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Character Rhuth O'ti

Rhuth O'ti

Mand'alor of the Weik

NAME: Rhuth O'ti


RANK: Mand'alor


AGE: 32

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 5'11"

WEIGHT: 130lbs

EYES: Green

HAIR: Ginger

SKIN: Fair with light freckles


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
  • Warrior : Born and bred into the life of a warrior, she excels in close combat.
  • Hunter : Able to hunt to provide for the Clans
  • Observant : A careful observer both of the land and of people
  • Stoic : Can seem stand-offish to some
  • Anti-social : Would rather watch and listen than take part in grand speeches
  • Not tech savvy : Being from Weik, her knowledge of tech is highly limited.

Hardly donning anything but her armour made from leather and salvaged durasteel, Rhuth stands at nearly 6 feet. She's often armed with daggers, her axe and shield. The pouches on her belt are filled with a variety of things; from healing herbs, to dried meat and fruit, to bits of gauze, flint stones and sharpening stone. Her helmet remains on at all times, except for when she's alone in her tent. There are very few that have seen her face once she succeeded through the trials into adulthood. But if they did they'd notice her freckles on her fair skin. She keeps her ginger hair short above her shoulders.

Rhuth O'ti was born on Weik in the Mandalorian colony of Mewspier. Living a nomadic lifestyle, the Clans traveled around the lands, following their food where it travels. At times the Clans were hired as mercs to hunt down pirates, warlords and Lucites. Some even worked as guides and bodyguards, taking people through some of the most dangerous areas of Weik, such as the Madlands. Rhuth learned all of these things, even learning to fight from a very young age from all in the Clans, giving her a versatile set of skills. Her weapon of choice was her axe which she kept sharp at all times.

The Mand'alor kept his eye on all members of the Clans of Weik, studying their skills as well as their character. And as he lay on his deathbed in one of the Longhouses, he chose Rhuth as his successor and gave her his helmet. He admired her skills in observation, bravery and quietness which was a far cry from the other contenders that wanted to take his place. Rhuth added the blue colour to her armour then, to match her new helmet and set herself slightly apart from the rest.

The stories tell of more people in flying ships falling from the skies as the Colonists had over a thousand years ago to escape the plagues. Whether such a thing would doom them all or herald a new age remained to be seen. But Rhuth wasn't so sure that they'd see it in her lifetime. It was afterall, only a legend.