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Resistance Cells


If you want to be an affiliated Resistance cell please post here using this template:

Size: (How large is the Cell? Is it a small team or a far reaching intelligence network or a fleet?)
Tech/Codex Links: (If the unit is linked to any particular submissions link them here)
Roster: (List some members in the cell)
Signature Tag: (Signature tag for the cell)
Icon: (If you have a small icon ~50x50 it will go with your entry on the homepage)
Faction/Company/Advert link: (If applicable link the main page for your Cell. Assumed to be this post otherwise)
Influence/Area of Operation: (Describe where this cell operates and what influence it holds)
Short Description: (No more than a sentence)
Description: (Give a description of the unit, its activities and its purpose)

Name: The Rebellion/Rebel Alliance
Size: Medium based military force. Holds a scattered fleet and established agents.
Tech/Codex Links: To be Advised
Roster: Kira Vaal
Signature Tag:


Faction/Advert link: The Rebellion
Influence/Area of Operation: The Rebel Alliance is currently operating galaxy wide, scattering fleets to where they are needed. After an unsuccessful attempt at stopping the rising Galactic Empire they have settled more towards First Order intervention.
Short Description: Based around those agents and soldiers who desired a more active approach at the war against evil, the Rebellion is a minor faction that plans to...essentially...Rebel.
Description: The Rebellion, or Rebel Alliance were founded on the belief that in order to truly damage those factions breathing down freedoms necks you had to fight it through fire.
Based around a loose military structure the Rebellion carries out quiet attacks against localised targets in order to gain small victories capable of changing the big result.
With a fleet and an established army the Rebellion is less cell and more paramilitary, but rarely can they organise large strikes with the man power that many other forces can.

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