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Riley Storm

Riley Storm

ODF Marine
"sometimes what is needed is a little bit of elbow grease, just make sure you don't break a coupling while doing such a job"
Riley Storm to a Smuggler regarding ship maintenance.


NAME: Riley Storm
FACTION: Omega Protectorate/Omega Pyre/ODF
RANK: Ensign
SPECIES: Human (Hapan)
AGE: 24
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 105 lbs
EYES: Dark
HAIR: Medium Brown
SKIN: Caucasian/Tan
FORCE SENSITIVE: Highly force sensitive(Just doesn't realize it yet)


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Educated: Riley is from the planet of Hapas, she had become educated in business when she was younger, and had attained a degree by the time she was 18 in business management, business marketing, and entrepreneur business ownership.

Intelligent: Riley is a very intelligent individual, she often appears to be too intelligent.

Pain: Riley is immune to pain like none other, she can take high pain to a new level since she has been known to hve her skin mangled and ripped out and not feel a thing from it.

Repair/Maintenance: Riley is gifted with the knowledge of star ship repair and maintenance, she worked as a ship repair person in her early smuggling days.


Paranoia: Due to the life she lead while obtaining her degrees she can often time be seen as being a little paranoid.

Freaky: Riley's body has been mangled badly by her secret lover, and master....she would not look too normal without her full body glove outfit.

Loyalty: Riley is the pet of an unknown handler, she is treated like property...this could be used against the person in charge of Riley's fate.


1x G-Class Shuttle.
1x J-1 Shuttle.
12x X-83 Twin-Tail Starfighter.
2x Imperial Shuttles.


As a young girl on hapas Riley often found she was leading the life of a criminal, since she could walk she was getting herself into trouble with the locals and with the police, at the young age of 10 she found she was a capable pilot, this was when her father, that owned his own smuggling business allowed her to take over their personal ship to pilot it back to the planet, some would say her ability to pilot comes from a unique ability to run blockades and blast through planetary shields, but she is also prone to not being detected.

Riley started attending business school after she prematurely graduated regular school and started to take classes to obtain her degree's in business, she thought it would be a good idea to get the degrees so she could help her father better run his business, by this time the Storm family were already wealthier beyond their best dreams and worst nightmares.

At the age of 15 Riley was walking home from school after being in college for at least a year, she found there was the family personal vehicles outside and found the house, which would usually have the lights on; and her mother tending to the kitchen , was completely void of life, entering into the house she found a Rogue Jedi standing over her parents bodies with his blue and green lightsabers out......seeing this riley yelled at the man and pulled the nearest blaster, the man said he'd one day return for her and then deflected the blaster fire and left leaping out the house, and out the window.

Riley wept over he parents bodies, vowing to one day repay their deaths by the death of the jedi scum, to this day she has a strong hatred for all Jedi.
Shortly after their funeral Riley learned that her father, in the days before his and her mother death, left the business to her; after finding this out she took the reigns of the small family smuggling company known as Dark Phoenix Enterprises and rebuilt it to being one of the biggest smuggling factions in the galaxy, after the rebuilding efforts she got contract after contract, and the company quickly made her more and more wealthier than she could ever have imagined, running the business while attending business school she often was asked why she didn't just focus all her attention on running the company, she would often tell them "It's what my parents would want from me, so I'll honor their memories by completing college and obtaining my degrees".

Shortly after obtaining her degrees she returned to the smuggling life full time and made her company grow abundantly in wealth and contracts, she was even able to compete with the former Hutt Cartel; now she runs the Dark Phoenix Enterprises which was slowly becoming more of a smuggling alliance or guild rather than a small mom and pop smuggling outfit, their name was growing and the trademark was quickly becoming a thing to align with, as the company grew so did the profits and the wealth, after a few more years Riley Storm had become one of the wealthiest members of the galaxy and even bought a location on several major planets to hold her HQ and Offices.

(To be continued)

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