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Reminiscing on the old times

[member="Cole Dagos"]

Hard times had fallen for stardist, she felt alone in a world she shouldn't, however within that world she looked back to the old times...old friends, memories, even down to old war buddy's.

She often wondered where the people you don't talk to in years does, did they simply move on or did they do the same and wonder. After looking over and remembering a name she decided it was time to maybe say hello to a old friend from when the mandalorians were together.

She messaged the old friend saying hello and offering a visit to her home on her planet, she hoped he would respond maybe...just maybe having the past could help her get to the future
Cole sat in a hole in the wall Cantina nursing an Ale and crowd gazing. He hated roaming around the galaxy taking one poodoo job after another. It was demeaning and paid worse than licking a Hutt's back side tasted. However since the collapse of the Clans there really was no other choice.

Cole was not cut out to be a mercenary. He had known that since he was 18 years old. Family, Clan, purpose. That is what drove him.

Cole's thoughts were interrupted by his comm going off. Looking at it he read the message a few times and shrugged. It was from somebody he had not seen in a very long time and even then had only spoken to once. It made him curious how she knew how to get a hold of him and just as importantly what she wanted.

Sipping his drink Cole thought about it for a long few minutes before sending a message back.

"Where do you want to Meet?"

It was short, sweet, and to the point. Putting the comm unit away Cole leaned back, kicked up his feet and leaned back. He would look at her response when he was ready to move on from his current watering hole.

[member="Stardust Raxis"]
[member="Cole Dagos"]

Falls of The clans alongside the description of their planet had fractured clan raxis, part they had no idea the other she had brought to love in peace on her own planet. She had no idea who was alor with gray missing, so she took the role of such with those she had on her planet

Her comm went off, she looked at it as she nodded

meet at my place the location will be sent to you

She sent and with that went to heck on her child who was sleeping peacefully, she felt sad as she knew he had a long and crazy life ahead of him. She shook her head and moved to the living area as she got a book and starred reading up on it
Cole finished his drink ignoring it when his comm unit went off. Standing up after a minute he laid a small stack of credits on the table before. Taking a last look around Cole made his way out of the Cantina.

Moving north making his way to his ship Cole whistled a soft little tune. It was a tune from his childhood and one he had not whistled in a very long time.

When he got to the ship he tossed his comm unit to the pilot.

"Last message has our next stop."

Cole turned and made his way towards the refresher and then his room. He figured it would be better if he sobered up a bit before reaching their destination. Cole could feel the ship take off just as he passed out on his bed.

[member="Stardust Raxis"]
[member="Cole Dagos"]

Stardust finished her book as she closed it and sighed, she stood as she walked outside looking around at her garden that was in full bloom. Many different colored plants lined the way to her home.

She crouched as she got to the first bed if flowers and looked then over as she gave a soft smile then stood as she went back in and started tidying up
Cole was woken up by a knock on his door. Rolling over and looking at it he blinked for a moment before calling out.


A minute later it opened and one of his men poke his head in.

"Sir pilot says we are exiting hyper in 5 minutes.......sent me to let you know."

Cole stretched for a minute before sitting up.

"Make sure he makes contact as soon as we do. We are going to need to know where to land....I don't think it is going to be at the major Starport but I could be wrong."

With a nod the the man turned and left closing the door behind him. Cole looked around a minute before heading to the refresher to get cleaned up and dressed. Cole decided on the old Westar Armor that [member="Stardust Raxis"] would recognize over the new armor he had gotten at auction a while back.
[member="Cole Dagos"]

Once they'd exit, they would be greeted by a colorful planet with ships going to and from. When the pilot made contact they were instructed to land at port 1.

Meanwhile stardust felt them arrive at least a small part of her did, she had fallen asleep on her couch. She stood and worked the roughness out and got on something just normal for her, simple robe that was adorned with colors to signify her position without putting on airs

Now all she had to do was wait
Cole made his way to the cockpit has the ship began it's final approach. As he entered the pilot looked at him briefly.

"We are landing at Port 1. Should be ramp down in a few minutes."

Cole nodded.

"Start a leave rotation. Don't know how long we are going to be here but the men could use some time on solid ground."

He turned and headed towards the barracks.....or what passed as a barracks while on the ship.

"Major you and the Captain with me. Everyone else stand by for instructions from the pilot."

Turning on his heels Cole made his way to the exit sliding on his helmet as the ramp lowered. Ever the ready warrior Cole still always wore the ripper in it's hip holster and the shotgun in it's holster on his back. These days everywhere was hostile territory to Cole. A wanderer without a home.........a warrior without a army without a war to fight.

A few minutes later the three men made their way down the ramp of the ship.

[member="Stardust Raxis"]
[member="Cole Dagos"]

She could feel him now, he has just arrived at the port, she walked down her path to a speeder that sat waiting for her. For being a queen she had very little security, least in the way of transportation, her house always had a trained servant and two guards post at the path as well as one overwatch. Always guarding the queens house... especially with insurgency on the rise

She arrived a few minutes later parking in a spit just for her, she had two guards follow her standing on either side as she stood where she could be seen and crossed her arms, her head turning using the force to see all around her.

be on the look out for a mandalorian. I'm to meet him, consider all them friends to this planet but keep a eye.

Her guards nodded and one spoke into a com before nodding, she spotted his signature not to far away coming down a ramp. She walked slowly as she now stood not to far away and called out

still wearing the armor from westar I see

She said with a smirk
Cole kept moving forward with the two men with him. He felt no hesitation what so ever about walking right up to Stardust ignoring the guards present. The Major and Captain however stopped a few feet behind.

"I have a different combat set now but I figured it best to arrive in a more familiar set. It lessons the likelihood of somebody getting the idea to take a shot at me."

Cole paused removing his helmet and tucking it under his arm.

"So what can I do for Clan Raxis?"

Cole tilted his head to the side curiously at Star being in robes.

"When did you stop wearing Armor? You getting lax on us or am I here for a different reason?"

[member="Stardust Raxis"]
[member="Cole Dagos"]

The waved Her guards off as she stopped and gave a smile at him as she chuckled looking at her attire

Well being a queen has its annoyances, best to not wear armor in public often, doesn't mean I'm unarmed, I still got my westars and sabers

She then motioned for him to follow sending her guards off

I figure just a social call wpuld be nice right? Been awhile since we've talked at all

She looked back with a smile as she chuckled
Cole shrugged.

"Don't know anything about being a Queen. I'll take your word for it."

Cole looked back and motioned with his head for the other two to follow before he started following Star where ever it was they were going.

"I never took you for the social type. We haven't spoken since right after the Omega crisis ended. I am surprised you even knew how to reach me."

Cole was not convinced Star just wanted to shoot the breeze. Even if it was true it would turn out to be a total waste of his time. Cole himself was not a very social person outside of his men and an exorbitant amount of alcohol. Then again he was never really that trusting of a soul to begin with so it didn't matter. That much had been proven as a good thing the last time he stood in front of the Alor council before somebody tried to blow up the planet. Followed at some point by the collapse of the Clans.

He had always suspected the two things were related but never really cared enough to really look into it.

[member="Stardust Raxis"]

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