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Recovery Op. Interest Check:


Silver Shroud
I'm looking to run a little DMed event, revolving around the recovery of a downed ship and it's cargo/occupants. This would be a recovery mission backed by the Queen.

I'm looking to get a number of you all involved, but trying to keep the numbers manageable. This thread will serve multiple purposes.

In no particular order:
- Faction activity, to protect our Major status.
- Story progression: one step closer to bringing the Kitty Jedi back.
- DM practice, so I might be able to try to work on site-wide events down the road.
- Fun (probably the most important reason here): I want to have fun with you guys. I want to make a perilous quest where we have to pool resources and our wits together to save the day.

The scenario: *Random world near fringe of faction influence cloud* I'd the location. Vessel broadcasting a distress call addressed to [member="Lady Kay"] on repeat ends up getting nailed by space debris/asteroid, and goes down. Crashes in remote location, no suitable landing/drop off locations in close proximity. Team will be required to land at a distance and approach on foot.

Potential dangers not limited to: Environmental dangers, wildlife, scavengers/bounty-hunters looking for an easy payoff.

I'd like at least four participants, but more than seven might bog us down.

(Also, if our current dominion is down, maybe we could make this a mission option for our next dominion?)

Anyways, hit me back with feedback and/or an interest check.


Rainbow Smurf
Well since I'm funding this, it obviously has my support ;)

Having it as the next dom would be a great idea. I've DM'd an event thread before, plus others, so I can help out ooc when needed :)

I can't wait for the reunion with [member="Ryn'Dhal"] . I shall prepare to boop his nose!

Rahn Haaku

Minister of Foreign Affairs, CSA
If its on the edge of our borders, it is feasible that Rahn would be out there spreading the good word or diplomacy and trade. He isn't much of a fighter or anything but I would be happy to participate as either Rahn or through an NPC who works for him.
One with the Force

As previously discussed, I will be happy to participate my good friend!

We do need to see a bit more interest here, methinks; especially given I know how good your RP's are :p


Silver Shroud
[member="Gideon Lenn"], [member="Rahn Haaku"], [member="Veiere Arenais"], [member="Lady Kay"], as it seems I'm not likely to be drumming up much other interested parties from the Faction into this (disappointing as it may be to admit), I'll be attempting to craft something and get this started over my weekend (Tuesday/Wednesday nights EST).

Rahn, a good way to incorporate yourself, and an NPC (or small select group of NPC's) would be as an aerial recon unit (Rahn possibly chilling in orbit/above the party as they worked to advance through the harsh environment) feeding details down to his men on the ground, and in turn playing active participation with both your character and indirect participation through your NPC(s). Just a spit-balled idea.

As for you Veiere, I don't know if you coming in as yourself would work well in this particular thread, though I don't see why your progeny wouldn't help his beloved mother out in this recovery mission?

And Gideon, we'll definitely have room for an adventurer/explorer on this trip. And be it with a blaster or a blade, there's definitely going to be potential opportunity to go kick some teeth in.


Silver Shroud
[member="Lady Kay"] [member="Bradshaw Ku"] [member="Jairdain"] [member="Rahn Haaku"] [member="Gideon Lenn"] [member="Caedyn Arenais"]

As it seems everyone who's writing in this thread is part of the faction, I figured we'll just use this thread here as our OOC discussion, to help organize posting orders and choreograph our story together.

For now, as we're not quite running the open campaign yet, there is no posting order at this time. So everyone, feel free to post as you feel it pertinent to do so. Once we all convene at Antar-4, and actively embark on the mission, we'll start an established turn order (so I can flesh out the outcomes of each participants actions in sequence) before the subsequent round of actions.

Bradshaw Ku

Crown Prince of Commenor
Heads up, I’m going on an eight day cruise to Norway starting this Sunday and I doubt I’ll be able to get a post up during that time, though it’s not impossible. Either way, I give [member="Jairdain"] permission to move Brad etc. as needed to continue the story and I’ll pick up as soon as I can when I get back.

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