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Recruiting: Four Lessons


Disney's Princess
Lesson One: "I don't have customers, I have clients."

Ya know. A wise man once told me that. He worked in retail and made commission off of everything he sold. And he was very, very successful at it. So when I approached him and asked how he made so much money? That was what he said. It was all about attitude. It wasn't just enough to respect people. You have to engage them. Invite them. See the best that they have to offer. No matter who they are. Even the people you dislike. He said that everyone has something to offer.

  • Recruiting Moral: Engage people with more than just a casual glance. Invite them personally and welcome them strongly. See the potential in everyone to become something greater.

Lesson Two: "I treat all my friends like family."

Same guy, different day. It was when he bought lunch for all of us. When I tried to get him to split the bill, he declined with that phrase. He let me know I didn't owe him anything. And in that moment, I realized that I liked this guy. A lot. ...Not because he bought me lunch. But because he was generous and thoughtful. Now I look for any opportunity to buy other people's lunches. Total strangers. It's my way of saying thanks. To him.

  • Recruiting Moral: People are not there to serve you. You're there to serve them. Turn random acts of kindness, into deliberate acts of friendship.

Lesson Three: "I surround myself by people who are better than me. This is our criteria."

Different dude, similar attitude. He made friends with people who were better than him. In return his friends received the opportunity to meet other exceptional people. He was the glue between all these legendary associations. He was the bond that kept them all together. He was the leader not because he was great. But because he saw the greatness in all of them.

  • Recruiting Moral: Your friends will become your group. Your group will become your strength. Make excellent friends.

Lesson Four: "They come for the good books, They stay for the great coffee."

Old high school friend working at a Book Store. I had just bought a book and asked why the store was so busy. His reply shocked me. He said people came to the Book Store to buy books. But that they stayed because of the coffee bar. He said it helped customer retention and kept people browsing in the store. They inevitably bought more books because of it.

  • Recruiting Moral: People will inevitably join your group. But it's your job to help them see all the wonderful reasons to stay. It's your job to make great coffee.


Disney's Princess
To everyone out there doing their best in recruiting. I wish you all the best. May you find many happy memories to come! :D