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Rickon Ordo

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Giver of Crisp High Fives
NAME: Rickon Ordo
FACTION: Mandalorians
RANK: None.
SPECIES: Human (Mandalorian)
AGE: 29
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 190 cm
WEIGHT: 101 kg
EYES: Green
HAIR: Blonde
SKIN: Fair


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Patience - Patience is one aspect of his personality that is constantly on show. As a child following his father and a young and up-and-coming bounty hunter, Rickon watched as many an impatient scoundrel fell, getting themselves into trouble they couldn’t back out of. As a quiet observer, the proud Mandalorian resolves to learn from the mistakes of others. Impatience is one mistake that he’s eradicated from his arsenal. As a perfectionist, he is constantly working towards making himself a better warrior.

Living Weapon - A warrior’s warrior and a natural leader, Rickon is Mandalorian to a tee. Having been trained in all forms of combat since his fourth birthday, he walks around with the confidence that his martial knowledge brings. As an athletic child, his confidence crossed the border into arrogance quite quickly, and it’s not something he has grown out of. He believes himself to be one of the deadliest men in the galaxy, and is more than happy to prove it.

Intelligence - While coming across as a dumb athlete, Rickon is actually quite shrewd and calculating. He has learned much of the unsavoury aspects of his illegal exploits, and knows that his enemies are completely without scruples. As such, so is he. Always thinking three or four steps ahead and not afraid to double-cross his “allies”, he is no man to be taken lightly.

Total Douche - Rickon is not a great guy when it comes to valuing others and respecting women. As a result, he makes enemies quite easily.

Arrogant to the point of complacency - Rickon has taken people lightly before and it has cost him. He also disregards the Force and those who use it as weak, which means he overlooks their incredible abilities.


Rickon Ordo was born to be a warrior. Blessed by a mix of luck and concentrated breeding through a dozen generations, he was born with all the physical gifts a man could wish for. He stands at 190cm and walks around at about 101 kilograms, with short blonde hair and ponderous green eyes. Rickon is almost never seen without his silver and red Mandalorian battle armour, which he has worn proudly since his sixteenth birthday. His frame is muscular and he carries himself with an aura that seems a combination of professionalism and arrogance.

The Early Years

Rickon Ordo was born on Concord Dawn, a former Mandalorian frontier settlement that still has strong links with its founders. He was the first son of Cassus Ordo, a famed bounty hunter, and his new wife Aela, who had been a dancer for a Hutt before Cassus bought out her contract. He was a strong young child who was left to his own devices while his father was off-world, spending most of his time playing with his father’s tame akk dog, Bekk. This all changed when he turned four.

Upon returning from a contract that almost saw him killed, Cassus began spending more time with his son while he was home. At four, Rickon began learning kickboxing, survival skills, and Mandalorian history from his father, quickly showing an aptitude for violence. At six, he was given his own staff and air blaster, which he was instructed to use. At seven he had his own hunting blaster. At ten, he received his first blaster rifle and began his instruction in grappling. All the while he learned and grew stronger. Even after the age of ten, when his family was forced to constantly move planet, fleeing Har’do the Hutt’s hired guns, his training was never interrupted. Cassus Ordo meant for his son to succeed him.


At age 10, Cassus’ enemies had finally caught up with him. He uprooted his family and moved them to a moisture farm on Tatooine, one step ahead of those sent to kill them. Rickon had begun accompanying his father when his father accepted contracts when he was six, now at ten he accompanied his father during the fulfilling of those contracts. The eyes of young Rickon took in much, and he learned quickly. At twelve, his father set him his first task ...

As instructed by his father, Rickon set off with a pack of supplies and his blaster rifle early one morning, before the sun rose in the sky. His task wasn’t easy for a boy, but he performed it admirably. Stalking a patrol of Tuskens for three days, he ambushed them at a narrow pass through a rocky outcrop and killed them all. It was his first Mandalorian initiation, and he passed with flying colours. That was only a hint of what was to come. The next year was full of similar tasks, until his family moved again.

Ord Mantell and Infidelity

Once again, Rickon, his mother, and his brothers were shipped off-world to Ord Mantell. As Cassus Ordo’s renown grew, it became more and more dangerous for his family. There were no shortage of scum bold enough to attempt to claim Cassus’ considerable bounty, and many tried to get at him through his family. It was an uncertain time, and Rickon was very much aware of this. However, he was quickly becoming more involved with his father’s work, and now was trusted with important tasks relating to the contracts, even more so than his father’s most trusted lackeys. It was clear that Rickon had considerable potential. And coming events would only make the trusting relationship between he and his father stronger.

Fourteen years old, Rickon was sent home early by his father after they claimed a particularly large bounty, the head of a Republic Intel Agent named Vordo Dansin. Dansin’s peers would come into Rickon’s story later in his life. But Rickon landed on Ord Mantell with little trouble, slipping home quietly so as to not alert other bounty hunters in the area. When he reached home, however, he encountered a life changing event. His mother was with another man, and that incenses Rickon’s sense of honour. Waiting for his mother’s lover to leave, Rickon followed him home, kicked in his door, and gunned down him and another witness. Then he sent a message to his father, and waited for him to return home.

He stood guard as his father murdered his mother, having no qualms about the situation. Rickon’s brothers were more affected, however. Without the influence of their mother, they ran wild, the eldest three joining a swoop gang. Cassus and Rickon left the young boys to their devices. It was that way until Cassus Ordo’s death.

The Death of Cassus Ordo

At sixteen, Rickon had become a hunter in his own right. When you hired Cassus Ordo, you paid for two men, not one, that much was known. Rickon was still known as the “Ordo kid”, but now this nickname had a not inconsiderable reputation behind it. The Ordos were soon becoming famous among the seedier residents of the Outer Rim Territories, and soon attracted the attention of many big time crime bosses. Servio Van was the one of the biggest. He was a heavy hitter on Coruscant, but his influence stretched throughout the Core Worlds and all the way into the Mid Rim. Servio Van was the biggest break that Cassus Ordo and his son had caught in their years together. It was to be big credits from here on in. And if they completed their first mission, Van promised to make Cassus’ bounty go away instantly. It was an exciting time for Rickon.

Their first contract required Cassus and Rickon to team up with a group of bounty hunters from Nar Shadaa, who were well known as callous thugs. They proved their reputation. Upon completion of the contract, they turned on Cassus and his son, catching Cassus in the back as he turned. Rickon, however, survived the first flurry and gunned them down in a prolonged firefight. His father was dead, and Rickon was alone. Taking his father’s armour, Rickon donned it and returned to Servio Van to receive the reward. He never returned to Ord Mantell.

The Enforcer

Based on his father’s reputation, Rickon gained status as a full-time Van enforcer. At first, he was classified as a Collector, taking protection money and intimidating the local gangs, taking a cut and keeping them in line. This was a test of the young Mandalorian’s patience by Van, but soon the crime lord realised that his young charge was wasted on the streets. He became an Enforcer, sent to track down and sometimes kill underworld members who had displeased Van. It was work close to what he was used to, and he relished the freedom. Rickon spent four years in the employ of Servio Van, and racked up a considerable reputation.

His kill list was also impressive. The Corellian smuggler Corran Sal-Seder, spice kingpin Ferster Fellian, Black Sun Vigo Sakris, and renowned Twi-lek enforcer Kato Tao all fell to his blaster hand, and Ordo had serious clout in the Core Worlds and Inner Rim. Life as an Enforcer was looking good ...

The Crimson Sky Gang War

Having risen to be one of Servio Van’s chief lieutenants, Rickon was one of the first to answer the call when Van declared war on the Crimson Sky, the largest swoop gang on Coruscant. For months, the Coruscant undercity was bedlam. In a three way shoot-out between Van’s enforcers, the Crimson Sky, and the Coruscant Security Force, who had entered the lower levels in force to restore order.

Rickon served bravely on the front lines, earning a reputation as a fierce war chief, but the death of Servio Van brought the war to a halt. Van’s forces scattered to the wind, looking for alternative sources of employment, leaving the CSF and Crimson Sky to battle it out. Ordo followed suit. He blames the CSF for Van’s death to this day, though he never had any affection for the crime lord. He is suspicious of the CSF’s motives and means of achieving their goals, however.

Return to the Outer Rim Territories

After leaving Coruscant, Ordo returned to the Outer Rim where he became an elite gun for hire. His Inner Rim reputation served him well, as he was able to charge more for his services and work for only the richest clients. He no longer swore himself to one man, instead hopping from planet to planet, taking high-paying, high-risk contracts. At twenty-two, he met Vani, a human barmaid on Malastare, and quickly developed a relationship with her. Her features seemed suited to bearing strong, healthy children, and Rickon had decided that he wished for a son. If she bore a daughter ... well, they could always try another time. Upon her pregnancy, Rickon returned to his wandering ways, completing a few more contracts. After nine months, he returned for his son, who he named Cassus, and left. He still sends some credits to Vani from time to time, as a way of saying thank you.

Soon after, he became embroiled in a game of cat and mouse with Republic Intel. Cat soon became mouse, and mouse soon became cat, and in the end Rickon came out on top, having killed all the agents who were on his trail. In the years that followed, he spent his time taking high-risk contracts from crime lords the galaxy over, earning a reputation as one of the Outer Rim’s most respected and feared bounty hunters. Young Cassus came with him, wherever he went. Now he moves toward a new chapter in his life ...

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Rickon Ordo said:
Total Douche - Rickon is not a great guy when it comes to valuing others and respecting women. As a result, he makes enemies quite easily.
Well, he's honest.