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Retirement is over-rated.

So once upon a time I used pilot for the Galactic Alliance as we found our place in the galaxy, then thanks to my writer's ability to become inactive I took an early retirement.

However now seems with the rebel-esq vibe returning to the faction, good old Dex is making a return. So...

[member="Dex Bastion"]

Lemme get the rest of our active pilots.

[member="Arix Askrima"] [member="Naomi Carolina"] [member="Garven Antillies"][member="Alyce Hawke"][member="Asmus Janes"][member="Valin Thorn"]

Glad to have you back! We have a pilot's thread ongoing if you want to join up! :)

And if you are really feeling daring, we also have an active invasion with plenty of pilots already working together if you would like to join them.
I hear ya..

I'll look into these threads asap

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