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"Riot Cobalt"

Riot Cobalt

Riot Cobalt

NAME: Riot Cobalt
RANK: Entrepreneur
AGE: 26
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'6"
WEIGHT: approx 235 lbs (muscle/toned)
EYES: Grey
HAIR: Blonde
SKIN: Caucasian
FORCE SENSITIVE: (Idk if he will be yet)


Mild Mannered: Riot is very calm minded and usually never gets angered, he is always civil and finds his manners to be well kept.

Size/Build: Riot is tall and well built and finds his size is intimidating enough, although he hates that it has the ability to scare others as he is very kind and friendly.


Compassion: due to his ability to be compassionate he is always targeted for scammers and even though all has failed to scam its still a weakness for him

Pacifist: He hates to fight and will always look for a way out of a fight even if it is to run, he doesnt like to hurt others and will always try to find a suitable way to resolve conflicts rather than to engage in hostility


Riot is well groomed with some facial hair and long blonde locks, he wear only black and has no tattoos or piercings.


Like all vortek riot grew up on vortusa and from there he trained in the fighting arts but hated it, as soon as he grew into a mature adult by vortek standard he enrolled in business classes with dreams of owning and/or operating clubs and cantinas and restaurants in the galaxy, he spent his days dreaming of providing more entertainment of legal means for the galaxy and more places to dine.

After several years he left vortusa and ventured out on his own to make for a place to set up his enterprise of establishments, he found a suitable place after a few years on the planet valhalla and set up shop there, with the high lords authority he paid for a large plot of land and built a club on the world to start his industry, his clubs are known as Scion Halls.

(will do more as the character progresses)


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