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Approved Tech RI-EP1: Escape Pod

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Escape Pod

Intent: To create a viable means of escape should the luxury yachts of the Rahvin Industries come under attack during flight
Development Thread: N.A
Manufacturer: Rahvin Industries
Model: RI-EP1 Escape Pod
Affiliation: Open Market
Modularity: N.A
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel, Transparisteel

Description: Located at the base of the yacht the RI escape pods are made specifically to be fitted onto the underhull of the RI Luxury Yachts. Provided the intended 12 are used they are capable, between them, of transporting each passenger and member of crew on board away from potential danger, sporting a single small ion engine and standard shielding. However the power supply for these escape pods is limited, intended to either transport them straight to the nearest planet or one of the RI's escape pod pick-up ships (for a small collection fee) through their inbuilt, automatically activating distress beacons. Likewise the space provided is limited purely to the passengers, with no additional cargo capacity provided save for 2 weeks worth of rations enough for the intended 20 passengers, placing the safety of the yacht's passengers above that of their worldly possessions.

Role: Escape Pod
Height: 2.5m
Length: 7m
Width: 5m
Weight: 1 metric ton
Propulsion: Single Small Ion Engine; Repulsor Lift
Top Speed: 100km/h Landing Speed
Armaments: N/A
Passenger Capacity: 20
Cargo Capacity: 100kg (Not including passengers)
Misc. Equipment: Emergency RI Beacon, Basic Shielding (limited)
Not open for further replies.