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Rehabilitation (Montag's triumphant return)

Montag Card

Master Sergeant Montag Card slowly opened his eyes to the blinding lights about him. The way the light seared him it felt like it'd been several months since he'd seen anything resembling light.

Where the hell was he? Last thing he'd remembered a Tusken had leveled their rifle at his head and a flash before darkness overtook his sight. As his vision cleared one look told him he wasn't on Tatooine anymore. The equipment was too advanced, and a woman in a CIS Naval Uniform was checking the stats on a machine the soldier appeared to be hooked up to.

Montag tried to speak but a grunt was all that managed to come out. How karking long had he been under?

The woman pivoted in surprise and looked in amazement as Montag attempted to move his left arm. She left the room quickly and seemed to be shouting down the hallway.

Montag wondered if zombies were still running rampant throughout the cosmos.

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