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Revan Altor

Revan Altor

NAME: Revan Altor
RANK: Lieutenant First-Class
SPECIES: Human; Concord Dawn (speaks Concordian, a similar dialect to Mando’a, and Basic)
AGE: 26
SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 190 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Dark Brown
SKIN: Caucasian

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
[+] Tactical Mastery – Revan has always had a natural ability with tactics in battle, particularly naval tactics. As a teen his interest was sparked and through reading tactical theory treatises and manuals he further informed himself. Training through simulations and in classes at the Naval College has further refined this skill.

[+] Expert Marksman – From a young age Revan was taught how to shoot. As a young teen he would often go out hunting with friends to practice. Thanks to this early training, marksmanship courses as a Marine and his currently unknown Force Sensitivity manifesting in his shooting skills, he has become an expert marksman.

[-] Smart Ass – Revan often speaks before he has fully thought something through. He has a penchant for witty or sarcastic comments that often anger people and can get him into trouble.
[-] Societal Outcast – As a member of the Republic Military, Revan often feels like an outcast and that he constantly has to prove that he belongs. Due to his upbringing on Concord Dawn he follows many beliefs that mirror the Mandalorian culture. As such, he does not quite fit in with Republic society nor does he fully fit in with Mandalorian culture.


His physical appearance out of armour can be seen in the photo above. He is often seen in either full military dress uniform or military fatigues. On combat missions he wears armour such as this (see below):

Born on Concord Dawn to a Journeyman Protector and his wife, Revan was a child who was torn between two worlds. His father followed closely many of the tenets of Mandalorian culture while his mother was a citizen of the Republic who longed to return to it. Growing up, Revan was always conflicted on which culture he should follow, finding it difficult to strike a balance between the two. His father would often take him out into the countryside to teach him to shoot, track, and hunt. His mother would teach him of politics and grand tales about the glory of the Republic. These stories filled Revan with a desire to see what was out there in the galaxy but his love and devotion to his father also pulled him to stay and follow in his footsteps.

As Revan grew into his teenage years, he became more frustrated with his life on Concord Dawn. He became bored with school as it was too easy and while hunting was sometimes fun for him, he felt that the animals were not smart enough to be proper challenges for a true hunter. Sensing his growing unease on Concord Dawn, his father offered Revan the chance to apprentice with the Journeyman Protectors at the age of 16. Still being devoted and loyal to his father, Revan agreed to give the Protectors a chance and see if he enjoyed being one.

Revan spent two years working with the Journeyman Protectors. Much of his time was spent as a tracker. With the skills his father taught him and years of practice hunting animals, he learned to track a new type of prey: people. Through his own natural ability and training from other Journeyman Protectors he became one of the best trackers they had, able to track down criminals with very little evidence or sometimes even none. Little did Revan know at the time, but his ability to track people with little or no evidence was a manifestation of his Force Sensitivity. It did not always manifest but every so often he would get a gut feeling when tracking someone based on little or no evidence and that feeling always turned out to be right. With his success as a tracker Revan was enjoying his time with the Journeyman Protectors but he still wanted something more exciting.

Several months after his 18th birthday, Revan was called in to help on a case. A mercenary group had attacked several Mandalorians who were transporting Beskar. A firefight had broken out in the course of the ambush. Revan’s father had been nearby and tried to intervene to help the Mandalorians fight off their ambushers. By the time the firefight had ended, Revan’s father and the Mandalorians were all dead and the mercenaries had fled with the beskar.

Furious that his father had died in what Revan saw as a trivial matter, he quit the Journeyman Protectors and began working the case on his own. He was able to track the mercenary group to their encampment where they were just about to load the beskar onto their ship. Luckily for Revan, his father and the Mandalorians had put up more of a fight than the mercenaries had expected. They had taken significant casualties and only 4 of them had been left alive afterwards. Revan settled down onto a ridge and calmly picked off 2 of the mercenaries as they were about to board the ship. His position discover, Revan left his sniper rifle and charged into the camp with his pistol and a dagger. As one of the remaining mercenaries stepped out from behind a crate, he and Revan both got off a shot at the same time. The mercenaries bolt hit Revan in the shoulder while his shot struck the mercenary in the heart. With his shooting arm out of action, Revan snuck closer to the ship as the last mercenary ran into it in an attempt to escape. As he was preparing the ship for takeoff, Revan snuck in through the closing hatch. Moving as silently as possible, Revan snuck up to the final mercenary in the cockpit and stabbed him in the heart before he could get up from his seat.

Dumping the mercenary’s body out of the ship, Revan completed powering it up. Knowing that he would never be able to stay on Concord Dawn because of its strict laws, he headed quickly back to his home on the ship, said goodbye to his mother and left the planet.

Leaving Concord Dawn, Revan set course for Coruscant. After selling the mercenary ship on the black market, Revan routed most of the money back to his mother through untraceable accounts, leaving enough for himself to get by for several months. After doing this he headed for the nearest Republic Military recruitment centre and signed up for the Republic’s Military College intending to enter the Naval branch specializing in tactics and strategy. Unfortunately for Revan the recruiters noticed his skills for hunting, tracking, and shooting during a basic training course and had him transferred into Intelligence. During his time at the Military College Revan constantly applied for transfer into the Naval branch but was consistently denied because of his aptitude for special operations fieldwork.

Upon graduation from the College Revan became a Republic Special Forces commando and has been a member for the past 2 years. In that time he also completed additional Naval tactics and strategy courses from the College to try and improve his chances of being transferred into the Navy.


Revan has access to a heavily modified YJX-1200 heavy freighter for the purposes of his special operations missions. He was able to use credits taken obtained from several targets to finance the purchase and modification of the vessel for use by his team when missions require anonymity and the Republic requires no traces back to it.

If he is travelling on official Republic Military business he will often use military transports.




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