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Shia Kryze

Queen of Strong Style
Myrkr - the burnt remains around Hyllyard City city.

Shia looked at the burnt ruins of the forest with sad eyes, feeling the death of the place press in on her soul.

"Another atrocity in a long list." She commented to the air - for she stood alone. The loss of the forest was bad enough,

Ysalamiri didn't breed that quickly, but honestly speaking she cared more about the envrionmental destruction. Since the Cataclysm, it had become... personal to her.

No, she had brought the Clan here as much for influence as for profit.

Shia Kryze

Queen of Strong Style
The ecological assessment team picked through the burnt ashes of forest, scanning for surviving life - and there was plenty, because nature finds away - and cataloguing both dead and living.

"What a mess." Goron Kryze muttered, gently rolling over a log to look at the burnt carcases hiding underneath it.

"Oya, ner vod." Let's hunt had become a strange term among the ecology teams - more dedicated to restoring life than taking it, to them the hunt was a scientific endeavour. That didn't mean they were not armoured and armed, however. Myrkr had some... notoriously nasty predators which had begun to slink out of the remaining forests into the wastes in search of declining prey.

"I suspect we're looking at eighty percent destruction of the local biosphere. File the prelim reports with aliit alor?"

Shia Kryze

Queen of Strong Style
"Eighty percent." Shia turned to one of the local representitives. "Kryze is willing to commit two stations, a full fleet of restoration ships and our personnel in return for the agreed sum of credits and the share split for long term investment."

The other Mandalorian looked at her - he was a representative of a small company, not much bigger than Kryze was now, but with interests in arms manufacturing, he wanted the Ysalimiri habitat restored as soon as possible, as the company had invested a great deal in several technologies that used the creatures.

It was, after all, an old Mandalorian trick.

"I... we can't afford that level of commitment, I'm afraid."

"60 percent in payment up front, twenty in stocks and shares, twenty in a supply of small arms for our hunter teams - longarms and the like, hunting weapons, not military ones."

Although given what they hunted, the difference was mostly in rate of fire and stopping power. Either way, the deal favoured Kryze heavily and both knew it - it was just how it was going to play out at the details level.

"Thirty five in weapons, five in stocks."

Shia looked at the man levelly for a long moment.

"Can I push you as far as eight? We need a long term comittment for this project to become mutually self-sustaining."

"I... can go as far as eight and a half, if we drop to fifty percent credits up front and the rest in materiel."