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Red Dragon

Tiagrana, known by most who traveled by it as simply the Red Dragon, had been in journey along the Hydian Way for three days now. It was by no means a beautiful vessel, appearing more like a box which defied the laws of aerodynamics, yet it did its job of transporting passengers along the fringes of space as well as any other.

Three days since Coruscant, and the night which never ended. Since the Jedi and she had sought to rid themselves of their pasts in a swift cathartic act. Running through her past had proven to be most painful, though there were times she felt nothing at all. No connection, no emotion. As though staring at a blank page.

The ship, it seemed, was just large enough that after the first night onboard the Dragon she and [member='Ar'ekk'] had been separated. Since she had no receipt for his leg of the journey, she hadn't even a cabin number with which to find him. At first she had worried that perhaps he did not want to be found.

Now she worried that he couldn't be.

The thin, suffocating hallways which housed countless doors had become labyrinthine in style, causing her to run around in circles, ever looping back in on herself. Once that might have caused distress and panic in the girl who had always been more than a little claustrophobic.

Today, though, she was keeping it all in check. Setting alight in so small a place as this would prove to have dire consequences, ones she was not willing to face. Breathe, focus, let it go.

So little sleep had been had recently, and losing her flight companion had only added to the insomnia.

She had checked all of the public spaces. The cantina, the nightclub, the pool, all of the lounges, even the blaring arcade which had made her head feel ready to explode with all of its flashing lights.

But he had to be here somewhere. It wasn't as if he'd thrown himself out of an airlock.

... He hadn't thrown himself out of an airlock, right?


The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
No, he hadn't thrown himself out of the airlock. If he wanted a way out, it'd be the hard way. Funnily enough, Ar'ekk thought it would be a great idea to wander around the Dragon without a set path. It didn't matter if it was checking up the cantina or the arcade floor, the ship was big enough to satiate his need for exploration.

The number for his cabin was "955", at least that's what his ticket said. He hadn't been on it since early this morning due to not being able to get some sleep. She had no idea about his whereabouts but he did thanks to the Force. This so called gift had its perks, right?

That morning, the mask covering half of Ar'ekk's face was no longer on. It was a good time to enjoy not being restrained by the mask and he didn't want to feel any pressure as the trip was going to be slightly extensive.

From afar he divised [member="Jyn Sol"] who seemed to be in a slight panic, perhaps for not being able to find him that day. Ar'ekk was in the Red Dragon's snackbar, sitting by himself and eating a delightful plate of mixed delicatessen. The car was empty except for the bartender and two waiters chatting in the background.
Eventually she ground to a halt. How long she had been pacing through the halls she could not say, but eventually she crumpled to the ground and merely sat there. Watching. Waiting. He had to appear at some point, right? Perhaps she should've called one of the starship attendants... Found out where he was, if they could even divulge such information.

She schooled her mind, keeping the panic from becoming more than a fickle sensation, and exhaled a long breath.

Truth be told if she stopped searching and instead went to one of the public spaces she would likely find him. With time, and patience. But the thought of being lost without him in this box which floated through space was not pleasant. What if something happened? What if she could not keep her emotions in check?

Since when did you rely on others for support, Jyn Sol? You've managed this long by yourself. If you feel the tremors, you have a cabin all to yourself... Use it.

But it had been so much easier when he was there. Maybe it was the light which followed him, as it was want to do with most Jedi.

What did she know.



The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
Not a second after, Ar'ekk walked past [member="Jyn Sol"] without noticing her at all. There was one certain true fact, the light indeed followed him and it was a mere coincidence she was thinking that right as he passed through.

His mind seemed to be focused elsewhere and walking around the Dragon calmed his senses somehow and being in space gave the trip a more serene vibe.

It was pretty easy to notice him walking from one side of the ship to the other, so it wouldn't take Jyn long to go after him. Pretty sure he would be meditating in the closest room where it was quiet and calm.

There was no one else besides himself inside the room and the lights were off. A switch was reachable from the outside, making anyone able to turn them on if they wished to come inside.

Faint whispers could be heard in the darkness and the voice resembled Ar'ekk's.

"There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force."

The whispers were soon unveiled to be a recitation of the Jedi Code. He was meditating.
A shiver ran down her spine as though she had crossed paths with one of Korriban's ancient ghosts.

Lifting her head, and settling her gaze to the ethereal figure, Jyn watched in amazement as her companion whisked by without nary a look in her direction. So lost was he in his path, in his thoughts. It was odd to say the least, had he not been searching for her too?

He doesn't need to be by your side, Jyn. He does not rely upon your presence as you do his.

Still she could not help but feel as though she ought to follow. Standing from where she had been sat, she traced his steps around the corner and then halted. The corridor was long, but he was nowhere to be seen. Had she been imagining him just now? Certainly not.

And then she heard it, the faint whispers of someone in immense focus.

Stepping toward the doorway the noise came from, Jyn did nothing to disturb him. She listened to the code he recited, one she was somewhat familiar with but truthfully had never ever heard in person, the young woman leaned on the doorway and merely watched.

Once, when she had been stuck on Korriban - prior to Tirdarius finding her - Jyn had prayed that the Jedi would come and liberate her. What she wouldn't have given for the likes of [member='Ar'ekk'] to have found her. Perhaps her life would have gone an entirely different way.


The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
The trance he was involved in suddenly vanished. His eyes laid upon the door edge where a familiar figure stood, gazing at him with determination. It was Jyn, who he had not seen the whole day. It was a nice sight to have, a known face in this world of strangers.

He rose from the meditation stance and gave her the warmest of smiles as he held his mask on his right hand. There was a certain comfort while being around her so he had no problem in revealing his most wounded side affected by the always infamous war.

Injuries that would heal on the outside but deep beneath his skin the dread and pain would remain eternally.

"Glad to see you again. I was starting to think I'd lost you in this ship, it's really big."

The two would walk along back to the main hall in a slow pace, leaving behind the meditation room.

It was a very comforting feeling to have her around. They were alone in this world filled of scum and villainy.

[member="Jyn Sol"]
The Jedi Code had stirred something within the fiery girl, a memory of a time half lost within the early days of her ignition, when in the care of Sargon. So many codes and tenets that she had been exposed to, from the Sith to the Jedi... To the Je'daii... What happened to them? Those seekers of peace and moderation? Balance bringers. The only people she could truly walk among anymore.

Stray too far to the light, and you will burn. Fall to the darkness, and you will burn...

A grave that she had dug for herself, in her reluctance toward Arthos. A price to pay for sitting the fence, physically manifest on her skin. Beneath it.

Jyn shuddered, and downcast her eyes as Ar'ekk neared her. But if that was the case, if she could not move toward the light, then why was it that the presence of this particular lightsider soothed her? Helped to keep the flames from arising?

"I... I did lose you" she whispered, as she followed along at his side, "Are you okay? I was worried something had happened to you."



The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
In times of dispair and uncertainity, the embracement of the Light side was the most powerful option. That's what he was taught early in his training back in Yutan by Master Taidarious.

The last one was a big part of Ar'ekk's life as he took him under his wing and taught him everything he possibly knew. Unfortunately, the duo lost contact years ago during the course of war and hadn't seen him ever since although a faint feeling in the Force told him that he was probably still alive somewhere. Their reunion was inminent.

The apprentice's eyes developed a stranged expression as he answered back.

"I'm fine. I thought it wouldn't hurt to look around and see the magnific things this marvelous ship has to offer. Why were you worried?"

Walk along the luminous path and your future will be clear. Embrace the Force and look beyond the road, the darkness and the light.

[member="Jyn Sol"]
She stepped a tiny bit closer to him as they wandered down the hall, grateful that the bubble of anxiety which had built within her chest could be burst. Ar'ekk seemed lost in a world of his own, but that was okay. Silence she could live with, more so than stupid conversations for no good reason. So she let him remain quiet, and provided company in her steps.

Finally he spoke though, and she managed a small smile.

"I haven't really given the ship much of a look, I was too busy finding you. It's been a couple of days, hard to tell given that we're in space and there's no measure of time. Apologies for freaking out."

He was fine. She was fine. The ship was fine. Maybe she had to learn to relax a little...



The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
He came to a sudden stop and looked into Jyn's eyes, placing both hands on her shoulders. A warm smile developed in his face, as if he were to give her some relief in that moment.

"No need to apologize. I'm happy to be in your company again. I have lost track of time in here to be honest, I really don't like that."

As Ar'ekk finally let go off her gently, he put on the mask that covered his wounded face. Half a man, half a machine sometimes he resembled but deep inside he was a simple young Jedi with the will of thousands of warriors. Being accompanied of such empathic person made him feel more comfortable, that was a sensation he never thought he'd feel ever again.

[member="Jyn Sol"]
He halted them in their tracks, and turned to settle his hands on her shoulders. She stared at him for a moment, feeling the Force pull between the both of them. Peace. That was truly what he provided her with. Jyn closed her eyes and let out one long sigh.

"I don't enjoy being alone, but I have spent so long that way that I've become used to it."

Releasing her shoulders, he replaced the mask to his face. Jyn wondered why, and she reached up to try and pause the action. "Why do you hide your face? I see that you were hurt, but there's... There's no need to hide it around me."



The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
He turned his head down as if the wounds on his face brought him shame. After letting out a small sigh, he finally revealed the reason behind her question:

"It's a constant reminder of what I've been through. I cannot let go of the memories and things that occured during that awful time and because of my face, they haunt me forever. It's an everyday reminder."

It was a constant struggle between bad memories and nightmares, those of not being able to save the innocent ones caught amidst the suffering of war. His voice broke down whenever he mentions this shameful past experience even though he was considered one of the most courageous of warriors alongside his friends in the fight to defy tyranny.

He'd turn his face away from Jyn as he spoke in a clear sign of shame and simply wanting to show the 'good' side. Or really was it?

[member="Jyn Sol"]
He looked away from her, and Jyn's skin prickled with the emotion that was flowing from the Jedi. It was a perfect example, though, to illustrate her point.

"I can't cover up my reminders. They appear plain as day... I hated it at first, and while it's still unpleasant I have in fact come to terms with it. You can't be at peace if you can't accept what happened, Ar'ekk... The scars do not define you."

She reached up and ran her hand against his exposed cheek, before lowering her touch to tilt up his chin.

"But I can't make you. Forgive me for trying."



The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
He broadened a heartfelt smile to [member="Jyn Sol"]. Her explanation made him see beyond the scars and the nightmares and became hopeful. Given that, the young man removed the mask that covered half of his face and revealed the ever hurting scar that had been haunting him for years. It was finally to accept the truth and move on from there.

"Thank you for making me see this through, Jyn."

He squeezed her hand gently before letting go. It was like he took a heavy weight off from his shoulders. A backpack full of regrets and fear that vanished in one rapid moment.

"I can only be grateful of you for trying and eventually succeeding. Guess I'm a person hard to convince."

He let out a small chuckle, revealing the other side of his personality. The more witty and cheerful one, quick to laugh and less dogmatic/serious than he always seemed to put up first for others to see.
The emotions tumbled away from him and all at once an easy smile laced his lips. Relief flooded through her, and she returned the smile without hesitation. Watching him, she saw him battle his inner demons, before finally lowering the mask again and revealing his face. What had happened, she did not know. But she would show no judgement in the face of it, because it mattered not to her. What a hypocrite she would be if such trivial, aesthetic differences halted their friendship.

"Thank you" she said, lowering her hand from his chin to gently take one of his hands. "You don't have to keep it off, but... Know that around me, the mask is never necessary. Wear it, don't wear it, the choice is yours friend. You'll remain the same person to me, a true friend."

When he chuckled her smile turned to a grin, and she gestured down the hallway with her head. "Shall we go see what this ship has on offer? Maybe something fun? Or some food." Force knew she was hungry, her stomach was making the rumblies.



The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
The Jedi rubbed his palms together anxiously as he developed a grin at the first mention of food.

"That's something I've been looking forward. Let's see what they've got for us." he said, waving his hand for her to take the lead and he followed from behind.

The meditation lifted his spirits up, an aura of peace and serenity sorrounded everyone around him. It was a soothing feeling definitely despite everything they've gone through. The duo took a seat and waited as his glances clashed during a brief silence.

His mask rested on the table, feeling no longer shame of revealing the injuries of war that had been haunting him for years. Making peace with this was the ultimate step to becoming something greater in the future. No more grief, no more pain. It was finally over, at least for the time being.

As opposed to anything, he wasn't an ordinary Jedi that followed the code fervously. In fact, an apple had been resting on a table besides them. He felt the urge to bring it over by levating the fruit.

[member="Jyn Sol"]
There was the carefree man she knew was hiding beneath the mask. Following up his grin with one of her own Jyn grabbed his hand and pulled him through the ship. She had seen a mess hall during her venture through the ship, and it was to that very room that she led him.

When they reached a booth she dropped his hand and practically leaped into her seat, sweeping a menu up and glancing over the offerings. It all looked so good.

"Hey, uh... Are there any sample dishes?" Truth be told she really wanted to try something new, instead of defaulting back to hotcakes. They were delicious but not exactly nutritional.

They did, in fact, have a sampler. It contained several small brunch servings, each of which looked divine when they finally arrived.

"Is there a world you want to see, Ar'ekk?" Jyn knew the vagabond life better than most, she was used to seeing many world's, to hopping ships mid journey. The question as, did he trust her to do the same now?


The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
"A world, you say? I have always believed and lived in one world, ever since I embraced the Jedi doctrine." the Jedi said, pondering heavily. The realization came to mind as he had only experienced one type of world in his existence. Being a vagabond or a simple traveller without a set path was a simple foreign thought to him.

"The ideals that I was taught by the Jedi Order is one where tyranny and evil ceases to exist. As a Jedi, you're always told to believe in the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it. That is my only concept of a world however I do not know anything besides that." Ar'ekk finally concluded before taking the time to amplify his response.

His interested swayed towards the food, contemplating grabbing a sample. However, her response was the most important thing in that moment and he wanted to hear it.

"I am interested in seeing other kind of worlds. It's exciting, at least in my eyes."

[member="Jyn Sol"]
She pushed one of the empty plates toward him, before gesturing to the food that was before them. While each dish was small, there was more than enough variety for the both of them to try each dish and be satisfied afterward. It was part of the reason she had gone with such a decision. Last time they had gone to get food, he hadn't opted for eating until she pressed him to. She had accounted for the fact that he may do so again now.

When he responded she could not help but smile. Leaving Korriban, she had been filled with the same sense of uncertainty when facing the Galaxy. Dromund Kaas, Korriban, and the unknown jungle world whereon she had found Fuz, had been her only experiences of what worlds there were out there. It did not take her long to adjust, but even now the sense of awe she felt at stepping foot someplace new had not escaped her.

"There are so very many worlds, my friend. Ones which remain barren, full of dust or sand or craggy rock. Ones which are full of life, teeming with it in every sense of the word, overgrown, inhabited by strange creatures. Ones which are as urban as Coruscant, though I daresay I prefer to avoid them. There are even worlds almost entirely occupied by water, or lava. Whatever you might imagine, I'm certain there's a planet for it somewhere out there."



The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
His eyes enlightened at the mention of several worlds he was never able to see with his own eyes. There was a certain attraction towards urbanistic settings with streets filled with people, merchants and random characters. All of this wasn't strange to himself though, living in Coruscant since a very young age. Night life was very vivid and he always had dreams about visting the underworld and unveiling their darkest secrets in favor of the light.

The empty dish was pushed in front of him by Jyn, yes. He had not eaten the last time the opportunity arised but he was going to get a fair share of the food offered today. The young Jedi filled his plate with whatever was at hand for him to eat alongside her.

"Do you have any place in mind you want to visit? A destination where you've never been before, something that you dreamt of."

The way he ate was kind of funny for a Jedi. All messy but at the same time classy, a strange combination indeed. As he chewed on his plate, he waited for her answer.

[member="Jyn Sol"]

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