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Rebel Campaign

I'd like to do a series of spy, saboteur type missions against the FO. The reason being, it's been a long time since the Underground has done what it normally does. I used to love writing the spy missions and I think folks would have a lot of fun with it.

What I need to know before I reach out to any FO admins is, who is on board?
[member="Miles Varden"] [member="Thane Drexel"]

Sweet. Was thinking on the ground, establishing a safehouse, spreading propaganda, blowing stuff up. Nothing too overt. All UW type stuff.
[member="Hala Jast"] well I am the man who exposed the Sith Empire back in the day when they murdered a city full of civilians just because they were in the way on the street. Along with the Red Ravens, with whom I made some enemies by exploiting their actions against them.
[member="Hala Jast"], [member="Thane Drexel"], [member="Miles Varden"], guys I'm tots cool with this on one condition, you must talk with the FO first, I'm gonna reach out, do me a favor, plan all you want but NO launching an attack till I give the ok.
ok so update, FO is cool with this as long as ooc we offer them a stroy board, with that said you guys need to start looking around and pick a target. like maybe a weapons raid, steal a ship, or break into a info vault, have fun with it but plan it out. No surprise poodoo that will be bad form.
[member="Thane Drexel"] [member="Bryce Bantam"] [member="Miles Varden"]

That's perfect. Let's steal it, make a thread of it.

Part two, set up a safehouse, Underground Cell and begin making propaganda on a FO world. Probably near the border between them an GA would be good.

Someone else pick the planet.
[member="Hala Jast"] ok, hold on lol. Love the enthusiasm but that was just a start, think story, where is it at when you steal it, why is it there, how do you intro the tread, we need to think of more terms, set up and conditions. People want to play but we need to set ground rules.
[member="Bryce Bantam"]

I respect what you are saying. Here's my views on it.

I go free form. No rules. It's somewhere and we steal it.

If they wanna oppose that cool. If not cool as well. I've been doing this too long to believe in keeping everything within set parameters. Actually that's why a lot of stories die. The OP wants them to go in one direction and is hell bent on driving the story in that direction.

Except people wanna be a part of that story and maybe they have a different idea of how it goes.

Also why I hate dominions. They are all cookie cutter mosh pits where folks lose track of stuff because they all pile into one or two objectives trying to get their kill on or what have you.
ok here's the thing, we are trying to play with their things, what your posing is akin to me going up to a kid on the playground, taking their dump truck and if they want it back they can take it back.

My son or daughter did that I would rip them a new one and send them to their room.

When trying to make friends-a-mies we need to set real expectations. Give them an understanding of how we want to play and them a sporting chance to fight back and have the outcome decided fairly.

That said I'm going to set this up, I'll write up a template so we can build an accord and understanding.

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