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Reward Thread: Under the Mist

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
This is the payment thread for the Under the Mist story. So for all involved your characters have been paid 30,000 and can pick between two items on this list. Thank you for your assistance and be sure to look out for future Syndicate jobs.

Phrik Halberd
The Ravager
Tactical Fighting Blade
Phrik Bracers
The Marauder
Savior Class Tactical Vest Comes with accompanying Phrik SAPI
Reclaimer Modular Helmet
Defender Bracelets
Cruciatus Blades
Kandosii Blades
Enigma Class Gas Mask
Bone Breaker Trench Club
Drifter Class Shotgun
Desperado Class Beskar Armor:
Phantasm Class Stealth Cloak:

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