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Approved Tech RI-BD Droid

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Professor of Alchemy

Intent: To create a droid specifically tasked with maintaining shops.
Development Thread: Provided if Necessary
Manufacturer: Rahvin Industries(Hardware), Valicore Engineering(Sofware)
Model: RI-BD Droid
Affiliation: None
Modularity: Can be a Rahvin Industries or Valicore Engineering model.
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Standard Materials.
Classification: Three

Weight: 10 Kilograms
Height: .3m in diamter
Movement: Repulsorlift
Armaments: None
Misc. Equipment: Basic vocabulator, deep space signalling system, credit account scanner, Memory Flush unit. Valicore variants also include simple needles and blood analysis machines, voice recognition software, and iris scanning software.
Description: RI-BD droids, or Rahvin Industry Barter Droids, are an idea of Warren Valik's in order to to help himself get a method of distribution for his upcoming company Valicore Technologies as well as aid in the distribution of normal Rahvin Industries sales. The standard model of droid is a simple vendor for Rahvin Industries. When left alone they seek out potential buyers, present buying options, and attempts to make deals. Almost like a telemarketer that follows you around. With software custom programmed by Valik himself the droid is nearly impossible to hack remotely, though a master hacker could definitely get through a little effort. If an attempt is made to interfere with the droid physically it immediately performs a memory wipe before shutting down, rendering kidnapping the droid to be useless.

The Valicore Engineering variant however, is why the droid was truly made. It serves, like the RI variant, as a vendor, however it is not mass produced, instead only able to be received as a gift from Valik himself. The droid attunes itself to one user, taking a scan of their eye, voice sample, as well as a blood sample. From then on the user may access Valik's personal shop as well as make requests, but in order to access the droid's functions the user must present each of the above identifications. If attempted to be accessed by an improper user the droid performs a memory wipe before shutting down. After a purchase is made and confirmation is made that the order reached Valik the droid also performs a memory wipe. After a memory wipe is performed the droid's most basic programming has it reconnect to Valik's server and redownload it's more advanced programming once a week, a process that can take a day or more depending on distance from Valik's server. If a purchase was made before the droid performed it's memory wipe it will also provide the user with a location for pick-up. The Valicore variant has no access to the normal Rahvin Industries catalog, but shares it's tendency to perform memory wipes when physically interfered with and difficulty in remote hacking.
Not open for further replies.