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RC 212

RC 212

NAME: RC 212
FACTION: Rogue Forces!
RANK: Captain
SPECIES: Mandalorian, Fett Clone
AGE: 36
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Brown




+Hand to hand combat: RC excells at close quarters, crushing souls and taking names.
+Versatile With weapons: RC has a working knowledge of vast amounts of weapons and tech from around the galaxy
+Tactician: Having lead sevral armies and factions, he has developed a penchant for being a strategic genius.
+Command Presence: RC naturally assumes command of any situation. His presence inspires other and helps make them fight much harder than normal. In addition he has experience commanding fleets as well.


-Selfish: RC is hugely selfish, rarely thinking of what others care and going ahead with what suits him best.
-Loose Cannon: Having beena merc, pirate, Deathwatch and several other things, RC flies off the handle pretty quick. Better keep watch!
-Bad Rep: RC has sinister Reputation among old Mandalorians and several other folks around the galaxy due to past encounters.

The Prologue...
RC was an ARC trooper bred and created by the Old Republic during the clone wars. Upon his commission he was to be the last batch of the war to bring home the victory. Originally scheduled to be inserted into outer rim territories, RC was re-tasked to help smash CIS strongholds the mid rim.​
During his assault on Felucia RC disobeyed Order 66. His General orders only went up to Order 65.​
Questioning the turn of events RC turned on his brothers killing them. He and his ARC squadron helped several Jedi escape the massacre​
RC was later captured by several squadrons of Imperial Clone commandos and subject to cryofreezing. In stasis he was scheduled to be transported back to Kamino for execution, but the ship was attacked by pirates and scuttled into the outer rim systems. When it crashed RC remained lost and held in perfect stasis for hundred of years.​
He was preserved perfectly.​
RC was discovered was by Prospectors and un-thawed. He quickly murdered them and stole their craft to set off into the galaxy. After learning what had transpired the Ex ARC was indoctrinated into a Mandalorian Pirate crew. working as a Mercenary on the side RC eventually earned his own crew and set off to pillage the galaxy... War is all he knows.​

First chapter-Mandalorians
RC signed on with the Mandalorians. He assisted in several operations before becoming malcontent and split off to form the Deathwatch. RC believed the current Mandalore Alleira Nakamura to be weak and leading to the destruction of key Mandalorian values.​
Second chapter- Deathwatch
RC went on to become the Warlord of the deathwatch. at the time Tyrin Ardik and Akura Yavis joined up along with Jinn Sibot, Piraiba, Jax Kage, and Mereel Vaun. Together the Deathwatch laid scourge to the Mandalorians in a series of battles. The Deathwatch most notably were present at the Battle of Mandalore where they succeeded in capturing key defensive systems such as Ion cannon emplacements at the behest of the Sith. While retreating RC nuked the fields outside Keldabe, killing Rach Kol'Rekali and damaging Mandalore for a long time.​
Shortly after during the Battle of Mustafar they were betrayed by the planetary leaders. Ewoks managed to capture the Dreadstar and almost strand RC. Tyrin Ardik and the other fled, Tyrin betraying RC in a last act left him Marooned on Mustafar.​
Third Chapter- The Cartel
RC escaped Mustafar by striking a deal with the planetary governor and leaving on a broken up CR90 corvette nicknamed the Dust-Runner. shortly after his escape RC made contact with agents of the Cartel and began Piracy operations. After several long months and helping take over the Void station from Jorrus Merril he came to work almost exclusively under @Barret Haskins, accepting contracts on the side for extra creds. Soon after RC led a revolution with a Huttlord against the Cartel When the rebellion failed and the hutt lord was killed he escaped to the outer rim, banned from the territtory by @Domino.​
Fourth Capter- RC's Raiders and Piracy
During this time RCs Raiders carves a path of destruction across the stars.​
As a first raid Rc captured an Action IV during a joint effort with notorious pirates in an out rim raid. Circe Savan the fleets owner later became a mutual ally of RC's and the two worked closely together to develop their interests.​
RC attempted to retrieve the Dreadstar from the Ewoks but was rewarded with the destruction of his vessel. Driven mad by the loss of his ship he engaged in a massacre of the Ewoks, taking one hundred scalps and furs from their bodies. He sold them to Circe Savan and then traded the CR90 for a Marder class corvette.​
After the Genocide the Omega Pyre renewed their efforts to capture RC. Upon a business collection on the world of Fondor he was captured as the raid was escalated quickly by OP forces. During the attack RC caused massive destruction among the city, kidnapping civilians and his Raider crew made off with a Marauder class corvette. RC howsoever was captured by @HK-46 during the battle. no one knows how he escaped OP custody, but he did and survived almost being turned over to the Mandalorians to answer for his crimes in the Battle of Mandalore.​
When the OLD CIS sought out new soldiers RC jumped at the chance to become a part of a legitimate military government, reminiscing over his days as Deathwatch Warlord. The hope was cut short at the Singing of the CIS Articles of Confederation. A bounty hunter attempted to collect on the Pirate and RC blasted his way out of the meeting room after being forsaken by the fledgling faction leaders. He was captured again and turned over to Domino, to answer for his role in the Hutt Rebellion.​
After being sold into slavery under Circe Savan, he escaped yet again, and still no one knows how.....​
Fifth Chapter- Lords of the Fringe
In an unlikely time RC found work aboard a mercenary fleet of rogues, known only as the Lords of the Fringe. It soon became apparent that he was a brilliant tactical strategist and leader. Gallantly he served under Admiral Karrde (Ashin Varanin), a mysterious woman and Yun-Harla (Spencer Jacobs) another mysterious woman. Together they began to subjugate the nearby worlds of the fringe, and eliminate the threat of the Ssi-Ruvi Imperium from space.​
During this time after the Battle of Rattatk RC composed the LoTF legions and mustered the Auxiliary's for each planet, granting the LoTF a standing military force. From the ashes of darkness rose a civilization of exiles and rogues. After the Battle of Zaadja RC founded the first Special Forces units of the LoTF. When the Dark Harvest infestation struck he traveled to Elom securing hundreds of lives against the tide of darkness, with his new found allies. He serves with honor and distinction among-st the Naval Special Warfare Division One of the fleet still under Karrde....​

Sixth Chapter- The Return
After series of cataclysmic events RC disappeared and returned for a time to lead a mercenary band once again. But they never panned out, and fell apart. This time an attempt was made on his life, but was unsuccessful. RC manged to survive because they did not properly make sure he was dead. After that he transferred his consciousness into an AI which inhabited a steel droid body. A sample of his flesh was made and shortly thereafter, he was cloned. In his new body the memories of his past were imprinted upon his mind, making him a brand new man.​
Shortly after RC joined the Silver Jedi, serving in the Antarian Rangers, until he was betrayed at the battle of Mirial for plunging a Rancor with Star-ship armor through a government building. While Holding off [member="Darth Carnifex"] and several other Sith Lords, his own comrades fired upon him, and he was forced to retreat after wrecking the entire building.​
RC's Raiders Return!
With the help of some of his old Pirate and Merc Lt's, RC reassembled the Dreadstar III and his crew. They were attacked at first in a tavern by one of his arch nemesis [member="Strider Garon"] and company. After the attack he was forced to lay low, hitting Nar Shaddaa once and then disappearing back into the shadows....​

Companies Owned:


  • Mandalorian super commando armor.
  • Magnetic boots.
  • ARC trooper rucksack.
  • Katarn Orange Armor, ARC Rucksack or Jet pack
  • Thor Class Armor-
  • Twin mounted ejectible vibro-daggers(underneath fist plates)
  • Combat Knife.
  • DC-17, Sniper mod, Scattergun Mod, Grenade launcher mod.
  • Mandalorian Assault Rifle-fitted with fixed Bayonet.
  • Twin Verpine Shatter guns- Hip mounted
  • Wrist mounted weapons: Right Wrist Rockets, Left Flamethrower.
  • Katarn Armor
  • Twin Verpine Shatter Guns
  • LJ-50 concussion Rifle
  • Sawed off Shotgun W/Cortosis shells
  • Jetpack, DC-17 W all attachments handy
  • One tub of peanut butter, one tub of jelly, one loaf of bread.
  • Force Breaker Grenades, A lot


Rach Kol'Rekali- 1st Battle of Mandalore (2013) (One of [member="Jorus Merrill"]'s old chars)

None collected



All mine got deleted during board crash :(

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Kal Voss

that depends who you talk to :p
at different times the mandalorian people have been both a culture and a race.
but it is this type of talking that starts civil wars...

Kal Voss

ok i see where your coming from but i wouldn't stop someone from referring to themselves as mandalorian no more then i would stop someone calling themselves a Hapan or a Corellian.

Kal Voss

:D so maybe the character creation template needs a 'race' section. human is just to broad in SW. when you think of all the different planets and the selective gene pool it can get a little tricky to draw the line between race and species.