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I don't know yet. But I might actually be keeping Kyr. Maybe. It's unlikely I can hop back into him, but there is a very very very small chance the possibly he could survive "Fatty's Great purge of Inactive Characters."

Lords of the Fringe, I'm considering joining them as Kyr, and totally revamping his story. I'm sorry my dudes but Mandalorian space is very very very very very very very very uneventful/boring, and Kyr has gone through a difficult time of loyalty, unable to know really whether or not the Mandalorians are what they taught him to be anymore.

Also at this point, I think he'd be bored to death playing in the sand as a War Lord occasionally. So, I'm going to pit him in the only group his sole purpose is to conqueror and isn't necessarily evil like the Sith of whom he despises!


Commander Lusk

Well the program of super soldier the empire has kicked up needs a leader and we are fighting the fringe currently which leaves a lot of fun open story. We kind of need a figure who has been around the block to lead the rest of us
He hates the Sith Empire. He wants to see it burned eternally in the most biblical fashion possible.

If you're talking about Atrisia/GE, well, he's kind of a technophobe and prefers pure melee over anything else.

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