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Approved Location Red Draft Cantina

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  • Structure Name: Red Draft Cantina
  • Classification: Cantina/ HQ
  • Location: Nar Shaada
  • Affiliation: The Crimson Devil Cartel
  • Accessibility: Private/Public (Depends on the day)
  • Security: Crimson Devil Cartel Members (High)
  • Description: After a coup the Red Draft Cantina was stolen from the Hutts on Nar Shaada by the Crimson Devil Cartel. It is a medium establishment with seating for about 100 persons. The bar is usually stocked with high to low quality liqour. In addition the back has a magnetically locked door which require a key code and card to get through. the Back room hosts the Cartels meetings whilst the front rakes in the cash and holds the parties and less important get togethers. The Cantina is always staffed with Gang members for security and has a huge amount of Speeders and swoops parked out front. Sometimes the party spills into the streets depending on the night.


  • The Backroom: The Back room is a magnetically locked room which holds a safe as well as several chairs and a large table. Here the official decisions and business of the Cartel is held. To get in you have to be a member.
  • The Front of House: The front of the house is a central circular bar, ringed by tables and booths. Racks of liquor adorn the bar, whilst picture of podraces and exploits by the Crimson Devil Cartel are pasted all over the walls. An original Speeder bike graces the area as well as several models of Smuggler vessels that hang from the ceiling. A famous replica is the Millenium Falcon.


Originally founded by settlers as a watering hole, the Red Draft became the victim of Racketeering both from the Black Sun Syndicate and the Hutt Cartel. After both organizations fall it passed into the hand of a Hutt whom was big on slaving. It served for a time as his credit laundering location until it was hit hard by The Crimson devil Cartel and liberated.

After it's new ownership took over it was reopened as the primary watering hole for all of Nar Shaada as well as an HQ. Heavily defended it serves as the focal point for the Cartel original Chapter, The Nar Shaada Originals.
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