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Region: Mid Rim
Sector: Kastolar Sector
Location: Space

He sat there, examining the star map in his new ship. Jayce's left elbow sat in his right palm, the thumb and index finger of his left hand stroking each side of his chin ever so gently. The Dragon's Lightning was full of splendid devices that the young man wasn't use too. The large area was made for a five man team but all could be done through the captain's chair. Shielding manipulation, weaponry activation, flight navigation and more. It was revolutionary compared to the T-85 he once controlled. One thing it lacked was the intimacy of being connected to the spacecraft. This new vessel was sizable and had too much space for just one person. Jayce wasn't alone, Monarch's spirit was closely tied to him now, but physically there was no interaction. Before, the Grey Jedi felt like he was one with his old starship, there was no three floor set-up, just him and the cockpit. Now, there was long hallways, empty rooms and a cafeteria with no one to talk to while he ate. Just silence, at least when Monarch wasn't chiming in.​

He stepped back from the star map and began to exhale from his thoughts. "I believe that we should find a planet with a strong force nexus. I've heard tales of the Sith and Jedi going to these types of planets to commune with the force. I wish to improve myself before a rematch with Shilus." Saying the Sith Lords name was agonizing to him. He started to recall all of the torment that he had suffered for thirty days. Every wound that was inflicted, then healed as to make it forgotten. The hatred grew with every passing day, the gap to the darkside becoming shorter and shorter. If he had been stronger, the lines between good and evil would have been very thin. Jayce wanted to destroy her, craved it. This was not a good sign for any Grey Jedi, this was more of the Sith's teachings. He was destined to be the balance, the view was that of being merciful but not stupid. From his view, revenge was justified when reason dictated it. This was a reasonable cause, but not the feelings that grew inside. It is said that once a Jedi tasted the darkness, it would forever control his destiny. What was the ruling on a Grey Jedi, who openly used the Dark Side to gain the advantage? Was it a sin? The questions kept him awake, which sparked his memory of the Jedi Master that he faced so long ago on Lahn. His rage seemed to be unending, it struck him like a lightning storm in his mind.

"Do you know the Grey Jedi code?" Monarch's voice chocking off the rambling of thoughts in Jayce's head.

"No." Jayce was blunt. His voice devoid of emotion.

"There is no Dark Side, nor a Light Side. There is Only the Force. The balance is what keeps me together. There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish. There is passion, Yet emotion. Serenity, Yet Peace. Chaos, Yet Order. I am the wielder of the fame, the protector of balance.I am the holder of the torch, lighting the way. I am the keeper of the flame, soldier of balance. I am a guardian of balance. I am a Grey Jedi." The master's words rang through Jayce's head like a battle drum. It was spoken with such peace, that the rage began to float away. "I want you to focus on three lines from this. There is no Dark Side, nor a Light Side, evil must not be allowed to flourish and that you are a guardian of balance. You've allowed her to manipulate you into something you are not. Rage doesn't make you an evil individual, it makes you human. Wanting to get vengeance is only natural after what you have suffered, but you have grown from it. Your childish fantasies have been stripped from you, yet you've risen higher."

The hurricane of emotion that had run rampant through his mind was brought to a halt. "Master. Where can I go to train?"

"There are legends about many Jedi traveling to Dagobah. One of those Jedi was Grandmaster Yoda. I believe that is the best place for you to train. What is it that you want to work on?"

"Everything." Jayce's voice was somber and determined.
A syringe enters the skin, a shriek of pain rises until the sound of slamming begins. A young man's body is convulsing, the limbs started to bang against the table like a beating heart. The shackles held the wrists and ankles restrained, but left enough slack for the constant twitching. The eyes became bloodshot, the veins sprung from the flesh violently. Poison running through every dark corner of his mind. Glaring with hatred at the Sith observing his struggle.

A crackling of laughter entered the room, tears of joy running down her cheek. His torso lifted into the air as the last drop ran from the hub, to the shaft, and finally into his epidermis. Looking around the room, droids, medical pods, blinding neon white lights, a metal table and a solid door, dividing him from his freedom. Eyes jerking from the left and to the right repeatedly, blurry vision began to set in. Suddenly, demonic apparitions appeared before him. Darth Shilus grew horns that twisted and curled towards him. A snake-like tongue emerged from her lips, slithering along the table till it touched his cheek. The Twi'lek had become something from beyond this world, something from the void.

The lights in the room started to drizzle something oily, each drop that was produced grew larger. It fell upon him like a waterfall, his lungs reaching for a new source of air. Choking, breaking from the strain of this sadistic treatment. A grungy, monstrous voice spoke out. Do you give in? Is this the day you say the magical word I long to hear? The burning in his veins pressured for him to say it, but he resisted. His vocabulary to the question was less than pleasant. Colossal spheres of golden fire emerged from the newly blackened walls. The heat that radiated off of them set his skin ablaze. Soon, his body became engulfed in flame, the oil helped in liquefying his skin. The grease that flowed over him had filled the tiny space, muffling the distant screams within.


Jayce's eyelids flew open, his torso sprung forward from the cot in which he slept. Huffing and puffing, gasping for all the air that was held in the cabin. A ringing noise filled his ears, sound of his breaths slowly flowing back in. It was dark, he made a gesture with his hand and the lights flickered on. Both hands soon raised in the air, he examined them and noticed that they were trembling. Sweat pouring down his brow, one catching his eye. He flinched, the stinging caused him to tear up. Every night since his escape from his prison, the young man has been plagued by nightmares of his torture. Each night playing back the memories that he wanted to forget.

A bell rung, his neck snapped to the intercom that was placed just above his door. "Now arriving in the Dagobah system. Estimated landing time, twenty minutes." The voice disappeared and Jayce began to reach for a towel. His face still dripping with sweat induced by the nightmare. His battle attire prepared neatly in the closet closest to his bed, a holographic mannequin holding everything together. "This ship is a magical thing," Jayce snickered as he began to prepare himself.

He would need this attitude for what lies ahead.
Region: Outer Rim
System: Dagobah System
Location: Dagobah
The sloshing of muck reverberated off his ears. Jayce felt the force surround him and enveloping his soul, feeling stronger with every breath he took. The power of the force nexus that encompassed this planet was true to its tale. Monarch had explained that Grandmaster Yoda once lived in this place for a total of nineteen years. It was said the whispers of Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn lead him to Dagobah, before the fall of the Republic, during the Clone Wars. Once the Empire was formed and the Jedi were extinguished, Yoda retreated and lived in exile. It wasn't till 3 ABY when a new Jedi would arrive for training. Luke Skywalker was sent to practice his skills with the force, and learn what he could before he could fight the Emperor, Darth Sidious. In 4 ABY, Grandmaster Yoda had passed on, his body given to the force, thus becoming a Force Ghost. It wasn't made clear if Yoda accompanied Luke as Monarch is now with Jayce. What is known however, is that this realm is the perfect spot to reflect on the skills of the force.

A spectacle of light engulfed Jayce's hilt, a spark in the dark swamp. It drifted from his belt and landed by the shore. Monarch's voice boring into the young Grey Jedi's mind. "We shall begin when you are ready, my padawan leaner." His voice was timid but as clear as it was when Jayce first met him. The sounds of bird-like creatures and reptiles echoing through the trees, creating a feeling of dread. The young man reached the shore and stood in front of the ball, the light glowing on his face. With a nod, Jayce's left hand and right fist met, he bowed to the illumination. His face was still, no emotion was present, just respect radiating off his body.

Legs crossed, hands resting on the knees, the stones rising in the distance. Concentrating on nothing else but the goal in front of him, becoming an empty shell that the force my pass through. Inch by inch the large rocks began to lift and float around the young man. Spiraling around and around, almost as if Jayce was the center of the universe and these stones where planets caught in his gravitational pull. As fast as they began, they soon stopped in the north, east, west and south side position. They gently sank to the ground, in their place, new boulders taking over. Spinning around again, then falling on top of their predecessors. A reminiscent of his previous training with his mother, this being a key element to focusing. His movements were instant, from his seated position, he rolled onto his back and had his arms lift his entire body up into the air. One arm slowly rose, balancing on one hand now. The two sets of rocks that were stationary were not floating once more, spinning.

"Good. Nicely done." Monarch's glowing sphere echoing of the trees. "Now expand them from your core." The words entered Jayce's mind and began to twist. The tiny boulders pushing away from him, ten meters, thirty meters. "Make each stone spin. Imagine they are the planets of a solar system, each having their own level of rotation on its axis. Some planets move faster, depending on their size. All of these planetary bodies are close or far away from their star. The star is you. You are their center." One stone drift towards him, ten meters from his torso. Another, twenty meters, sitting behind his back. There were ten stones that he was concentrating on. Each having its own distance, its on rotational speed, a life. The stones revolved around him, creating a diagram of an average system.

"Now give these planets their own moons. Many planets can have one to twenty moons. Be creative. Nothing should be the same. Give them flavor." Tiny pebbles hoisted themselves next to these imaginary planets. One stone had twenty little rocks floating around it, another having nine, and some consisting of two, three and four. As instructed, they were unique, standing out. Sweat pouring from his brow, making a small puddle underneath. Each drop, ringing in his ear, almost causing him to lose his concentration. The muscles were beginning to strain, shacking him. One of the moons dropped from its mother planet, feeling this made Jayce uneasy. He tried to pull himself together but caused more to fall. His breathing became heavier. His attentiveness was broken, the whole spectacle came crashing down. He fell to his back and cried out in frustration.

"No, no. Don't get mad! That was really good. You followed every instruction perfectly. Give yourself some credit." Monarch's voice was raspy, as if he had been shouting for three days straight."You lasted for about ten minutes, and with more practice you will increase that time ten fold. Just relax and be proud." Jayce looked to the glowing illumination, his face revealing a gigantic smile. For the first time in a great while, he was happy. "Don't get to fond of yourself, we will now move on to the next exercise. Get up and follow me. We are going to be moving fast so make sure to control your breath." The Grey Jedi rose to his feet and began to pat the dirt off of his clothes. Grabbing his left arm with his right hand, he bent himself to the right side, stretching out all the pains in his tendons. He repeated this to the other side, then bent forward to loosen up his back. Cracking his knuckles, he signaled the light to start moving.

The run was long, obstacles such as trees, boulders, wildlife, all making the trip more complicated than Jayce originally thought it would. That explains the breathing part, he thought to himself. Monarch called out to him to pick up the pace, to front flip off this and that. Slide under this formation, and swing on this vine till you can backflip over this hole. It was a demonstration of acrobatics that the young man didn't even know he could accomplish. All of this time out in the galaxy, completing adventures, had strengthened his body. Even with all of this however, he remained in control of the calmness in his mind. All of the nightmares and memories of loss faded away. The only thoughts were what was coming next on this winding trail.

Jayce found Monarch's light standing next to a cave, his boots slid as he forced himself to stop just before the luminescent sphere. "What is this?" Jayce asked with a questioning look on his face.


"This cave is strong with the Darkside of the force," Monarch said with a lump in his nonexistent throat. "This is where you will face your fear. The trial of the spirit begins now."
Walking to the entrance, Jayce seemed to be puzzled by the exchange of words. Monarch seemed to be chocked up, as if he was sad about something. What was also troubling was his vague response, calling this task the trial of the spirit. He descended into the cave, dark and damp. The walls were slimy and the stench of rotten garbage crisscrossed in his nose. Snakes dangled in front of his face as the path began to sink down into the planet. A sudden coldness stretched over him, surrounding him and creating smoke at his feet. The smoke rose across the way and formed a humanoid creature.

A cloak formed around the individual, hands appeared, and soon it took the shape of a Jedi. The hazel hood covering the face, but in an instant, rose-colored eyes beamed through the darkness. Jayce ignited his violet saber, but was surprised to find a hand in his face. The shadowy figure was two steps away, shifting just before the Grey Jedi had time to react. The same hand that told Jayce to wait slowly moved down, with it, so did Jayce's blade. He was now holding a dead hilt. The cloaked creature placed the very same hand upon Jayce's forehead, sending a surge of visions into his mind.

Feeling of pain and agony washing over him. He was surrounded by enemies on all sides, but there was no fear. Jayce could feel a smirk creeping on his lips, but he did not mean to smile. A crimson double saber shining on all the faces of the enemies around him, the ones who stood to face him were a combination of Jedi and Sith. All were gunning for individual who he had possessed, the need to destroy this man's very being. Carnage ensued, swift moves jetting from the left side of the room to right. The speed was incredibly fascinating, it was almost blinding, like someone set this individual to light-speed. Thousands of heads flying from their respected torsos. An arm, a finger, a leg, and even saber hilts being chopped into bits. As one sank to the ground dead, two more took the fallen's place. Screaming rose from his adversaries, laughter trickling from his throat. Jayce was enjoying the show, but he soon pushed the feeling of excitement away from himself, quickly. He didn't know these people and knew even less about how this situation even started. Who was bad in this scenario, and who was the hero.

As he watched, a voice spoke out to him, "You will pay for this! The whole galaxy has come to stop you and your evil lord." Jayce, without even realizing it, started to mouth words that curled off his tongue. "The Empress has sent me to kill anyone who stands in her way. If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed." As the last bit was spoken, a massive orb of lightning darted straight through the enemy forces. Was that the Plasma bomb?! A concentration of force lightning erupted from the sphere, striking the group of wary soldiers, each electrical charge jumping from one person to another. Bodies began to collapse from the shock wave that had been unleashed upon them.

As the vision started to fade, Jayce's spirit moved from the individual. It was soon split between the hordes of the Jedi and Sith, revealing that it was Jayce, whom they were fighting.​
Darth Vitalus, right hand of the Empress.​
The hand released from his head, the mysterious individual pulled their chestnut hood back, it was the same man from the vision. "You're me..." Jayce said while he staggered into the cave wall, buckling to the floor. "Is this what is going to happen? No matter what I do, this will be the outcome?" The happiness that his training brought him started to slowly drain away, vanishing in seconds. The mirrored version of Jayce crouched down and met his gaze. The crimson irises that the Grey Jedi was known for, glared at him. The coldness that was felt earlier was stronger in this ghost's presence.

"Only if you fail." Nothing more was spoken, the man disappeared.

Jayce grabbed the vines that clung to the stony wall. His hands were clammy, forehead beginning to perspire profusely. The young man's brain started to feel like a battle drum, pounding during an invasion. As he reached the surface, the illuminated sphere that called itself Monarch was waiting for him. Jayce reached the light and collapsed to his knees, falling unconscious.
Wake up Jayce. Wake up boy! A voice murmured in the distance, reaching out to the young man. Hopes had been shattered by the events that transpired in the cave. A vision of things that have yet to happen, but may if certain precautions are not taken. Only if you fail, these words clung to the walls of his mind, just as he did when rising from the abyss. It was a blur, a massive black cloud looming in the sky, blocking the sunlight from the surface. Things were different now, just when peace seemed to be obtained, it was soon glossed over and forgotten. Inner turmoil spreading like a disease that needed to be cut out. A difficult task for anyone that uses the force, especially those who tap into the Darkside.

Jayce's eyes began to open, light pouring into his retinas, creating a fog that wouldn't go away naturally. Hands raising to his face, rubbing and removing the haze. Facing a mirror of one's self is a terrifying ordeal, even to those who practice in the Jedi Order. He was just an apprentice, not ready for such trials, but needed to trudge through anyways. His skills in the force were weak, his saber skills, more so. In order to become a Knight, one must focus on every weakness and make them strengths. Every negative thought, made positive. Shortcomings made flawless.

Staggering to his feet, finding the process incredibly exhausting, the Grey Jedi looked to the illumination. "Master, what I saw in the cave. I saw myself, as a Dark Lord of the Sith."

The light floated in front of him, bouncing as it listened to the tale. Monarch spoke no words, just levitated patiently.

"That wasn't the worse part of it. The problem I saw with this orchestration in my mind, wasn't that I became was how. I never got to see what part in my journey lead me to that point, what motivation I received to make that transition. I felt fear of the unknown, not the illusions that were in front of me." He sat on a tree stump, the wood splitting from the combination of years of moisture and his body weight. Glaring to the sphere of golden light, he waited for guidance, waiting for answers that he hoped his old master could answer. "The more I think about it, the more I get angry. I become a right hand to an Empress. If anything I should have became the Emperor," Jayce giving a little chuckle as he finished.

"Jayce. What you saw in the cave isn't something that I can help you with. One must experience and learn from what they are shown by themselves. If you are to become a master one day, this is one of the questions you will be carrying with you forever. To ask why or why not, is left to our own choices. If we ask why, we must look at all the things that we have done on our path to the point of asking the question. If we ask why not, we must journey and try it for ourselves, or look at past experiences to explain why we should not do what we want to do. If we meditate, grow, feel and learn from our time in this galaxy, we can find all the answers we seek. Patience." The orb spiraled around the young man, stopping to the west and moving back to the training grounds.

"Master. I feel like I still don't understand what a Grey Jedi truly is." It began to rain, a sprinkle at first, slowly getting heavier. The gigantic gnarltrees covered the young man from the rain for a time, soon giving way as the weather grew worse. Violent lightning storms began to erupt through the night sky, crackling and splintering in the sky.

"Follow me." Monarch began to drift through the forest, the long stretch of land was made unbearable do to the heavy rainfall. As they made their way through the forest, something small came into view. A small little hut, made of gnarltree, sat next to a lagoon. Covered in moss, as if no one had been here in hundreds of years. The droplets of water smacked the surface of the large swamp, causing tiny ripples. Jayce looked back to the hut, seeing a tiny door to the left hand side. "Climb in," Monarch said as he flew through the rectangular window. Jayce watch the sphere enter the little structure, a grimace look washed over his face, thinking himself that he would not fit. "Start a fire while you are at it," the master added, poking out of the window once more just to bark an order.

The hut was a little dirty on the inside, but seemed to have been taken care of. The strangeness of the house made Jayce question when this place was constructed. It didn't look like someone had lived here in decades, but somehow it was almost spotless. "If you are wondering why it's so clean, I use to come here on Pilgrimage. I've heard that some Jedi come here to pay respects. This was the home of Yoda." The ball of light sitting over the fireplace, as if taunting Jayce.

The young dark haired man's eyes widened. "Yoda lived in this place? You told me he lived here, but I thought it was on like a ship, made into a house?"

"You can't commune with the Force on a ship lad. Well you can but why would you when the planet is energy incarnate?" Monarch scoffed.

Setting the logs in a pyramid like fashion, Jayce prepared to ignite the fire. Reaching inside of himself, he conjured the Force to his fingertips, onyx-colored sparks flaring off and catching the wood. Thank god for Electric Judgement, he thought to himself. "Master, can you please tell me more about Grey Jedi?" A python slithered across the young man's lap. Seeing this as a perfect meal, Jayce quickly grabbed it and snapped its neck. Reaching into his utility belt, he extracted a knife and started to drain the blood. The golden sphere just sat in the window dancing with the wind. Jayce gave him questioning eyes, waiting for a response, soon returning to the preparations of the snake dinner.

"There are many forms of Grey Jedi, one key element being control. As a Grey Jedi, you are taught to master yourself by controlling your emotions. When I said revenge is natural, I was being overzealous. I wanted you to feel better but knew it was wrong. Grey Jedi are those who forsake the teachings of the Jedi council, never been in the Order or are self taught. You being self taught means you've been doing everything the hard way, the long way but probably have a better understanding of both sides. You've dived into the Darkside, something that shouldn't be done. A dip into the pool, not a full lap. Electric Judgement is derived from Force Lightning, and isn't as dangerous, therefore the light may use it. Jedi believe that any source of the Darkside is evil. I only know one who was permitted during the Old Republic." The smell of meat being roasted over an open flame, began to spread through the tiny hut. Jayce's belly started to growl, the young man pretending to cough as it did.

A sense of disgust seemed to radiate off of Monarch's ball of light. Watching the young man devour the poor serpent, licking its bones clean. "As I was saying. As a Grey Jedi, you must be responsible with your emotions. Everything you have done so far has been wrong." Jayce looked up from his feast, eyes wide, lips quivering. He looked down in discouragement, feeling ashamed. "Hey, listen. This is why we are here. You are a good student, within a year, you will be on your way to knighthood. There is only so much I can teach you before my time comes." The blue eyes looked to Monarch, puzzled by his last statement. "Yes, soon my spirit will fully be one with the Force. I can't stay here forever. Had I completed the training, maybe I'd have more time."

The storm outside raged on, the lightning swelling with energy. Every clap of thunder getting progressively louder. A massive organism from the lagoon rose from the depths, inhaling more oxygen before diving back down into the dark. Jayce caught this while gazing out from the window, peering at the events of the hurricane that swirled in this particular section of the planet. His belly full from the python that was unfortunate in its endeavors to find warmth. "A year on this planet. Could I really learn all the skills necessary to defeat Shilus?"

"I believe, in time, you could."

"Then let us rest and we will continue tomorrow." Jayce found an assortment of blankets lying in the corner of the Yoda's hut. Placing them on the floor near the fire, he began to drift. His mind wondered to the vision once more, thinking his previous question. What caused the change?
The raging storm had come to a triumphant halt, the lightning that once splintered through the sky was now gone completely. The thunder that sounded in the air, echoing off the trees, roared no more. It was calm now, the brisk morning air filled Jayce's lungs, waking him from the long nights rest. Eyes fluttering as they began to open, a slight cough freeing itself from his throat. Rising from the pile of blankets that he slept upon, he crawled out of the tiny hut onto the cold ground. He rose to his feet, beginning to stretch out the pain in his muscles, preparing himself for the training ahead. Gazing at the fireplace, Monarch's sphere of light was no where in sight. A look of worry crossed Jayce's face, thinking that his master's time on this plane of existence had come to an end.

The Grey Jedi moved in the direction of his ship, seeing the gigantic vessel in the distance, he was surprised to see that it was so close. It was a little brighter today than it had been since he arrived, not as much as one would like in a creepy place like Dagobah, but enough to give him sight of the terrain. Each step was watched carefully, the gnarltree's roots crisscrossed along the trail, hoping to snatch the young man's misplaced foot. The snapping of tiny branches reverberated off his ears, sending ripples of discomfort through his mind. Once he arrived at the ship, he would be more at ease. It was thirty feet from him now, a light in the darkness.

Climbing up the ramp of the mighty Dragon's Lightning, he looked back at the vast forest, wishing Monarch would question his actions. No one was there, no warm voice to shout out to him. Just the calls of birds and monsters in the dark abyss. Jayce turned away, continuing to walk up the long piece of metal towards the cargo hold. Passing it by, he made his way to the armory, a small room but sufficient in weaponry, especially for a stole product. A few blaster pistols, sniper rifles, offline training droids and the thing he was looking for, a remote. With this, he could begin to hone his skills in Shii-Cho.

Closing up shop on the armory, he made his way across the cargo hold and back to the surface of Dagobah. Walking the trail once more, he gazed upon a shadow figure, lurking in the distance. He reach for his lightsaber hilt attached to his belt, but when he turned back to the shadow, it was gone. His right arm retracted from his utility belt, and continued on his path, looking over his shoulder every once in a while. Making his way to the shore of the large lagoon, Jayce activated the remote and let it drift there in the air. Darting back and forth, it was preparing to unleash tiny blaster shots, harmless, but did sting quite a bit. Grabbing a long piece of cloth from one of the pouches on his person, the young man wrapped it around his eyes. Cutting off ones vision was, as the ancient text describes it, a way for a Force-user to commune with the living Force.

Reaching out, he felt the small machine readying itself, in the blink of an eye, it fired. In a split second, Jayce dodge the primary attack, grabbing his saber, spinning and rising back up with his violet blade ignited. The machine wasted no time, releasing two more shots towards the Grey Jedi. The young man was able to block one that aimed for his shoulder, but the second shot grazed his left knee. A roar of pain erupted from his vocal cords. He brushed it off and concentrated harder, be less lax then he originally was. Three shots this time, blocking one that came extremely close to his head, but taking a hit to the lower stomach and right hand.

"Let the Force run through you. Release the tension, it is holding you back." Monarch's voice rang in Jayce's ears, a sudden comfort running through him. Listening to the instruction, the young man eased up on his grip. The energy of the planet flowing into him, and extending it outward, seeing the Remote more precise. A single bolt was fired, rushing to the left side of his body, it was blocked with ease. The lavender light being spun and made ready for the next attack. Four this time, one for the right leg; blocked. Another for the inner right thigh; blocked. The third came for his head; blocked. The finally shot was for his stomach again; blocked. A smile formed on Jayce's face, but quickly dispersed as more red bolts came for him. Attack after attack, the relentless machine never hesitated, if it did, it was but for a moment. Repositioning itself for a better strategical advantage. Further up into the air, perhaps a little lower, fire three shots, then after a moment; five.

The Grey Jedi's arms began to tire, he had been at this for close to an hour. Wishing not to stop, wanting to prefect this technique so that he may move onto the next. A year was a long time, but he did not want to was the precious seconds that ticked on in the day. His feet positioning themselves according to the next attack, when the shot came, his right foot sprung forward, the lightsaber taking the shot and swinging it to the ground. His heart thumping, breath heavy. Another strike, a parry, a spin. The voice came back, "Move into Form two." Following the command, Jayce's right foot planted itself into the ground, his left foot back. The back of his left arm touch his spine, his right arm dangled in the arm, lightsaber extended towards the Remote.

The chain of attacks commenced, this time however, when Jayce blocked the attack, he was moving closer to the remote. Makashi, a dancing style of lightsaber combat, elegant down to the very footwork. After blocking an attack he stepped forward, swinging at the floating droid. "Again," the ragged voice barked. Step, step, block, step, swing, back, block, step and swing. Twirl, block, swing, jab, block, block and twirl. If anyone was watching, they would think that Jayce was readying himself for a senator's ball. His attacks were swift, trying to keep his right arm from giving out from the strain. He threw the lightsaber into the air, turning his body so that the left was dominant now. The saber landed in the palm of the left hand now, right arm being pressed into his back now. Step, deflect, lunge, back, deflect, lunge. It was far from a perfect performance of the technique, but it was a marvel to Jayce. All his life he had tried to master Vaapad, never wanting to know another style, but found himself enjoying the sleek form of Makashi.

His admiration was cut short, "Form three." Soresu the defensive style, the way of the Mynock. Jayce prepared his body for the change, moving his feet parallel to one another, right foot behind his left, separated by about twelve inches. His saber moved from his left hand to the right, and with that, raised it into an arch close to his face, left arm extended towards the Remote. The sphere took no time to get into a new position as well, floating closer to the ground, three crimson bolts flying towards the young man's body. Jayce raised his saber to the stars, grabbing the end of the hilt with his left hand, thus blocking the attacks with a light slash downwards. Moving closer to the machine as the attacks began to bombard him, his grip on the hilt never wavering, bringing the blade back to his right side. A slash to the right, the saber spinning back towards Jayce, rising above his head the slashing to the left. Repeating the process over and over, till breaking the cycle by tilting the sword downward, his right wrist tilting awkwardly as it blocked the right side his body.

Each transition into the next form was quick but came at a cost, fatigue. Jayce fell to one knee, panting heavily, his blade retracting back into its hilt. The body was inexperienced, lacking the stamina to keep up with the consistency that each form required. Even with the Force on his side, the muscles ached. With a wave of his hand, he deactivated the Remote, the tiny machine sank in the air till it touched the muck. The young man seated himself where he fell, closing his eyes and meditating on all that had happened. Interlocking his fingers, palms upward, Jayce allowed the Force to heal the fibers in each quadrant of his body. The rush of energy worked to bring him back up to speed so that the training could continue. Rage and aggression got him far in the galaxy, but to truly master himself, he needed a deeper connection. The Grey Jedi wanted to wash away the dark side, he needed to better himself if he was to be in control of the upcoming battle. Darth Shilus wouldn't give him time to rest, wouldn't allow him the satisfaction of having an advantage.

Calling to the living Force, pleading that today's lesson would not end here. A soothing sensation flood over him, each part progressively returning to normal. His schooling with the lightsaber forms was a two hour session, and with four forms left, he would need every bit of strength. All reserves must be used, considering what Form four entailed. Ataru, the aggression form, the greatest test of one's stamina. The complex art of acrobatics needed for such a style required would be impossible with no gas left in the tank. A series of jumps and power slashes would be too weak to be considered a good representation of Ataru. Jayce had read about the different methods in texts all across the galaxy, and knew he wouldn't get through all seven within a day. At least, not yet.

A year on Dagobah, a location that Monarch described as a reclusive spot in the universe back in the day, was not as well hidden as it use to be. Jedi and Sith, at some point in their travels made their way here. A great pilgrimage for those seeking refuge so that they may train in the ways of the Force. If the tradition stuck, it was only a matter of time before he would run into someone. Whether they would be friend or foe was a different matter all together. Time was of the essence, sleep was vital but not currently. Every piece of tissue begging him to stop for the day, but Jayce brushed it off, forcing the healing process to move faster. Rushing it was a bad idea, but so was giving up when there was so much time left.

The Grey Jedi's eyes opened, it was still black. He had forgotten to remove the blindfold. With a sigh of disappointment, he unraveled the knot tied in the back of his skull. As he did, his vision of the world was blinding. Coming back into focus, Jayce looked upon the shadowy figure he saw before, glaring at him. Once sight fully returned, his eyes revealed a human woman in a black cloak.

"The mistress sends her regards."
No hesitation, no mercy. Jayce stretched his arms forward, long veins emerging for the skin, the Force lashing out. A mighty push exploded from the palms, sending the dark cloaked woman flying. She spun uncontrollably into lagoon, swallowed by the abyssal waters. The young man rose from his seated position with great haste. Every muscle screaming, begging for more time to heal. The use of the Force had regressed them back to exhaustion, causing heavy breathing to ensue. Bubbles floated to the surface, stopping shortly after they had started. A geyser broke the surface soon after, lifting from the area in which the assassin had penetrated. As droplets of water rained down upon the Grey Jedi, dragon snakes as well as swamp slugs, also flew onto the shore. Their bodies smoking, skinned blackened.

An onyx shawl touched down in front of Jayce. A short glimpse at the piece of clothing before snapping back to the skies above. A crimson saber rushed for him, the woman grasping it tightly. The blade was met with the Grey Jedi's own, locking and sparking fiercely. Their eyes met, a giant smile stretch from ear to ear, she was pleased at the strength that Jayce possessed. Unlocking blades, their feet scratched the ground as they separated from one another. Leaning forward, Jayce felt a sharp discomfort ascend up his right arm. He was running out of time.

Twirling the blood red saber, the woman began to chuckle. This once cloaked figure revealed bleach blonde hair, eyes as green as emeralds, a toned figure and possessed bright red lips. This individual was stunning to Jayce, but the feeling faded fast as she started sprinting at him, the intent to kill looming over her. Their blades locked once more, the hissing screeched in the ears. Breaking free, the girl began to swing violently, no style, no real course of action. Using Soresu once more, Jayce was able to block most of the blows that erratically leaped for him. The attacks that he did not block directly, were dodged with minimal effort. The assassin began to grow irritable, the swings became more vicious but lost their power as they collided with the young man's violet blade.

"Someone doesn't practice very much," Jayce scoffed as he switched from the defensive style to a more aggressive one. Form Five, Shien, it was defensive but gave him more room for counter attacks. As the woman came in for a blow, Jayce blocked it once again, but this time, proceeded to deliver a backhand across the face. Staggering backwards, the once cloaked individual stood there, motionless, blood dripping from her lip. Jayce watched her, keeping his guard up, anticipating another frenzy of attacks.

"You're good. I can see why the mistress is so interested in you. I was watching you as you trained in the ways of the lightsaber. I didn't see you do these moves when you were fighting the Remote." There was a calmness in her words, as if this sparing match had no effect over her. "My name is Tye. I was the mistress' favorite till you walked into her gaze."

"Well I do apologize. Did she torture you as well?" His voice was scornful, showing no remorse for the woman who fell from her master's grace.

"It's customary, we all go through the process before we see the future Empress' empire." A hint of laughter leaping from her lips.

"We?" Questioning eyes cocking at Tye as she rambled on.

"You'll learn when you join us. You are destined to lead. Well, so she says." Her head began to lift, till her eyes met his once more. Her wrist twirling the crimson saber once more, preparing for battle.

Jayce ran towards the Darkside user, a hard downward strike, which was blocked with great speed. The seeming untrained girl had played the part of a weakling but now gave a more serious attitude towards their skirmish. Another swing from the young man, aiming for her left arm, she deflected the initial hit with her vermilion blade and swung for his torso. Stepping back, he reinitiated with a sway to the left, as Tye blocked, Jayce released a kick to her stomach. The blonde haired lady flew backwards, scraping against the muck that lined the outer edge of the lagoon, her lightsaber sliding from her grip. Oscillating once more, Jayce's purple saber met the same grimy dirt patch, for Tye had spun away. She tried to use the Force to rearm herself, but the young man was there to push it away.

Painful screams echoed off the gnarltrees that surrounded them. The lavender edge pierced Tye's right shoulder, the smell of burning flesh filling the nostrils. Her body squirmed in the dirt, dust rising into the air. Jayce twisted the hilt, causing more cries of agony. The Grey Jedi disengaged from his cruelty towards the red lipped beauty, not wanting to give into his emotions anymore. "You have two options. Flee. Or Die." Tye reach for her saber once more, this time with the left hand. The hilt twitched slowly, then vaulted towards her. As she caught the hilt, the same violet saber stabbed into her, right into the metal construct. Another shriek, body wiggling wildly. "Now you have no weapon, nor hands to wield them. I go back to my original statement." Tears rolled down Tye's cheek, her head violently nodding, signalling that she agreed to his terms.

The blade released from her, as it did, she rose quickly and sprinted off. "Tell your master that I am coming for her!" Jayce screamed as he watched the young woman disappearing into the vast jungle. When she was no longer in sight, the Grey Jedi retreated to Yoda's hut. Once there, he crawled in and collapsed onto the pile of blankets that he rested on before. I think that's enough training for one day.
Three days after the fight.​
Monarch had been quite for days. The last sentence that was uttered to Jayce was to focus on Force based abilities and the Shien fighting style. When probed on the reasoning behind this decision, the sphere only replied with, "You're better at counter attacks." No more words were spoken, he vanished and Jayce went back to his training. The battle with the assassin gave him an idea of what he needed to focus on. Even though he won the skirmish, he felt that it should have been an easier confrontation, in terms of skill level. Either she was playing him, or she was just a starting apprentice. To Jayce, he felt stronger than when he started his journey, stronger than he was when traveling to Lahn, but still weak regardless.

Walking along the beach, the young man gathered tiny pebbles, median size stones and large boulders. Trying to simulate the first exercise that Monarch had him try, the planetary system. This time, he wanted the rocks to be different, unique, so that they simulated an actual star system. Placing the objects all around the center of his meditation circle, he proceeded to get into a handstand once returning to the spot after the last stone was placed. Rising, he began to envision this imaginary planets and their corresponding moons. He wanted to try something new, an idea that manifested as he cleared his mind, stars. Once the concentration started, the training commenced, every major piece that he had collected formed into ten unique planets. Each varying in size, as he raised his arm into the air, the moons took their position. One planet had twenty moons, another had rings of dust forming around it, and some were so far from him, they tapped against a large gnarltree fifty meters away.

The Grey Jedi held this star system together, each rotating on its specific axis, all spinning around him. Slowly, carefully holding his position, watching for any faults. The Force stood strong, his connection unyielding. The flow of life surging from one end to the other and once comfort was reached, tiny pebbles became numerous stars. They blanketed the outer rim of his system, it was here that a vision of serenity entered the mind. Getting fancy, the black haired man used the minerals in the soil to form microscopic star-ships. Each ship traveled from planet to planet, in his eyes, they were learning, speaking to different races and trading with said races.

He felt a tingle rise in his left arm, signaling that time was almost up. Gently, he lowered everything back into place, each planet, moon, sun and ship returning to their original rocky self. Using the Force, he released a push, sending him into the air. Spinning until Jayce elegantly landed on his feet, as he did, he summoned another Force push to blow the rocks back onto the outer edge of the lagoon. Twisting he unleashed Electric Judgement upon an unsuspecting gnarltree. The plasma-like energy etching upward, causing the tree to become scorched and catch aflame. Jumping once more and spinning through the air, Jayce landed and Force pulled the burning lumber toward himself. The roots splitting as they twisted from their home and vaulted for him, the strain of the pull waning, roots that ran deep caused a gash in the surface of the planet. As the gnarltree hurdled for him, his hilt rushed to the right hand and ignited. The lavender blade slicing the timber into chucks, a pile forming behind him. The blade receded back into the haft and it was instantly placed onto the belt.

Four days later.​
The battle droids stood ready, a special design that counteracted lightsaber combat. They had no weapons, but came equipped with energy shields attached to their wrists. With these, the two battle droids were able to block and counterattack against incoming strikes. The days prior involved Jayce being outmatched by the robotic soldiers. Every attacked was blocked and a metal fist soon smacked into his stomach or chin. When one of the robots was being outplayed, the other would use the time to initiate from the flank. On this occasion however, the Grey Jedi had a plan.

Jayce initiated the attack, the droids prepared themselves accordingly. A downward strike into the first droids energy shield, then another hit, which was deflected by both arms. The second training dummy went for a jab to the rib cage, the violet saber reaching behind, again was deflected by the robot's left energy shield. As the saber strained, the first droid moved in on the opportunity. Jayce flipped over the android that stood behind him, his feet connecting with the droid that sat in front. Both staring at him now, blank expressions observing his movements, ready to react to the sudden shift in muscles. They charged forth, a series of left and right hooks, the shields stopping the young man's saber from dismembering them. The lavender blade bouncing to each side, sounds of zips and zooms reverberating in the atmosphere.

Running through the forest, the tangled roots snapping at his feet. Jayce leaned against one of the massive boulders that cut off the vision between himself and the droids. Breathing heavily, he closes his eyes, feeling the Force that radiated off the flora around him. The clanking of gears came from the right side of the stone, then the left, till they were right above it. Metal fists hitting the ground with great ferocity, but the Grey Jedi was long gone. From the tree that sat next to the boulder, Jayce sprung at one of the distracted combatants. His violet saber ripping right through its chest, feet slamming to the ground, dust stirring in the air. One droid down, one to go.

Without hesitation, the remaining machine leaped at the young man. Each punch nicking at his cheek bones. Vaulting away, he landed on a branch, the leaves falling from the sudden change in weight. In the blink of an eye, the combat droid was standing next to the young man. Metallic fists kicking the Grey Jedi's face, his foot slipped off. As he fell, his saber caught the robotic foot that was now above him, the battle droid swiftly landed on the soil below. A loud thumb rang as the metal made contact. Using the Force to lesson the impact, Jayce took the opportunity to finish the fight, dashing forward and stabbing the red cylinder that was the combat droid's eye. Heart thumbing, shoulders rising and a sense of emotional discomfort.

The cave tomorrow.

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