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Retrieving Inheritance

Location: Demon
Tag alongs: [member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Atheus"] [member="The Librarian"]
Destinations: Metatron, Eclipstica, and Vahlra

Aedan Miles sat in the private lounge aboard his Shinigami-class Star Destroyer the Demon looking over the arrayed group of men before him shaking his head. All of them were powerful in their own rights starting with his oldest friend Solan Charr a man who had a fleet to rival the one Aedan commanded as well one of the most diverse Dark Jedi masters he knew. Next was Alkor Centaris the man Aedan had fought along side through almost every war the Mandalorian crusaders were in and a man that embodied death at times. The next man was the newest edition to their merry band a man named Atheus whom he had met while serving in the Iron Empire the man seemed to be as much a child of war as he was. Lastly the weakest of the group but the one who had brought them all together Aedan Miles himself he had recently recieved a time delayed message from another of his old friends he was leaving the galaxy it would seem. When he left though he had set a message to send at this time informing Aedan that he had been left a varying amount of things including three planets and people to bring to heel under his command. As such he had gathered his closest and most trusted allies before setting out with three ships his three Shinigami-class star destroyers the Demon, Abyss, and Shade. They carried a small portion of his army and due to their Duranium coated hulls were hidden from sensor scans while traveling through the outskirts of any factions territories. After telling the group where they were going he had broken into his store of booze so they could drink while they thought about how to deal with this strange problem Aedan found himself having.
Aedan was a man with contacts. He was someone who had more power in the way of mortality, than a way of a Demi-god like myself and Alkor. I needed those connections. A second factor of me coming here was that he was tied to the Iron Empire. A faction that I followed fairly well, but knew when there was a time and a place to act of my own accord, or on behalf of my company. Aedan wanted to go and grab what now belonged to him, and wanted it to be dealt of with the utmost care.

Alkor was also here. As a valued ally, it was a good decision to come here and bring that in a bit. However, it seemed I was slightly the odd man out with the Mandalorian heritage. Alkor was of the Verd Clan, Aedan was in a clan of his own, and this other individual, I could only assume has more ties to the Mandalorians than I did. Solan was his name. It sounded familiar almost as though he had done something to gain attention a while ago, but it has faded a bit.

I came fully dressed for a job. Military gear, Saber, Grand Rifle, and pistol. What I held near a dear to my heart was my sword. Sheathed in its scabbard, it sat next to me instead of attached to my back like it would have been if I were standing. Instead, I sat with my hands folded into one another. I could still feel the cold metal through the glove I wore on my right hand. I kept my mask on for now. Aedan had not seen my face, nor had Solan, and Alkor I trusted, but didn't feel like exposing myself.

As a creature of War, I had to be careful who I allied myself with. I still had some to learn from Solan, but I knew enough from the other two that I could trust the man as far as I could throw him. For now, I didn't drink, as it would limit my mental capacity should we have to do anything, and kept quiet.

[member="The Librarian"], [member="Alkor Centaris"], [member="Aedan Miles"],
Solan did not inspect the others around him, knowing Alkor and Aedan more than well enough, and this third one was someone he did not need to know personally to base some trust on. Aedan either respected or trusted the man well enough for him to be here today and that was enough for Solan these days. He did not need to pick at their minds to find out their intentions. With that thought in mind though, solan's hand brusged the stone in his coat and closed his hand around the precious gem while his companion Kira sat on his shoulder, the Ashlan wolf watching the others while Solan thought to himself. Their minds still shared information between the two without a thought needed to start such. They were one mind split between two beings, and the two were further split now even then.

After another minute of waiting, Solan's body lifted itself from where it was resting and walked towards where Aedan was. He said nothing until he was up beside the man, careful where he stepped as to not interrupt any of the crew's workings. Solan's eyes looked over the old friend with his hand still inside his coat, tracing the edge of the gem and breathing in. He felt off in this place, too much darkside energy funny enough, having become used to the lighter nature of his home.

"Aedan, where are we going. I think it would be easier to set my mind at ease if I knew what you needed help picking up. Ive never known you for one to bring me along on courtesy calls like a certain Shadow Whelp, so some clue into what is going on would be nice." He said, Kira looking at the others while Solan spoke to Aedan, two sets of eyes watching the people around them.

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