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Re'shal Ge'tal

Re'shal Ge'tal

"This might be loud.... You got your earplugs?"
Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Re'shal Ge'tal

NAME: Re'shal Ge'tal

FACTION: The Underworld

RANK: Not a rank yet, but I am a Bounty Hunter


AGE: 25 years old

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 6 Foot

WEIGHT: Medium build

EYES: Unknown

HAIR: Unknown

SKIN: Unknown

FORCE SENSITIVE: No, not at all


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
His strengths are speed, precise shot and strategy and a plethora of other minor strengths but those are the major ones, his weaknesses are his lack of a major physical strength and over protectiveness, but that not shown so much due to him not having a family or friends.

His appearance has been described and the profile picture does represent him, but his body and rest of his armour is scarred and burnt, but for some reason his armour still holds up, not surprising since it's Mandalorian armour.

I know everything before this has been written in third person, but now I'm gonna be in character.

Even I myself don't know a lot about me, my memory is scarce but from what I remember growing up my father was a Mandalorian, probably a Bounty Hunter since I never seen him, my mother brought me up, it was rough on Nar Shaddaar, growing up in rough areas it was fight, run, hide or die, it was only when my dad retired from Bounty Hunting did he teach me our people's ways, fighting styles, tactics and everything in between, and when I came of age he gave me his armour his ship and told 'You're gonna have to fend for yourself now', and then I went to Tatooine and I took a job little did I know, this job was to take down a crime underboss, they messed me up so bad and I can't even remember his name and ever since then, my life is spiral going down and down and down, and this is my last chance...

The ship is a black/red Slave One, with hyperdrive and standard issue weapons and engines and a radar and scanner cloaking system

No PC characters, quite a lot of non PC characters

No PC characters, quite a lot of non PC characters

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