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Reporting for Booty

Hey all, made a proper introduction in the main forum but I'm joining this band of merry men so here's my introduction to you folks!

I'm hoping to start off as a lowly ranked elite soldier, a private or a corporal, in a special task squad that I'll control from the safety behind my keyboard. I'm thinking something akin to the SAS. I know there's already stormtrooper legions and elite units marauding about, however I want to RP something a bit more tight-knit and personal. I hope that's okay.

Anyway, I digress, how goes it with you all?


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[member="Saul Kruger"]​
Welcome to the First Order - While we have many elite units and organizations, they typically fall under either FOSB territory (Our Intel Branch) or the Stormtrooper Corps. The FIST (First Imperial Shock Troopers) are the overarching organization for a lot of our specialized company's and Platoons/Squads. I would recommend either beginning as a Sergeant if you'd like a full squad of your own NPC's etc - otherwise you can feel free to join the FIST proper typically organized by Myself.

[member="Torian Pierce"] is also a great contact as he is one of our veteran Sergeants of the FIST.

Any questions, feel free to ask!​
Hey there, thanks for the welcome!

[member="Rolf Amsel"] - Cheers! Couple of questions: If I were to go down the FOSB route, would I be limited to sneaky spy missions or would there be the opportunity to take part in battles in a more traditional spec ops way? Also, how restrictive is FIST? Is it purely a division of elite stormtroopers clad in white or are there branches where shadowtroopers/deathtroopers (akin to what I'm hoping to RP as) come under? Final question, I was hoping to RP as a corporal within an NPC squad that I control, is that okay or is jumping in as a sergeant the best option?


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FOSB can commit special units to the battlefield, so I wouldn't see a problem with that. The FIST is typically garrisoned on the FIV Concordia but is an overarching organization of the Stormtrooper Corps that contains specialized units - i.e. drop pod troopers, flame troopers, etc. Each to their purpose. So one day you may be wearing a flamethrower, the next you may be doing an HVT extraction, the next maybe even regular grunt-work. It's our multipurpose unit - so a sub unit of DT's wouldn't be out of the question.

Our DT project has been in the works, but will be coming to fruition soon - as well as our "Storm Commando" group etc. The concept is that PC's can transition between all these roles as desired or as mission requires - hence the FIST is a specialized component of the Stormtrooper Corps.

Corporal is just fine, provided it's a senior corporal etc - it'll be mostly for flavor etc.

[member="Saul Kruger"]
[member="Rolf Amsel"]

Thanks for you help, I think I'll probably slot into FIST for the time being. Though, if DT stands for Deathtrooper, then would it be possible to collaborate on the project? I plan on being quite active within the faction and it would be nice to have some insight and possibly input in the unit I plan on being a part of.

As for the corporal thing, I think I'll just roll with being a sergeant in command of a small team instead. Probably makes things easier for everyone!


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[member="Saul Kruger"]



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