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RC-722 "Mazarr"

Darth Twiliticus
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NAME: RC-722 "Mazarr"
FACTION: (Any faction you think suits him)
RANK: Technically a commander, what with the flash training he went through
SPECIES: Eldorai Clone
AGE: ??? (How would an Eldorai Clone age?)
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 1.9 meters
EYES: Red (changed from Blue)
HAIR: Black (changed from Blonde)
SKIN: White
FORCE SENSITIVE: No (Changed from Yes)


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Flash trained like all other clones
=Suffers from visions of his original's life
-As a clone, it is unknown what his real age is, even he is confused by it
-MANY mental issues thanks to the way he was cloned
-Lacks the force powers of his original

Altered genetics... the original (Mazarr) was a blonde force wielding Eldorai Pirate with blue eyes, this 'man' however... he is much darker now in appearance than ever before.

Made on Kamino an unknown time ago, RC-722 was made with the intent of 'being a pioneer of creation' AKA "Playing God". However, the man cloning Mazarr karked up and enabled the clone to see the original's life 'to avoid his mistakes' so to speak, this has plagued the clone since the start of his life... however it was not a big enough deal until he went crazy and then promptly tried to kill everyone in Kamino for their folly. Now the clone, affectionately named the same name as the original, seeks refuge in the galaxy's insanity, hoping to stay in the shadows... thinking his kind should never exist again.

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