plans. She had no problem with the vampire feeding on cultists, but her ideas for governance were another matter. You haven't ever ruled a world, have you? It's more difficult than conquering it with the sword, she thought a bit tartly.

"And I imagine you'd be the Shogun. Just without a Tenno above you," she commented, looking unimpressed. "It sounds more like a recipe for rampant anarchism than a workable solution to me. How exactly is any law going to be enforced on these daimyos, since each of them are decentralised little despots? Surely we cannot expect ambitious warlords to be paragons of justice and good governance? I wager that sooner or later at least one of them will covet the throne. And will these Daimyos include natives or will it be a racial caste system where only vampires hold power and the commoners are expected to be racial caste sheep, dependent on their foreign overlords' staying benevolent despite having no restraints?" she commented sharply.

"Furthermore, I cannot see how any pretense of the common people having a voice can be maintained when the only way they can make themselves heard is if the local juntas let them...and that creates a, how shall we put it, a conflict of interest."
Amelia remained quite, her eyes closing for a moment as she listened to the speech on how the choice of government would fail the people. Though the points where valid and even she knew that such a structure would be difficult to push upon the people if not down right impossible. Nodding silently, she slowly placed the wine glass down, finally some sort of emotion from this woman. Even if it was barely anything it was still something that she was drawing upon.

Slowly opening her eyes, a soft smile crossed her lips, flashing the tips of her fangs. Bringing her arms up, she clasped her hands together, placing them in her lap before looking down for a moment. She wasn't stunned to silence, rather she was looking for the right words to use.

"What you've described, to many have been the Jedi. Many would see them as nothing more than Ambitious Warlords over stepping their bounds and loosing sight of the Justice they so called themselves protectors of, though I digress. No I understand, and many of your points are valid."

Amelia found herself pushing back her own ego, wanting to throw it out there though still intelligent enough to understand that even with all her capabilities she was still out classed in this situation. The soft smile turned to a small smirk as her golden hues settled upon the woman, her hands coming unclasped as she raised them in a simple motion. A flat palm pointing upwards and towards Sio as the question slipped from Amelia's lips.

"If you were in my position then, what would the great Siobhan installed as the government? Would you trust a people that had just been brutalized for years to form their own coherent government? Would you trust them to not settle into a system just as corrupted and broken as the one they've been freed from?"

Leaning back slightly, her hands came back to rest atop one another on her knee. A soft sigh escaping her lips as she closed her eyes for a moment. The situation was becoming rather interesting now.

"Perhaps a Republic? Though as it has failed those same people I do not see them desiring such. Or a planetary Empire, just as they were forced under when the Sith reigned?"

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

"Aldraig has been under the cult's thumb for a couple years, yes? I liberated a world called Dahomey, a land hit so hard by the Dark Age that people lived in mud huts. It was under the control of slavers and warlords for centuries. Yet I didn't impose a racial caste system that would promote warlordism or deceive the people about my intentions. I doubt the insurgents will see much difference between your new class of foreign overlords and the old one. I'm afraid ruling is a bit more difficult than conquest. I learned that as Exarch, much to my annoyance," she pointed out in a somewhat haughty tone. She put the glass down. It was getting a bit tiring for a woman with a limp to stand, so she sat down in a seat, crossing one leg over the other. This is stuff you think about before going on a crusade, if that's your intention, she thought. In all fairness, a younger Siobhan would have had similar views since she'd been a pure warrior.

"Don't give them the pretense of democracy if you're never going to turn it into a reality. I'd keep a small core of my original group at the top of the administration and military, but make sure they become well versed in the customs of the natives. Where possible, I'd delegate authority to local leaders. Will they all have the expertise? Probably not, but that's why I'd give them 'residents' and governors to make sure my decrees are carried out in the provinces and departments. Petitions would go directly to my chancellery. To aid myself or whicher viceroy I appoint, I'd create an advisory council. I'd found a force of native sepoys who are trained and instructed according to my standards and officered by my people. Eventually I'd give them native officers if they prove themselves. Naturally I would not give them the most modern equipment to start with," she was rather fond of using sepoys. Coincidentally, there was a powerful Dahomian Clique in Firemane. It probably helped that Siobhan had a weakness for black.

"Will there be resistance? Obviously. I'd make an effort to work with the rebels to remove the cult, but undoubtedly some would rebel against me after the common enemy is removed," she made an Eldorai gesture that conveyed dismissiveness. There was the carrot - and the stick.

"There will be those who resent a foreign ruler no matter what. Some will cling to the grand delusion of democracy, even though it has failed any time it was tried out. But I'd show the common folk my regime is better through palpable improvements: Education, jobs, free healthcare, freedom of worship, law and order."
Amelia listened carefully, and it was true, she was still learning in the terms of statehood and what it took to run a government. Only a fool would act as though it was easy to run a government and get themselves in too deep before saying something profoundly stupid like 'I thought it would be easier'. She though was smart enough to open state the words that escaped her lips next.

"I need help..."

Her golden hues settled upon the fiery redhead that finally took a seat, the woman showing a grace of her own from the years of her activity. Amelia leaned forward, her elbows pressing to her knees as she kept her eyes upon Sio.

"I am a warrior, thus I would approach things as a warrior. I can not afford to allow any opening or action that would put Alderaan in danger, that is why I seek to secure Aldraig."

She would rather have the support of the local populace, and the idea of turning them had already crossed her mind. That thought though had been pushed out as quickly as it formed. She would just as likely kill 90% of those they attempted to turn; such a wide amount of death would be in excess of anything the cult had already accomplished on its own merit.

"Lend me your assistance, your expertise in these matters. I would rather an experienced voice in my ear than the voice of those seeking out only their own wealth and power."

Of course it did cross her mind that such an offer could be accepted by Sio for the only purpose of securing wealth and power for herself.

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

Siobhan's expression softened ever so slightly. "It's difficult to transition from a purely military mind set. That's no blemish on you. I had the same problem when I became Exarch of OP. Suffice to say it didn't go well for me." That was an understatement. She'd been thrust into the position due to her reputation as a war hero. But no one had prepared her for it.

"It gave me incentive to learn more and progress. Soldiers are accustomed to hierarchy and following the orders of their superiors without question. Civilians? Not so much," she shrugged. She made a gesture and the wine glass rose and was levitated into her hand.

"Politics is a messy business, even without a meddling, nagging senate of demagogues and Mammon worshippers. Often you must navigate a sea of sub-optimal choices and you're stuck not with what you want to have, but what you really have to have."

Slowly, very slowly, she put it to her lips and took a sip, before putting it down. Then she reached out with her hand to gently touch Amelia's. Part of her wondered if the vampire's skin would feel colder than that of a human. "I'll help you. Till you can find your way. But you must heed my counsel."
Amelia's eyes closed as she listened to the stories told, carefully remembering the experience that Sio regaled as she spoke. Maintaining her composure, she watched as the wine glass slowly floated to the woman before she took a sip. The words she spoke were true, and it was much easier for a soldier to fall into a set hierarchy than any civilian would. A soft hiss escaped her lips at the thought, and she found herself having difficulty accepting that any such government that permitted a choice was one that was worth utilizing. Of course there was always the option of holding back, to ensure that once such a government failed that there was a system waiting in the wings.

Her golden hues remained locked upon the woman before her, nor did she pull away when she felt the woman's hand upon her own. Whatever she thought, it was likely reinforced with her own touch. Amelia's skin was cool to the touch, though not in that odd clammy feeling, it was more like touching a cool rock that had sat out in the snow all night.

"I can not promise anything, though I shall give your counsel the same amount of thought as the counsel of others. While I may defer to your advice more, I still must make it appear as though I am fair."

Amelia closed her eyes for a moment before opening them once more, letting out a soft sigh as she leaned forward. Her eyes locking with Sio's as she sat there quietly.

"With that said, it must also be known that I will not approve of any choice or advice that would threaten the Free World Coalition or put Alderaan in a compromising situation."

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

Siobhan shrugged in response and withdrew her hand. "Rest assured, I have a vested interest in the survival and continued prosperity of the Free Worlds Coalition - and after the assistance I received from Draco, I consider Alderaan an ally," she said honestly. "Firemane intends to put down roots here."

It was the truth. The FWC had done right by her, though at the same time her interests extended beyond it. On the flip side, ironically the fact that she already had plenty of power might make her more reliable. With Silver Jedi space looking increasingly unsafe, she was considering moving Firemane's HQ to FWC space.
A silent nod was given as Amelia rose from her seat, slipping away for a moment as she approached the large desk. Opening a draw slowly, she retrieved an item before returning to the woman. Her golden hues falling upon her as she once more slipped down into her seat. Leaning forward she placed the small device on the table, before leaning back.

"That is good to know. I would like to see Alderaan be able to prosper on its own for once rather than beneath the heel of others."

Giving a soft smile, she lift her own glass of wine to take a sip, though did find an elegance in how the woman had used the Force. For Amelia she had seen much of those that used the Force abuse such power, or otherwise turn themselves into weapons. However there were times when even she lamented not having access to such a strength, a strength that could be used to protect Alderaan.

Setting her glass down, she looked to the device resting on the table.

"That is a private comlink for your use. If you need to contact me directly for any purpose."

Amelia offered another smile as she then smirked slightly, her fangs revealing as she took a moment to think. The words she wanted she found eventually, closing her eyes before opening them as she let out a soft sigh.

"Might I ask how you came across your powers?"

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

Siobhan frowned slightly, wondering whether there was more to this seemingly innocent question. I wonder whether you don't just dislike Force-users because of the damage so many of them cause, but because you're a wee bit jealous, she thought.

"I was born with it, though it didn't become apparent to me until I was a young woman. My future Jedi master saved my life when I was cornered by thugs on Nar Shaddaa," she replied. Those were the Cliff Notes, and what passed for public record.

"The Force is a genetic inheritance. Some people possess the ability to tap into it and harness its energies. I imagine this explains the existence of so many 'Force dynasties'." Maybe also why many Force-users are mentally deficient morons, if it's like being a blue blood.

"It gives certain individuals an advantage over those who lack the same power. Not much different from a vampire being endowed with superstrength and semi-immortality," she remarked. "I wonder, what would you do if one of your subjects suddenly manifested Force powers? Or a member of House Syrush or the Order?"

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