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Reopened Factory

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
Of course, as the title says, it's reopened! If you're already planning on making submissions, be sure to recheck the updated Restricted and Banned items lists. There is also a new Ship Creation Guide as well as many new cool things that have been added. Since I've become a Factory Judge specializing in the Starship field, I'll offer some advice for taking on submissions.

  • Always, always, always be sure to add credentials to your images. New rule and it will always stand from here on out.
  • The intent can get your sub denied right off the bat, so make sure it's logical and has realism behind it.
  • Development threads: these must be finished before you put up your submission. If there's restricted materials in it, make sure you've got development for those as well.
  • As for starships, this process is going to be a lot easier. Just follow the new guide. We're not saying this is all that you can do, it's merely as a ceiling for armaments and hangar capacity. If you wanna talk about the new guide, do so here.
  • Finally, just try not to put up illogical submissions. If you want a near-invincible, eye-laser shooting super human, then go somewhere else. This stuff has to be fun for everyone, not just you.
All of this being said, I will offer feedback and advice to any who post in this forum before you post it in the Factory. I'm also willing to help with dev threads and the like.

Stay Sensible,


Eater of the Dead
[SIZE=10pt]Artificial Intelligence (Non-Droid) (( [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Objective:[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]A thesis must be written, either in a blog or over the course of a role-play thread, consisting of the concepts of your Artificial Intelligence’s design. Scientific journal excerpts from your character’s time spent designing the Artificial Intelligence must be included. Minimum 1000 words total. ))[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Personal Cloaking Device (( [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Objective[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]: Complete a role-play without your character by only describing the scenery and actions of other characters from NPC perspectives without changing the course of the story directly. Ask for permission from the participants before engaging. )[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]We could do these.... Cause the fringe already has the crystals[/SIZE] for the cloak.