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Resurgence-class Star Destroyer, "Decerto"

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Resurgence-class Star Destroyer



Bellator-class Star Battlecruiser by fractalsponge

Intent: To provide former Grand Admiral Davin with a unique Star Destroyer model starship for command purposes, fleet support, independent operations, and planetary assault.
Development Thread: Ships and Mass Graves (General design during Fel planning stage.)
Manufacturer: Iron Crown Industries and Ascendant Industries, formerly Koensayr Manufacturing
Model: Resurgence-class
Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe, formerly Fel Imperium
Modularity: Limited Modularity
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel, Plasteel, Alusteel, Glasteel (Shield Generators)

The Resurgence-class Star Destroyer is of the design and overseeing of Grand Admiral Davin of the Fel Imperial Navy. Working in conjunction with Koensayr Manufacturing, the Grand Admiral and his corporate allies were determined to create an effective ship of the line for the quickly growing Fel Imperium. As tradition dictates with olden Imperial Star Destroyer designs, Davin followed such example and based his designs from the Imperial II-class and that of the larger Super Star Destroyer models. The Super Star Destroyer models were used as bases for the framework and weapons layout, giving the Resurgence-class an extra boost of confidence in its hull making and weapon spreads.

The weapons components of the Resurgence-class were heavily derived from the Imperial II-class. The designers opted for the bridge-flanking Octuple Barbette Turbolasers to protect key assets and replaced much of the extra turbolaser batteries for Point Defense weaponry in the event of missile or attack craft assault. The Resurgence-class boasts a fairly average amount of Heavy and Standard Turbolasers, giving them the ability to pound any craft their size or below into submission. These heavy guns along with their Ion Cannon counterparts, however, lack firepower near the engines. Minimal Turbolaser and Point Defense batteries are housed in that area of the ship, leaving it vulnerable to attack.

Much like the majority of most Imperial capital ships, the Resurgence-class carries a full wing of Starfighters of 6 Squadrons along with a Bomber squadron and gunships for troop transport or boarding operations. Repair and Recovery craft are also housed in the vessels trio of hangars, standing at the ready to recover debris from the aftermath of battle or repair external wounds on Fel Imperium vessels. Along with the space complements, this vessel carries an assortment of 20 walkers and tanks fit for ground assault use in the conquering of land based targets and the establishment of a single Prefabricated Garrison Base for extended presence needs. On top of the material assets, the Resurgence-class carries an entire legion of Fel Imperial Stormtroopers, trained to be the best and armed to the teeth. The loyal legions attached to each Star Destroyer receive extra training for fleet operations and have experience in starship defense and boarding operations.

All in all, the Resurgence-class is a fairly balanced vessel in all aspects and also gains weaknesses from this. As stated before, the engines sector is a very lucrative target as its minimal defenses lack the capability to defend against most attacks. The command bridge is also, like ancient models, a highly noticeable target as well but is guarded by the Octuple Barbette Turbolasers and aligning shield generator systems. The underbelly of this starship's design is also a very big target. Though this section houses the ventral hangar bay of most Star Destroyer designs, there is absolutely no weaponry on this portion of the ship. Despite this, the ventral hull layering is thicker than the rest of the ship and will take more firepower to pierce to damage life support or the power core systems.

However, this vessel never had the chance to see the light of day. Following the design and beginning development stages of the Resurgence-class, internal strife struck the Fel Imperium and the Grand Admiral was forced out via assassination attempts and blackmailing after his efforts to progress the Imperium by waging small scale warfare. In his relentless attempt to defect, Davin compressed all documents pertaining to his projects and made a play to enter the Lords of the Fringe. Under their support, the former Grand Admiral was able to utilize their manufacturing assets to construct a single vessel of the type that serves him loyally to this day.

Commanding Officer: Admiral Davin
Executive Officer: Captain Jarvis Ulrik
Chief Engineer: Warrant Officer Blayk Aele

Classification: Command Ship
Role: Flagship - Independent, Fleet Support, and Assault Operations
Height: 600m
Width: 700m
Length: 1,700m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Ionization Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating:

  • Class 1
  • Class 10 Backup
Minimum Crew: 5,000 Personnel
Optimal Crew: 42,060 Total Personnel

  • Officers (9,235)
  • Infantry (9,700)
  • Enlisted (22,850)
  • Gunners (250)
  • Octuple Barbette Turbolasers (8)
  • Heavy Turbolaser Batteries (25)
  • Turbolaser Batteries (50)
  • Point Defense Laser Cannon Batteries (30)
  • Heavy Ion Cannons (20)
  • Tractor Beam Projectors (10)
Non-Combative Attachments:

  • Advanced Sensor Array

  • Advanced Targeting Systems

  • Standard Communications Array

  • Advanced Navigational Systems

  • Standard Life Support Systems

  • Standard Shield Generator Systems

  • Standard Detention Cells

  • Encryption Network

  • Escape Pods
Passenger Capacity: 9,700 (Listed in crew as Infantry, minimal extra passengers can be held)
Cargo Capacity: 36,000 Metric Tons
Consumables: 4 Years
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 8