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RC-1003 (Sethis)

RC-1003 "Sethis"

Name: RC-1003 aka: Sethis
Faction: Republic
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 169 lbs.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Buzz Cut' Black
Age: 27
Distinguishing Marks: None
Bio: Though not a clone, Sethis was taken into the army of the Republic at as a baby, never knowing his family, or civilian life. He was raised as one of the clones, trained to kill, follow orders, and protect the republic from its enemies. He goes by the name Sethis only because at one point he saw it on a build board, and figured it was as good as any other name. He has no squad as of yet. He plays well with others, takes his job seriously, and hardly takes off his helmet as its the helmet that represents the Republic not is face. Not much is needed to be said about this man, hes happy where he is.

Charismatic: Sethis isn't afraid to talk out, or to speak to a stranger.
Weapons Training: If it can be shot, he can shoot it.
Recon: He is able to work as a special opts trooper.

Red Heads: You can sleep with any woman, but you never get sleep with red heads.
Flying: Sethis hates to fly.
Force Users: Sethis has a hard fighting force users has he is a normal man, with weapon profecinecy.

Equipment: DC-17 with all attachments, Katarn armor, but no real personal belongings.